15 Mind Blowing Photos Of Shakira's Booty


We all know Shakira; she is the fabulous singer from Columbia who has turned into quite a big deal here in the States.  Her fame is huge. She has sold close to 125 million records over the years and in 2014 became the first person to reach 100 million followers on Facebook. There is no doubt that Shakira is one of the biggest stars of our time.

When someone is one of the biggest stars of our time, one should also have one of the nicest butts of our time. So many stars over the years have let us down in that "derri- area," but Shakira sure holds up her end of the whole thing. See what I did there?

Shakira has one of the nicest butts around, and there is no doubt that she knows it. I mean are you kidding me, she is constantly flaunting that thing all over the place! I am sure you have seen it at least once, and if you happen to be the one person in the world who has not, you are in luck. Because I collected a whole bunch of photos of her butt, just for you. So don't lag "behind" 'cause here are 15 mind blowing photos of Shakira's butt.

15 Leather Booty

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This one is kind of the classic Shakira butt photo. See the tight pants? The arch of her hip? What about the totally nice butt?  The one that is pretty much perfect in every single way. Did you notice that? I bet you did.  Shakira is arabic for "graceful" or "full of grace". And if you see her move that butt of hers around for a while you will not be thinking that her parents named her the wrong name. Her full name is Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripol.

14 Something About Leather

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Here we have a bit of a side shot, and Shakira seems to be thinking "Hey Creeper, stop looking at my butt." We hope for her sake she is not thinking that, as even as I write this tens of thousands of people are now in fact looking at her butt.  This one is just another good example of butt perfection that simply cannot be denied.  I wonder if Shakira dresses like this around the house? The boots, the pants, the top- it's hard to imagine her dressed in any other way.

13 Pregnant And Still Hot

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This one shows how you can tell the professionals from the amateurs. Shakira simply does not fool around.  Here she is pregnant, if you look closely you can see the little baby bump there, and yet she is still shaking that perfect butt for all it is worth. At some point her kid will be a teenager and see this photo and be horrifically ashamed, but as for the rest of us, we appreciate your commitment to shaking it in all conditions, Shakira, more than we can say.

12 Shakira In Concert

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Yet another truly fine photo of that fabulous specimen which is Shakira's butt.  Not too small, not too big, not too flat, and not too jiggly; it really is a force of nature.  Where does she get all of these pants by the way? Does she have an enormous closet just filled with fabulous pants?  She is sort of royalty, especially in her homeland. She was once engaged to the son of the president of Argentina, sadly for him it did not seem to work out. Let's hope she dumped him at least, and not the other way around.

11 Bikini Shot!

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It is incredibly hard to find a photo of Shakira and her butt in a casual setting. Not many exist at all.  Because of this I started to wonder, maybe it is just the pants that make it look so hot, or maybe it is the stage lighting? Well here is a casual shot, and all of that speculation can just be put to rest, as her butt is totally perfect.  I mean look at it! Even in this fuzzy, grainy shot it's not hard to see the perfection in this photo.

10 The Booty World Tour

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This one just has to be one of my absolute favorites. I mean come on, there is no sense arguing about it, that is one perfect butt. Looking at this photo makes one wonder how a butt this perfect can even exist. It's like finding out that there are unicorns, except, you know, even better. This one is kind of mesmerizing; it is like I could stare at it for hours. In fact now that I think of it, I actually have been staring at it for hours. What day is it anyway?

9 Now She's Just Teasing Us

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Just for a little variety here is some side view. Also for variety, let's talk about how smart Shakira is. She speaks numerous languages and has a genius level IQ. Her IQ is 140 and she speaks Spanish, English, Italian, and Portuguese very well. So see, there is a lot more to Shakira other than the fact that she is a huge star and has a perfect butt. With that said, now that we have that out of the way, let us go back to looking at some more butts now, shall we?

8 The Booty In Tights Look

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Here we are again, back to a very similar shot of Shakira on stage wearing some tight pants and showing off a very perfect butt. She obviously knows how to shake it on stage, as anyone would know who has ever seen her belly dance. She learned to belly dance from her grandmother when she was young.  We are not sure if Shakira's grandmother is still alive, but if she is, we would like to offer her a most sincere thank you from all of us men.

7 It looks Great In Skirts, Too!

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Here is a rather mundane shot of Shakira kicking it with some buddy of hers while wearing a skirt. Ho Hum. Just an average shot of her from behind.  Nothing really much to see here, move along people, move along. But wait, even when wearing a skirt that is not even tight her butt is still showing up for the party.  Shakira obviously has a butt that likes to be heard from, and in this photo, just like so many others in this collection, it is showing itself to be loud and proud.

6 She Loves To Shake It On Stage

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Shakira is very confident in herself, as she should be,  and once said "My brain, I believe, is the most beautiful part of my body."  While we think this is kind of cool, we have to disagree, Shakira; it truly is your butt. I am sure if this piece were entitled "15 hot photos of Shakira's brain" hardly anyone would want to see it. With that said, let's get back to the butts. Here is yet another mind blowing photo that truly shows off the curves in just the right way.

5 Oh My God

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And yet another fabulous photo of Shakira and her butt. This one may be even a tad bit better than most in this collection. While this piece is all about the butts, as a public service we should tell you that Shakira is huge in Latin America, and has 28 Billboard Latin American Music Awards. She also is very engaged in charity work, and has been given an award by the United Nations International Labor Organization for her work with children.

4 Shakira She Wolf...Whatever That Means

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Here is a promotional model that will probably not fail in any way. Take Shakira, dress her up in something revealing, put her in a cage, and have her dance around. This is what Shakira and her handlers decided to do for her single She Wolf, which was a huge hit back in the day. If one is a fan of Shakira's butt, one might want to check out this video as soon as possible, as it is filled with dancing, and well, it also has a lot of her butt.

3 She Looks Great In Purple

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Here is a bit of a more casual look, although as always Shakira, as well as her butt, look great constantly, no matter what she is wearing.  If you are wondering about her ethnic background, her father is Lebanese, while her mother is Spanish and Italian. Whatever the mix, it came out pretty close to perfect.  She has been at it and working hard for a very long time and recorded her first album when she was only thirteen years old.

2 A Goddess In Lace

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One more side shot, but this one with Shakira wearing a fabulous dress of sorts.  One little known fact about Shakira is that Steven Spielberg once offered her a role in the movie The Mask of Zorro way back in 1998. She did not take the role, as she thought her English wasn't good enough at the time.  The part ended up going to Catherine Zeta Jones.  Now Catherine Zeta Jones might have been a better choice as an actress, but Shakira's butt would have carried that movie.

1 The Gold Shot

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One last fabulous photo of her butt for the road. We hope you have enjoyed yourself, and have learned a lot more about Shakira and her butt, also known as the 8th Wonder of the World. There is a statue of Shakira in her home town on the coast of Columbia. It is sixteen feet tall. I wonder if it would be possible to commission someone to also do a statue of her, but possibly just do one of her butt. I am willing to offer a pretty hefty commission.

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