15 Justin Bieber Scandals That Made Us Shake Our Heads

Justin Bieber has become a household name since his early rise in 2010. With 89 million Twitter followers and 77 million Facebook followers it’s easy to see how the Canadian star became such an instant success, but it hasn’t always been a smooth ride for the “Baby” hit maker.

Every teenager goes through a rebellious stage and Bieber is no exception - only he has a lot more money to do it with and a lot more people watching him do it. After a steep downslide in 2014, it would appear Bieber is becoming a little more conscious with his decision making in 2015/16 - yet he's always likely to surprise us.

With his recent statement of deleting his account - despite an 80 million following - on Instagram, we’re here to round up Justin Bieber’s 15 most shocking, hilarious, and downright controversial moments.

15 Goodbye Innocence

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Ringing in at number 15 is a moment the world officially said goodbye to Justin Bieber’s somewhat tolerable cute boyish ways, as he traded in a more grown up approach by attending a strip joint - *cough cough* I mean gentlemen’s club as Bieber’s reps would say.

Justin’s wild side with the ladies began in October 2013 when the pint sized singer surprised a Texas stripper by grabbing her butt while attending the V Live Club. Then, reports came in January of the following year, when Bieber reportedly dropped $75K one night in a Miami gentlemen's club.

While Beliebers (Justin's fan base) thought they’d accepted the singer’s new raunchy behaviour, Justin decided to bring his ego to another level when a picture of him and pal Khalil Sharieff getting a little too intimate with one of the workers surfaced the internet.

Fans became abuzz during the 2014 fiasco, even sending the female workers hate mail and death threats - presumably for tampering with "Jelena," who were together at the time. However, I think it's fair to say Justin Bieber takes the cake for this one.

14 Throwing Up On Stage

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To take a step back from bad-boy Bieber, we bring you a moment that made us feel both humbled and grossed out. While performing in 2012 at an Arizona concert, Bieber threw up on stage... not once but twice! Shocking rumours of over partying and drinking came into play but both Bieber and his reps shot those down with a more natural excuse: he ate pasta and milk and hour before going on stage.

Yes! A source close to Justin told Hollywood Life that "[Justin] was a bit embarrassed but he's fine, the kid is fought and knows how to laugh at himself." Thank goodness for that, as this type of situation would have most of us crawling into a dark cave for months to come. Bieber, just as his reps said he would, laughed the matter off and even tweeted, "And... Milk was a bad choice!" after the incident occurred. Good save, Justin!

13 Street Racing Super Cars

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Justin Bieber may be a music and pop icon but he's still an adolescent. So is it really a surprise when you hear a 19-year-old Bieber being charged for street racing super cars? It would appear so! It seems Bieber's 2014 bad boy phase left him with criminal charges for street racing, resisting arrest (for a vocal altercation between the officer and Bieber), and a DUI. The DUI was dropped but Bieber still plead guilty and faced a $50,000 fine payable to a charity the State sought fit and a 12 hour mandatory anger management course.

So what was it, or rather who was it, that got Justin Bieber caught while driving a Yellow Lamborghini Syder, capable of reaching 202 MPH? Well according to celebrity news outlet TMZ, Justin Bieber had the misfortune of speeding down a freeway past a witness who called the singer's plate in to 911. The witness also happened to be L.A. City Councilman, Dennis Zine, who felt Bieber should be "cuffed, locked up, and stripped of his diving privileges" for his indecent driving behaviour. The star may have received a slap on the wrist legally, but this marked one of the climaxes in Bieber's downward spiral.

12 Spitting on Fans

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Justin Bieber has gone on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube countless times to thank his massive fan base for their ongoing support. But in July 2013, while roughly 100 fans awaited for Justin outside his hotel room (as they usually do), Bieber decided to spit down from his balcony. To everyone's amazement, Bieber did this while looking at his fans down below.

Due to the incident, many fan reactions claimed to be "over this clown" and disappointed the star couldn't "afford a tissue with all [his] millions." That being said, Justin Bieber's reps denied these claims stating, "Justin didn't spit on anyone. No fans were below the balcony." Celebrity reps are supposed to keep their client's reputations squeaky clean so it's no doubt they would deny such a claim, but the question is... do you believe it?

11 What The F*** You Say?

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Remember Justin Bieber's bad boy moments? Well here's another to add to the list... or at least he'd like to think so. No one quite knows the real reason why, in March 2013, the then 19-year-old singer viciously lashed out at a paparazzi in London. The altercation came after a British photographer got close to the pop singer and said to "f*** off back to America."

Justin Bieber, clearly not having it that day, turned to the photographer and completely lost it. The pint-sized singer began flailing his arms around screaming he was going to "f***ing beat the sh*t out of you" while being restrained by a much larger bodyguard. After a few more exchanges of false claims by Bieber, the singer's body guard finally settled the boy down into his SUV and shuttled him off to a hotel. That photographer must have been real scared.

10 Smoking Some Grass


If you're going to be in the public eye, it's probably a good idea to get an entourage that won't film you doing illicit drugs for an easy payout. Bieber was spending New Year's with friends while attending a New Year's Eve party. Bieber's friend Lil Twist was there, who was the one was driving Bieber's Ferrari when a paparazzi was killed trying to take pics of the car two days previous to Bieber's New Year's party.

The two were seen rolling up joints for everyone attending the party. Unfortunately for Bieber, one "friend" filmed the star taking a few puffs and sold it to such news sources such as TMZ and US weekly. Justin took a rather adult approach when he finally released a statement about his weed usage in I-D magazine saying, "at the end of the day, there are people who don’t think that [Marijuana] is good. And if they don’t feel that’s good then I don’t want to make people feel uncomfortable. So I’m not going to put it in their face. You’ll never see me smoking. Because that is not who I am. If it’s something I do then it’s something I do, but it’s not who I am and what I want to put on blast for the world to see."


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It seems every celebrity has been pitted with a DUI for either alcohol or drugs at some point or another. Justin Bieber seems to be no exception, as he followed in the footsteps of such stars earning himself a DUI and "walk the line" sobriety test. In January of 2014 the singer was arrested for a DUI in Miami with the suspicion he was driving while drunk. Bieber blew a .002 over the legal limit which isn't too significant in impairing one's driving. However, a drug test ruined any chance of disputing the charges when Marijuana and Xanax were found in Bieber's system.

The Florida county jail holding Bieber released 10 hours of surveillance footage of Justin walking a line in a sobriety test, doing push ups in his holding cell, and engaging in conversation with an officer. Charges were dropped after reaching a plea bargain with a judge.

8 Drinking Lean

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Lean or "purple drank" is a mixture of prescription cold medicine along with flavoured soda and at times, hard candy - for taste of course. The appeal comes from a "swooning euphoric" sensation which usually comes from promethazine (an antihistamine) and codeine use. Lean is a popular drink among rappers, so how did pop star Justin Bieber get in the mix? Well according to TMZ, Bieber became associated with the drink while recording Journals - arguably Justin's worst album - in Atlanta. Whoever's responsible for introducing the Biebs to the infamous concoction is up for debate, but there's no doubt Justin loves the "Sizzurp."

The star's affection was for one particular brand by the name of Actavis, which ended up being pulled from production due to the advertisement the drug received due to Bieber's connection towards it. Luckily for Justin and his fans, the star got off the substance and into rehab in 2015... hopefully he's keeping that promise!

7 Peeing In A Bucket - For No Apparent Reason


We're sorry Bill Clinton, but it appears the Bieber isn't a fan of you! During a fiasco in 2013 while partying with friends at an L.A. nightclub the singer decided he needed to stop to take a leak. Rather than walk a block down the street to find an empty ally way or open 7/11, like a normal Samaritan, Justin decided to pee in a yellow mop bucket belonging to the club.

While peeing, Justin starting chanting , "f*** you, Bill Clinton" until finishing his bathroom break. Of course Bieber wouldn't have to clean it up so there's no worries there! However, as karma would have it someone was filming the scene and sold the recording to TMZ... the world had very few nice things to say about the star. Not like it's the first time Justin Bieber's disappointed someone.

6 Buying A Prostitute

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When in Rome... I mean Brazil... a beautiful yet still corrupted country, you might as well go along with the crowd and exploit it some more, right? Or at least that seems to be Justin Bieber's mantra, as he partied (again) in Brazil with a friend at a notorious spot called Centauros in Rio de Janeiro. According to sources, Justin didn't have sex in the Brazilian "spa" - but he did spend 3 hours in it and left with two scantily clad females.

The buzz came after Bieber was seen leaving the brothel covered in a bed sheet... how convenient! A worker also supposedly filmed Bieber sleeping after a nice night of... you know. Bieber's reps denied the girl was a pro but, considering Bieber's stance in pop culture and his millions of FEMALE fans, it's no wonder Bieber's team wouldn't go into much detail other than stating, "She's not a hooker!"

5 Rolling His Eyes During His Deposition


It would appear Justin Bieber thinks he's above the law, once again. A lawsuit filed in 2013 by photographer Jeffrey Binion accused Justin Bieber's bodyguard of assault and intimidation when the photographer took some not-so-wanted photos of Bieber. According to Binion, Bieber's security team roughed him up quite a bit and confiscated two memory cards from Binion. Of course, Justin Bieber, who would have bore witness to the event, was brought into questioning.

During Justin's deposition a question about his recent ex Selena Gomez came up and Justin wasn't having any of it. Despite being in a legal deposition, Bieber told the lawyer, "don't ask me that again" while shaking his finger. Bieber then went on to repeat himself several times. This was all on a video accidentally released by the LAPD and was taken down thereafter. Unfortunately for Bieber, the damage was already done when he showed the world his true colours!

4 Runs Over Pap In White Ferrari

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Justin Bieber is no stranger to paparazzi ever since his rise in 2011. However, time takes its toll on everyone and Justin is no exception. Perhaps after years of trying to politely coup and dodge the paps, Justin just had enough. After exiting an L.A. joint with a friend, Justin and his pal entered his White Ferrari 458. A paparazzi was trying his very best to get every moment captured of the star, as Justin turned on the vehicle and very obviously had trouble seeing. Other photographers are heard yelling, "give him some space" and "he can't see" yet the one paparazzi just didn't get it.

Subsequently, Bieber hit the gas to escape the crowd of flashes... hitting the overly ambitious pap along the way. The paparazzi rolled right over Justin's hood but the pop star took no notice and sped away. No charges were laid on Justin as there was no video evidence.

3 Cheating On Selena Gomez

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The Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber love story is almost as complicated as the Twilight trilogy. The on and off again couple had many years of fighting, breaking up, getting back together and the circle goes on. The couple officially broke things off in 2015, which left Bieber in a chaotic mess for some time until he (seemingly) got back to himself in late 2015 with the release of his most recent album, Purpose. The album hit the charts as Bieber's new relationship with model Hailey Baldwin blossomed as well. Speed forward a couple months and Justin is no longer dating Baldwin, as he prefers the single life better.

Just after Justin was spotted vacationing with various young models, it looked like the singer took the liking to 17-year-old Sofia Richie. As the couple began to post more about their relationship, Justin Bieber's fans weren't so accepting. After various threats and mean comments sent to Sofia, Justin posted an Instagram picture with the caption “I’m gonna make my Instagram private if you guys don’t stop the hate this is getting out of hand."

This seemed a normal response and many didn't pay it much attention until Justin's ex girlfriend Selena Gomez had this to say: “If you can’t handle the hate then stop posting pictures of your girlfriend lol - it should be special between you two only. Don’t be mad at your fans. They love you. They were there for you before anyone." After a few more bantering comments Gomez left a shocker to Bieber spitting out, "funny how the ones that cheated multiple times, are pointing fingers at the ones that were forgiving and supportive." BAM! It looks like Gomez confirmed any questions observers had about the couple's on and off relationship... even if it was in a not-so-nice of way.

2 No Fan Photos

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Imagine walking down the street to see your biggest idol or heartthrob walking your way. What would you do? The more obvious answer is scream, awkwardly cry, or bravely go up and ask for a picture. But if you're a Justin Bieber fan this might not be an option for you!

After raising the price of meet and greets to $2,000 a person for his Purpose world tour (which Bieber decided to cancel a month into touring), Justin decided fan pics weren't okay. The decision came after Justin decided taking pictures with fans made him "feel like a zoo animal." This came to disappoint many fans but Justin felt "[he] doesn't owe anyone a picture." After the disappointing news, many felt their chance to capture a moment with the pop star was gone forever - until some clever fans started taking videos. Sorry Justin, it looks like your own Beliebers outsmarted you!

1 Deleting Instagram


In 2016 it's hard to find a celebrity without a massive social media following on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter... you name it! This was no less true for Justin Bieber, until he decided to delete his Instagram account with a 77.8 million followers. This came following an online feud with ex girlfriend Selena Gomez after Justin posted a picture of himself and new girlfriend, Sofia Richie.

The decision shocked the world and urged Ms. Gomez to apologize to her ex... an apology that Justin didn't accept. With Justin's new "I want privacy" mantra, perhaps this was a smart career move, although it begs most of us to ask the question, why? If you're going to be in the public eye then be in the public eye... didn't you know, Bieber, you can't have your cake and eat it too?

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