15 Insane Photos Of Jen Selter's Booty

Throughout the history of the world there have been a lot of women. And unless at some point along the way one of these women had some sort of horrible accident, each of these women had a butt.  Some of those butts were big, some were small, some were great, some were... not so great.

But, (see what I did there?) while it is has not been scientifically proven, I will now submit to you, as readers of The Richest, that Jen Selter's butt is probably, no, I take that back, that her butt almost certainly, is the very best butt of all time. Her butt is so good that it should have its own daytime TV show, there should be cults started about Jen Selter's butt. If I wrote poetry, instead of writing this article, I would be writing about her butt.

I think you get the picture. Her butt is epic. Because of her butt, she now has over nine million followers on Instagram. That number consists of about three million women that desperately want to have a butt like Jen and around six million men that want to look at a butt like Jen's. It really is just that good.

Well, we have decided to do you a favor, whether you want your butt to look like Jen's or whether you just want to look at a butt like Jen's, then just read on and be amazed because here are 15 wild photos of Jen Selter's' butt.

15 The Yoga Stretch

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It might seem rather amazing, but I promise you this is nothing. You have to work yourself into this kind of thing slowly- if you expose yourself to Jen and her butt too quickly then you could cause severe damage to yourself. Jen has said in the past that she needs her fans to stay motivated, so you know what that means. It means this is a good thing for you, feel free to ogle Jen and her butt as much as you want.

14 The Arc

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As you can see here, there really is no bad photo of Jen's butt; seeing a bad photo of her butt would be sort of similar to seeing Bigfoot, or maybe a unicorn.  Can you believe that a chick with a butt like this was bullied as a child? Well, she was and because of that she spends a lot of her time supporting anti-bullying charities. So all you girls out there, if you are being bullied in school, stay strong and maybe someday you can have a butt like Jen's.

13 The Bikini Look

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Photos of Jen and her butt in a bikini are fairly rare- her normal mode of operation is to rock the yoga pants. God knows I am not complaining about it, though, she could wear a burlap sack and would probably look hot. Speaking of looking hot, the main thing that Jen suggests when it comes to beauty secrets is to drink a lot of water. Which is also a good idea for all you guys because looking at too many of these photos is going to make you break out in a sweat.

12 She Loves To Work Out, Obviously

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Yet another photo of Jen's butt, otherwise known as the 8th wonder of the world. Jen appears to be getting ready for a little workout time, and she has said that she listens to a lot of tunes when she works out. She has said that some of her favorite artists to workout to are Drake, Rihanna, 2 Chainz, and Lil Wayne.  This of course makes me think of Jen dancing, which then makes me want some more water, which Jen says is good for beauty, so everyone wins.

11 In Mid-workout

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Yet another photo of her butt. Amazing, no? If you are wondering if Jen eats a lot of cheeseburgers and still is able to have a butt like that, the answer would be no. In the morning she might have oatmeal or egg whites, then has a giant salad for lunch, and then at night at times she rocks some sushi. This may not sound that exciting but obviously if you want a butt like this one, you will almost certainly have to make a few sacrifices.

10 She Wears Yoga Pants For Leisure

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This one seems to show that even when walking around all relaxed, even in the middle of the big city, Jen is always wearing tight yoga pants. Jen has said that she likes to be social, but also gets that it is important to be alone. When chilling out she likes to shop, read, or hang out with friends. Here is hoping she does all of it, every little bit of it,  while wearing tight yoga pants. Every day, all day.

9 Triple Butt!

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Oh hey, look! What do you know? It is Jen's butt. Jen has made a career out of being in shape and of course having that ridiculous butt, and that brings with it a lot of marketing opportunities. As I said before she has over nine million followers on her Instagram account, and that brings with it a lot of chances to promote things.  While she is willing to partner with brands that she uses, she won't promote anything that she does not believe in or use in her life.

8 Selfie Time

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Jen shows everyone here that her butt also looks good when rocking the mini skirt and getting ready to go out on the town. She has said before that she believes in positive thinking and that people can accomplish anything if they think they can. I can only assume that philosophy does not extend to all of you guys sitting around eating Doritos in sweatpants, wondering if Jen will go out with you, but hey, it never hurts to try.

7 It Has Its Own Mind

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I bet by now you are very curious to find out where this butt hails from originally. Well fear not, we have that information. Jen takes a lot of shots in New York, so you might guess that is where she is from, but she is originally from Long Island, specifically a town named Roslyn Heights, which I am forever going to think of from now on as the home of the best butt in the world. If you doubt that, just take a look at the above photo.

6 Strolling In The Park

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Here is another rare photo of Jen and her ridiculously nice butt in a bikini bottom. It would be nice to see a few more of these but hey, who is complaining?  Certainly not her fans on social media. I have already mentioned her Instagram a few times but she has over twenty-four million fans over all of her social media accounts. Her butt's social media presence even dwarfs Kim Kardashian's, although nothing could dwarf Kim's butt.

5 Mid Workout, Pt.2

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This photo is just truly ridiculous - is that a butt or a tray?  Forget it, do not answer that question.  You may notice in some of these photos (that is if you ever look away from the butt), that Jen never seems to smile in these photos. Apparently she does smile a lot in real life, just not in these photos, which make sense of course, any facial expression she could make would just detract from what we are really supposed to be looking at.

4 Hey! There's Applebee's!

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Here is something that you don't see every day. A totally perfect butt and an Applebee's sign in the same photo. While Jen does look perfect, apparently she did not always feel that way about herself. She had a rather large nose growing up and had a nose job when she was fifteen-years old. She was teased about it. I am no psychiatrist, but I would guess the teasing had a lot to do with how hard she works on her looks now.

3 Stairmaster Master

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Here we have Jen showing us a little of the ol' workout to show all the ladies how to get a butt like hers. Of course she looks amazing while doing it, but in theory this photo is all about exercise tips. I would suggest that all of you women pay close attention to this, as in a perfect world, every single butt would look like Jen's. It is time for butt equality. This has gone on long enough.  No butt left behind.

2 She's Always At The Gym

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Here is yet another photo of Jen, and her butt, looking amazing. In 2014, she was named as one of AskMen's top 100 most desirable women. Now that may be considered a compliment in some circles, but from this angle I simply can not imagine there being eighty-one women more desirable than Jen. Maybe AskMen was looking at a different set of photos than this one, because Jen is number 1 in my book.

1 Ready To Box

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And here you have it. The very last photo on the list of Jen Selter butt photos. If this was your first introduction to Jen and her butt, take a look around the net, or go to her Instagram. If you have known about Jen for a long time then this post must have been like visiting with an old friend, albeit, one that has a really amazing butt. Jen shows no signs of slowing down, so photos like these are sure to keep appearing over time, and that is a very, very good thing.

Sources: wikipedia

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