15 Hottest Photos Of Yvonne Strahovski

While you may have not heard a whole lot about her, there is no doubt that Yvonne Strahovski is one of the most beautiful women in the world. With looks like hers, it would seem that one is almost forced into the acting or modeling profession. Is it possible to be as hot and totally gorgeous as Yvonne and not be working in show business? I don't think so. I mean, it might be, but it is pretty unlikely. One usually does not see a woman that looks like Yvonne working as a waitress at the local Applebee's and driving around in a used Toyota Yaris. Why that is may seem like a mystery, but the fact is, if you look like Yvonne some doors are going to open up for you. If you happen to walk through those doors, well then, you end up like Yvonne, the subject of articles like this.

But that is the thing, really. Who looks like Yvonne? There are a lot of beautiful and sexy women in the world, but how many are there that are really hotter than she is? I would wager that, after you take a look at the photos on this list, you may agree that Yvonne is one of the hottest women you have ever seen. She kind of has it all- the face, the body, and the grace that only a truly gorgeous woman who is comfortable with her body has.

So what are you waiting for? Stop reading and scroll down to the pics. This is our list of the 15 hottest photos of Yvonne Strahovski.

15 Pretty In Purple

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By looking at the first photo, I think you can already tell what I am talking about when it comes to how hot she is, but you still probably do not know a whole lot about her. When she was born  in Australia in 1982 she was known as Yvonne Strzechowski but she is known professionally as Yvonne Strahovski. Really? Come on Yvonne, if you are going to change your name you could do a little better than that, don't you think? Use your imagination a little. My guess is that you probably know her best for her role as CIA agent Sarah Walker in the NBC series Chuck or maybe Hannah McKay in the Showtime series Dexter. She also played CIA agent Kate Morgan in the Fox television series 24: Live Another Day. 

14 Hot In Black

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So here you get another look at Yvonne looking perfectly hot and steamy. Strahovski has also appeared in a lot of other things which include: Lego: The Adventures of Clutch Powers,  Killer Elite, I, Frankenstein, The Astronaut Wives Club, and Manhattan Night. She has also done work as a voice actress and has appeared voicing characters such as Miranda Lawson in the Mass Effect video game series and Batwoman in the animated film Batman: Bad Blood. I have to admit I have a bit of a problem with this. Why would you possibly have someone that looks as good as Yvonne and use her as a voice actress? That is kind of like if you have Steph Curry on your team and you post him up all the time.

13 But Beige Might Be Her Color

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All right, so hey, here you have Yvonne in a bikini for the first time. Don't say that you were not waiting for it. She has the look that seems like she is from Southern California, but if you were to guess that you would be a little bit off. Still though, she sort of came naturally to the beach scene as she was born in New South Wales. Her parents emigrated from Poland, which must be why she had such a silly name until she changed it to the totally awesome Strahovski. She began taking acting lessons at age 12, because that is what gorgeous chicks do that are too talented to be models, and graduated from the University of Western Sydney's Theatre Nepean in 2003. She also started a small theatre company.

12 She's Pretty Good At Modeling 

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All right, check this one out. Sweet Mary and Joseph- those legs! That face!  It is clear to see that Yvonne is one of the most gorgeous women anywhere.  Strahovski started doing the whole acting thing when she was a kid as we already referred to when she played Viola in a school play; they were doing a version of Twelfth Night. She started working regularly  in film and television in Australia. She was in a show called Double the Fist and starred as Freya Lewis in  HeadLand. She also was in Sea Patrol. While she obviously was doing well for herself, as an actress there is only one place that you really want to be. It seemed that Yvonne was a bit too big for Australia and soon headed over to the States. Lucky us, right?

11 Pretty In Tights

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Now take a look at this one. If you were a casting director I imagine that you might give her a role perhaps? Yvonne looks so hot in this one that it should be illegal, or at least some sort of civil infraction. Strahovski was in the U.S. looking for roles when she sent in her audition tape for  Chuck. The main show she was trying to get was Bionic Woman, and how cool would that have been? Seeing her run in slow motion would have been awesome. After she sent in her tape, the producers of Chuck told her to run lines with Zachary Levi. The producers called her back a week later telling her she had the job.  This obviously was a bit of a game changer for her and she moved to the United States.

10 The Chuck Star

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I don't know quite what is going on in this one, if it is even culturally acceptable that I find it so hot that Yvonne is crawling towards the camera, but hey, to each his own. For those of you that do not know, Chuck is an action-comedy/spy-drama created by Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak. The basic plot of the show is that Chuck is an "average computer-whiz-next-door" played by Zachary Levi. One day he is just chilling out when he receives an encoded e-mail from an old college friend who works for the CIA. The message embeds a software program containing the United States' greatest spy secrets into Chuck's brain, which then means he gets assigned to all sorts of CIA missions. Don't you hate when that happens?

9 Those Eyes!

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Here is a gorgeous one of Yvonne just being Yvonne, and hey, isn't that enough? I don't know what is her better feature, her eyes, her lips, or her hair. Remember me making fun of her changing her name? Well, it turns out it is all producer Josh Schwartz's fault.  He asked her to change her name for easier pronunciation. She got the role of Sarah Lisa Bartowski, which on the show is an alias. She is one of two agents assigned by the NSA and CIA to protect Chuck after he downloads the government secrets into his brain. All right, I suppose that I would not mind this whole scene happening to me a whole lot if Yvonne was assigned as the person that were to help me out. Who would mind her following you around all day long?

8 Gamers Would Recognize Yvonne

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Here is another photo of Yvonne, looking rather amazing as she seems to be able to do pretty much anytime she wants. Does she look like this in the morning? That would be almost too much to take. Strahovski has been in a lot of other things over the years such as Mass Effect Galaxy, Mass Effect 2, and Mass Effect 3 as the voice of Miranda Lawson. And again, she has done a lot of voice acting such as playing Aya Brea in the English version of the Parasite Eve spinoff, The 3rd Birthday.  She also appeared in a CollegeHumor.com skit in which she parodied Katy Perry, Ke$ha, Lady Gaga, and Justin Bieber. So she is funny too? This is almost too much to bear. I bet the women she knows really must hate her.

7 Basking In The Sun

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All right, so this one is almost too much. Yvonne looks absolutely amazing here in this black bathing suit and heels. Why don't women wear bathing suits and heels more often? They really should. Other things Strahovski has done was to appear in Killer Elite and The Guilt Trip. In 2010, Strahovski received the Teen Choice Award for TV Actress for Chuck, and was nominated by Spike Video Game Awards for Best Performance by a Human Female for Mass Effect 2. In 2011, Strahovski got another nomination for the Teen Choice Award. In 2011, Cosmopolitan Magazine in Australia gave her the "Fun Fearless Female of the Year," along with Favorite TV Actress. Too bad there is not an award for looking smoking in a bathing suit and heels.

6 The Genie

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I put this in here for anyone of you guys that might have a little bit of a genie fetish- and don't lie to me, I know you are out there. Hey, I am not judging, she looks amazing here. Yvonne has also been the lead in  I, Frankenstein, was a star in a SoBe Life commercial and was also ranked number 35 in the "Maxim Hot 100."  See, this is the kind of thing that bothers me and keeps me up at night. Are there really 34 women out there that are hotter than Yvonne? And if so, what do they actually look like? Do I need eye protection to check them out because I might burst into flame otherwise? Hey Maxim, come on, how can there really be 34 women that are hotter than she is? I find the whole thing simply impossible.

5 Classy In A Bikini?

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This photo is yet another that shows that Yvonne has that certain something. It isn't just that she is super-hot, but she looks rather classy, no matter what the situation. How many of the hot chicks on a list like Maxim's would you want to bring home to mom? Speaking of class, she made her Broadway debut in Clifford Odets' Golden Boy, and won a Theatre World Award. She kept busy doing other things as well; she also was Rene Carpenter on the The Astronaut Wives Club. Hey have you noticed something about Yvonne? She is always working, which is yet another reason to bring her home to your mom.  

4 She Looks Good In The Water

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Oh hey, nothing to see here, just go on to the next one. This one is just of Yvonne frolicking in the surf wearing a bikini, and honestly who wants to see something like that? She was recently in the movie Manhattan Night as Caroline Crowley. She said of the role: “It’s definitely different from anything I’ve done. It was kind of complicated. There’s a lot going on in this storyline. And certainly a lot going on with the character. ... It took a lot of time to make sense of all the moving parts and all the pieces.” That is interesting and all of that, but what I would really like to see would be an interview with Yvonne about her playing in the surf wearing a bikini. Maybe one of your junior reporters could get a line on that?

3 "Drawn To Intense, Emotional Scenes"

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Oh look, it's Yvonne, looking absolutely fabulous again. With a body like hers it is obvious why she gets a lot of action roles. “I’m more drawn to the intense, more emotional scenes,” she said, than the action roles that previously defined her career because, “it’s not often just one reason as to why people do things the way they do.” Speaking of action she was on Showtime's Dexter as Hannah McKay. This is kind of a tough one. I mean, I certainly get her desire to stretch artistically and get roles with more depth, but does that mean that I can't see her in skimpy outfits running all over the place anymore? Is there not a happy medium that we all can find? Can't she do better roles and still not wear much clothing?

2 Nothing But Class On The Red Carpet

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Here is another photo of Yvonne. In this one she shows how she truly is nothing but class on the red carpet. Speaking of class: has she ever taken it all off? Well, lucky for you, yes she has! She took it all off in the movie Manhattan night and said “Nudity in anything is always challenging — sex scenes or making out with people.”

“It comes with the job, obviously. But for this particular story, I always look at the story and the character and (consider), ‘Does it warrant it? Does it serve the story?’ And in this particular case, it did.”

So, I know what I will be checking out as soon as I get done with this article, and no Yvonne, it is not going to be any of your voiceover work.

1 Supports PETA

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Here is another photo of Yvonne looking like the glamorous and gorgeous woman that she is. She is at a PETA event, which is an organization that she has done a lot of work to support. For all that she has done, one of the the things that always comes up is whether there will be a movie that reprises her role from the series Chuck. “There’s always chatter about a Chuck movie. So nobody’s opposed to it. It’s just a matter of getting everything lined up. And there’s a lot of chefs in that kitchen, you know. ... But it is doable. But it’s also a matter of timing. Everyone’s obviously doing so many different things now. It would be a commitment that everybody would have to be available for.”

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