15 Hottest Onscreen Moments With Cameron Diaz

Unlike other actresses in Hollywood that strive to maintain their glamorous appeal both on and off the screen, Cameron Diaz has always marched to the beat of her own drum. Embracing every quirk and flaw, Diaz has never shied away from taking the types of roles that celebrate eccentricity in women.

From dancing in her underwear to falling down the stairs, Diaz has always been able to maintain a sense of accessibility even when portraying the most desirable woman in the film. While other actresses have been said to have diva-like attitudes around other women, Diaz has always been rumored to have a good rapport with other Hollywood starlets. While you may not picture Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox being the best of friends, Cameron Diaz seems like the perfect girl’s-girl to befriend all the other starlets on the red carpet.

Kate Upton made mention about how supportive Cameron Diaz and her other co-star were during the filming of The Other Woman in 2014. With the aging Diaz no longer being the hottest leading lady in the film, you might think Upton would be shunned while filming with other elite celebrities. Yet, instead of being ostracized from the group, Diaz played a huge role in trying to make Upton feel as comfortable as possible while filming the iconic bikini scene on the beach. Joining in on the fun, Diaz went out of her way to make sure Upton didn’t feel ogled while running in her skimpy white bikini.

She must know firsthand what it must be like to be the actress having to perform in those scantily clad outfits, as Diaz has had numerous films that depicted her as ultra-sexy. Putting all that experience to good use, Diaz seems to be beautiful both inside and out by helping those that are following in her footsteps. Check out our list of the 15 sexiest moments on screen with Cameron Diaz, and see how her risqué performances still hold up to the test of time.

15 Knight and Day

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Released in 2010, Knight and Day was the long awaited Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz collaboration after their success with Vanilla Sky in 2001. While Cruise is no stranger to starring in a spy film, the story-line had a much different take than anything from his Mission Impossible film series. Thought of as a comedy mixed in with a love story and a lot of action, Diaz shined in a number of scenes throughout the film. Yet, it was her bikini moment stepping off the hammock that showed her in the best light. Looking natural and perfectly toned, Diaz can’t lose if she’s wearing a swimsuit on screen.

14 Vanilla Sky

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Released in 2001, Vanilla Sky was received with mixed reviews. While some people weren’t thrilled with the story-line or seeing Tom Cruise’s face jacked up pretty much throughout the film, others liked the love story between him and the character played by Penelope Cruz. The pair even briefly dated, and the public wondered if Penelope Cruz would one day become Penelope Cruise. Just as the relationship didn’t last, neither did Cameron Diaz’s character in the movie. While portrayed as aggressively sexual (and super- clingy) in the beginning, her character’s emergence went downhill pretty fast. In the meantime, fans were left with some pretty great images of Diaz in lingerie with super steamy scenes in the bedroom.

13 Charlie’s Angels

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From the friendship dynamic to the look, Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu, and Drew Barrymore were able to fill the Charlie’s Angels shoes without missing a step. Diaz always seems to nail those quirky girl-next-door roles, so her portrayal as Natalie Cook was a great fit. While she wasn’t exactly filling the role of Jill Munroe, originally played by Farrah Fawcett, she was able to become her own character that made audiences adore her from that very first dance step in her undies. While the seductress definitely has its place in film, there’s something super appealing about the innocent kind of sexiness Diaz portrayed in Charlie’s Angels.

12 Sex Tape

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Released in 2014, Sex Tape stars Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel in a story-line that shows the comedic side to having an embarrassing tape released. By accidentally sending a sex tape out themselves with one faulty click of the mouse, comedy ensues. While the film is filled with a bunch of laughs, it also features a number of super sexy scenes with Diaz. The roller skating outfit has to be the best look on Diaz, especially with the panty and white top that matches her pink striped socks. Proving that the bedroom needs to be kept interesting, especially after being together for awhile, Segel and Diaz make a great comedic pair in Sex Tape.

11 The Holiday

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In 2006, Cameron Diaz and Jude Law were two of the hottest stars in Hollywood, so it was inevitable they would finally get paired together. While Kate Winslet and Jack Black seemed like an unlikely couple, Diaz and Law looked straight out of a J. Crew catalog. Audiences had some mixed feelings on the story-line, but the thought of being more free while on vacation was super appealing. The sexual chemistry between Diaz and Law was palpable, spawning a number of steamy scenes that left the audience begging for more. While Jack Black isn’t exactly the typical leading man, Jude Law and Cameron Diaz helped to elevate this romantic comedy to a new level.

10 Gambit

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When a film stars both Cameron Diaz and Oscar-winning actor Colin Firth, expectations are high. So, when the 2012 film Gambit went straight to video, it came as a huge surprise. The story-line was based on the previous film in 1966, which would seem like a winning strategy even if it’s not as good as the original – even Vince Vaughn’s remake of Psycho was at least released in theaters. While Gambit was a major flop in every sense of the word, it did feature some pretty hot scenes from Cameron Diaz. Wearing everything from boots and a cowboy hat to nothing but black leopard lingerie, Diaz gave it her all even if the story-line was irredeemable.

9 The Other Woman

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Released in 2014, The Other Woman offered a different twist to the same old story-line of a woman scorned. While it was coined a romantic comedy, the characters helped to create a theme that revolved around girl-power and friendship. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (from Game of Thrones), plays the leading man, but it is actually Kate Upton that became the breakout star of the film. Generally, Cameron Diaz is the starlet that steals the show when it comes to the sexiest star on screen, but Upton’s beach bikini scene has since become iconic. Yet, Diaz fans weren’t left out, and there were a number of scenes that were worth the ticket price. One of our favorites involved Diaz as a sexy plumber, which looked more like a stripper-gram than anything else.

8 She’s The One

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In 1996, Cameron Diaz was launching her professional acting career after her initial success in The Mask, and Jennifer Aniston was starting to branch off into film from her success on the television series Friends. Pairing these two actresses together was a great way to the public to get to know what they would be in store for in future films. Diaz looks super-young in the film, and is featured in a number of scenes that highlight her fresh-faced look. While her character wasn’t exactly the sweet character from There’s Something About Mary, it was sexy to see a dirtier side to Diaz (even if her personality wasn’t very appealing in the film).

7 Head Above Water

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Early in her career, Cameron Diaz starred in the 1996 film Head Above Water. The storyline was weak to say the least, with a cast that wasn’t exactly filled with all the hottest A-list leading men in Hollywood. Yet, it was a chance to see Cameron Diaz in a bikini and basically had her traipsing around half naked the entire film. The steamiest scene involved  Diaz showering, with the camera positioned right above her head. The sexual innuendo was pretty blatant, but it didn’t really seem to matter to fans. Proving she could be stunningly beautiful, even without makeup and right out of the shower, Head Above Water helped to land her some of her most famous future roles.

6 The Mask

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Not many actresses can boast having their first film role being the leading lady opposite one of Hollywood’s favorite stars. In 1994, The Mask didn’t exactly have the most intelligent story-line, but it did highlight Jim Carrey and his film success in the '90s. It seemed strange that he would be cast with a seemingly unknown actress, but not only did Diaz hold her own she also became the breakout star of the film. From her seductive ways to an “eye popping” appearance, the public instantly wanted to know who she was. The infamous “blonde in the red dress” scene was the best introduction an actress can hope for in the eyes of the public, and definitely helped to land her bigger and better future roles.

5 There’s Something About Mary

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Released in 1998, There’s Something About Mary was the film that helped solidify Cameron Diaz as one of the sexiest and most likeable starlets in Hollywood. Portraying the quirky, sweet, and super accessible Mary Jensen, her character was pretty much the perfect woman in the eyes of all the men around her. While it’s the scene with the “hair gel” that people most take away from the film, that doesn’t mean some of the sexy scenes should be forgotten. While Diaz walked around braless pretty much throughout the film, it was the window scene that drew in Matt Dillon’s character that made the biggest impact.

4 The Sweetest Thing

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Released in 2002, The Sweetest Thing, was more about girl-power than about the intended romantic story-line between Cameron Diaz and Thomas Jane. Although fans are left rooting for the couple to end up together at the end of the film, the best parts of the story-line include the hilarity that ensues between Diaz and her other female co-stars. Christina Applegate and Selma Blair work extremely well with Diaz, making a number of memorable scenes that were both sexy and hilarious. The pinnacle came with bra and panty-wearing Applegate and Diaz driving down the road in a scene that looks like oral sex to passing vehicles.

3 The Counselor

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Released in 2013, The Counselor was a film that certainly wasn’t lacking in A-list actors. Starring Penelope Cruz, Brad Pitt, Michael Fassbender, and Javier Bardem, Cameron Diaz was just one of the many stars in the film. Unlike many of her other roles, Diaz played a much darker character that portrayed just the right amount of murderous intent throughout the film. While the having sex in the car scene was probably the most disturbing of her scenes, the sexiest involved a chat fest with Penelope Cruz. Completely naked, wearing nothing but jewelry and a towel, Diaz shows off some tattoos and a whole lot of skin.

2 Bad Teacher

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Released in 2011, Bad Teacher features Cameron Diaz playing a different type of character than she typically portrays. While she is definitely a good fit for the sexy teacher look, it’s funny to see her old enough to play a middle school teacher. While she was able to play a high school version of herself in There’s Something About Mary, Bad Teacher proves that those days are gone. Showing that even an aging Diaz is better than no Diaz, the hottest moment in the film involves a sexy car wash scene that is better than any rap video by far. From crawling around on the hood to squirting herself in the face with the hose, this seems like something she may have done before.

1 Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle

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The second installment in the Charlie’s Angels film series was released in 2003, and gave fans everything they loved about the first film and more. It’s difficult to pinpoint which of Cameron Diaz’s scenes were the most enticing (since there were so many), but definitely the bull-riding scene and the strip show make it to the top of the list. Introducing Demi Moore in a side-by-side beach scene was a great way to highlight that both of these actresses definitely still have the body to rock a swimsuit. While Moore held her own against the younger star, Diaz won extra points for looking like the quintessential California girl.

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