15 Hottest Girls You Only Know From Commercials

We all hate commercials. They are horrible. I mean, there you are, chilling on the couch and watching your favorite show, when all of a sudden a commercial comes on and ruins the whole scene. Who needs that? Time to go get a snack, or to space out until your show comes back on.

But every once in a very great while the ad guys get it right and put a commercial on that features something that can get your attention. And what might that be? Well, in my case it just might be a very hot woman.

While you might not know the names of any of the women on this list, you probably remember their faces, or maybe even their bodies. While of course the goal of commercials is to get you to buy their product, odds are that you don't remember what those were at all. And why would you? I mean there you are staring at a hot chick- I promise you ain't nobody got the time to figure out what product she's advertising. Well, maybe this time you will pay attention and buy their product. Probably not though. Anyway, here are 15 hot women that you know mostly from commercials.

15 Ali Landry - Doritos

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14 Carly Foulkes - T Mobile

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13 Rachel Spector - RGX Body Spray

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Next on the list of ridiculously hot commercial chicks is Rachel Spector. Rachel does ads for RGX body spray and a bunch of other commercials where she acts like she is all worked up. I guess the point of this is that if you buy a particular kind of body spray, chicks will dig you, but I am here to tell you now that Rachel would not like you even if you sprayed yourself down with gold. Sorry to be the one that had to break that to you, and I truly, truly mean that.

12 Candice Michelle - Go Daddy

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Candice is kind of the last woman that you might think you would find in a commercial. She was a pro wrestler for a bit, posed for Playboy, and even did a bit of work in the adult entertainment world. I mean who better to sell your product than that? It does not really matter though; when you look like Candice does, you are going to get job offers, and a fair amount of them might be legal. I kid, "Candice is one of the best actresses of our time."

11 C.C. Sheffield - Geek Squad

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C.C. is the perfect example of why commercial girls are cool. She is an actress and has had a fair amount of success, but she was in this one Geek Squad commercial, for all of one second, and that was enough to turn on millions of dudes all over the country, and make them wonder who she was. Well, now you know who she was. Please do not make me regret this by going all stalker on me and trying to get her phone number. C.C is hot, there is no doubt about that.

10 Sabrine Ehrenfield - Overstock.com

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Yet another of the many ladies we longed for in commercials is Sabine. She is supposedly an accomplished pilot and equestrian, and is obviously an actress. But, yet all most of us know her for is being a really hot chick that we see on ads for Overstock.com. There could be worse fates, of course. For example, she could be a chick that is not hot enough to get a job for Overstock.com. For that I am sure she is thankful.

9 Agnes Olech - Old Spice

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Agnes was in an Old Spice commercial back in the day, which is cool unto itself. She is a model from Poland and has been in a ton of horror movies. This makes me like her already. Any chick that is hot and appears in horror movies is more than okay in my book. She has also appeared in Maxim and has appeared in True Detective. We also get the feeling that Agnes is good at pool and likes to go out to the bar for an occasional beer. We certainly hope so anyway.

8 Emily Chang - Ruffles

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Emily is that chick in the Ruffles commercial where she crashes a poker game, eats some Ruffles chips and then cleans house. I have been to quite a few poker games in my time, and let me tell you this, any chick that just randomly shows up and starts eating our chips gets kicked out, and we don't care how good she looks. Sorry, Emily, you may have won in Hollywood, but you are not gonna crash my game and eat my chips, no way, no how.

7 Elizabeth Bogush - KGB

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KGB is a service where you text a question and then they answer it. One question that does not need to get answered is if they hired an actress hot enough for their commercials.  Elizabeth has also appeared in How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory, as well as numerous times in my dreams. Elizabeth appeared in a series of commercials for KGB which allowed all of us to check her out, and hopefully allowed her to save up a little cash.

6 Margaret Emery - Samsung Galaxy

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Margaret is one of the more clean-cut women on this list. While she is totally gorgeous, her whole look is pretty squeaky clean. She appeared on a commercial for Samsung Galaxy.  She plays a wife in the commercial, which makes sense, as it is probably one of the reasons she got the job, as we all know that wives are very rarely hot - for long anyway. Margaret is also a comedian and an actress and she has appeared on Funny or Die.

5 Rachelle Wood - Godaddy

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This is the second woman on this list that has worked for Godaddy. What does this mean? It means Godaddy truly understands advertising. Do we want to learn more about why they are so good at web hosting? No. Do we want to be informed or made to laugh? No. We want to look at hot chicks, and maybe we will look long enough for it to register what the product is and why we might buy it. What does this have to do with Rachelle? She is hot. Pay attention.

4 Jessie O'Donohue - Hot Pockets

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Jessie is a special sort of woman. It is not just anyone that could star in a commercial for Hot Pockets, which are not only totally disgusting, but also have a silly name, and still come off looking like a smoke-show.  Even worse, Jessie actually looks kind of turned on because a guy is eating a Hot Pocket. Why? What is wrong with her? Who could like such a thing?  But yet, somehow, Jessie manages to pull it off. Well she kind of does. Sort of. Okay, she doesn't. But she's still hot.

3 Paige Spara - Forevermark

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You may remember Paige from a Forevermark commercial in which her husband talks for a minute or so about how amazingly cool that Paige is as his wife, that she is the center of his universe, is everything to him, blah, blah, blah.  All of this designed to get you to buy the woman in your life a big honking diamond. Okay, Paige is gorgeous, and I suppose a diamond might be in order, but personally I am going to do the normal thing I do as a present for my girlfriend which is to take her out at happy hour for some half priced appetizers and a couple of drinks.

2 Farris Patton - Orbit Gum

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No list of hot commercial chicks would be complete without Farris Patton, who is the smoke-show in all of the Orbit Gum commercials. Although she does an excellent English accent on the commercials, she is actually an American actress, who has been on many Jimmy Kimmel Live segments in the past. She urges, on the commercials, us to clean up our dirty mouths, which would not be taken nearly so well from anyone else, except Farris is so ridiculously good looking.

1 Catrinel Menghia - Fiat

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So let us digress for just a moment here. Oh my God, Catrinel is hot! I mean really, really incredibly hot. She is a Romanian model who has appeared in a few Sports Illustrated Swimsuit editions, and it is easy to see why. This chick totally rocks out a bikini. Whoever is running the ad campaigns at Fiat deserves a raise. I wouldn't care if the ad was nothing but Catrinel eating a steak and cheese sammy with some curly fries; I would watch it over and over again.

Sources: youtube, wikipedia

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