15 Hot Taylor Swift Looks We Liked Before She Went Platinum

So what is going on with Taylor Swift these days? It seems like the 26-year-old singer is going through some type of crisis. To summarize, let’s start with her split from ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris followed by her new platinum look.

After 15 months of dating, the songstress and DJ broke up early in June. Reasons for the breakup are still not clear to this day but it was first reported that Harris was intimidated by Swift’s success. However, that didn’t make too much sense considering the Scottish DJ and record producer is pretty successful himself, with a net worth of $160 million. Then rumors started surfacing about Harris thinking the “1989” singer was “boring” and that he just wasn’t feeling it anymore. Recently, reports were saying that Swift broke up with him over the phone. As if that’s not confusing enough, the singer was just spotted with English actor Tom Hiddleston in Rhode Island, making out, just days after the breakup news.

So what exactly triggered the breakup? No one has thought that perhaps it was Swift’s new platinum locks, which she dyed back in April, when the couple was still together. We can’t confidently say this was the reason but like most of us, maybe Harris wasn’t a fan of them and that was the deal breaker. Although she still looked beautiful with the new hair, people weren’t feeling it and were missing the old Taylor Swift. Not only did she change the color of her hair, but she also decided to change her style along the way. It almost looks like she’s trying to make a statement saying, “This is the new me.”

Whatever T-Swift is going through right now, we know one thing for sure; she looked better before. So let’s just hope this is some phase she’s going through- especially after breaking up with yet another boyfriend- and she’ll go back to looking like the real Taylor Swift, not like Lady Gaga’s sister. So let’s take a look at all these past, better looks we just couldn’t get enough of from the 26-year-old songstress.

15 2010 American Music Awards 

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Oh, the younger years of Swifty. Taylor Swift managed to show up at the 2010 American Music Awards with a little pop star in her. She was just becoming the star we now know of today and she was owning every single moment of it, including her look. Almost resembling an early Britney Spears, the singer showed up on the red carpet with this sleek, blonde 'do and bangs paired up with a sequence dress. We have to say, the look suited Taylor pretty well. She was young, fresh and exciting. This was a different look, though, compared to the previous ones she was sporting. It seems like the 26-year-old songstress wanted to go a little more “out there” as opposed to her usual conservative, country look.

14 2008 MTV Video Music Awards

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If you thought that was a long time ago, take a look at T-Swift back in 2008 at the MTV Video Music Awards where her curls took the audience away. When the country singer was just starting out, one of the things that people couldn’t get enough of were her signature curls. She kept that hair style for quite a while; when she went in a different direction, no one knew what to expect from her anymore. Her curls had this perfection to them that the thought of touching them and messing them up was terrifying.

What’s funny is how she literally carried those curls the same way wherever she went, however she dressed. Maybe it was a wig after all? Who knows but we definitely don’t mind reminiscing about Taylor’s curls to this day, especially with the whole platinum thing she’s got going on right now.

13 2015 Billboard Music Awards

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Taylor Swift was sporting her short locks at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards and killed it. There was something so model-y and mature about the look that no one cared why Taylor was there. Everyone was just staring at her with their jaws open. Of course, eventually people were stoked to watch the premiere of her much anticipated music video for “Bad Blood.” Then everything connected with her red carpet look and the reason why she was there.

In the year of 2015, we got to see the singer in a different light than what we were used to seeing. Taylor wasn’t holding back on anything. This time it just wasn’t about her struggling, dating life, but also her friendships. We all know how much Taylor loves to brag about her clique of friends so it was interesting to see her include them in her video as well. Overall, Taylor killed it at the 2015 BBMA’s.

12 2016 Grammy Awards

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Earlier this year at the Grammy Awards, everyone got to watch Taylor perform her hit single, “Out of the Woods” from her 1989 album. She showed up with this hair bob and a red bandeau top along with a long, hot-pink skirt with a sequence choker, giving her this sultry and sexy look for the red carpet. She looked so retro-glam compared to other looks she has sported to these award shows. Although the look was different from her performance, she still looked amazing when she showed up.

Regardless, Taylor killed the red carpet, with her performance and her controversial speech that had something to do with the drama surrounding her because of Kanye West, of course. That night, Swift took home a couple of awards after being nominated for seven awards. It was Taylor’s night for sure and she owned the whole thing from her look to her speech.

11 2014 Academy Of Country Music Awards

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For the Academy of Country Music Awards in 2014, Taylor showed up with a short do and light, soft curls. Once again, her red carpet style took the prize, wearing a white crop top and long black skirt, topping it off with a pop of red lipstick. She looked great alright, but it seemed like the country world wasn’t as fond of her as the pop world.

She went home empty handed that night after being nominated for five awards including Entertainer of the Year, Female Vocalist of the Year, Single Record of the Year, Video of the Year, and Vocal Event of the Year. Not only that, but earlier that year, she also went home alone after losing out at the Grammy Awards. Looks like 2014 wasn’t as successful as she probably had hoped for. But little did she know, 2015 was going to rock for her.

10 2011 Billboard Music Awards

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Taking it back again to 2011 at the Billboard Music Awards, Taylor showed up with her long locks but this time, but she decided to go sleeker as opposed to her perfectly maintained curls. That night, Taylor took home three awards including Top Billboard 200 Artist, Top Country Artist, and Top Country Album. It looked like she was a fan of the sequence trend going on earlier in her career because she showed up in this jeweled tone mini dress which was similar to the one she wore at the 2010 American Music Awards.

This time though, she straightened her hair so gradually, she was making a change. Who knew back then, though, that she was heading all the way to the retro bob she is sporting right now. Earlier that year, she ended her relationship with actor, Jake Gyllenhall, so perhaps she was trying to move on slowly and making her transition, starting with her hair.

9 2014 KIIS FM Jingle Ball

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For the 2014 KIIS FM Jingle Ball, Taylor finally went the shorter route but not as short and controversial as right now. She wore what looks like this gold, metallic skirt and black top, ready to rock the stage at the show. She performed “Blank Space” and everyone was in awe, not just for her performance, but her new look. It seemed like this was the beginning of Tay Tay blooming into this young adult and she was no longer being considered as a teeny bopper.

By showing a little more skin than the usual along with some actual sense of style, Taylor made a statement that she was here to stay. With her top hits “Shake it Off,” “Bad Blood,” and “Blank Space,” the now 26-year-old was shedding a different light on her career which has taken her on a whole other level to this day.

8 2014 Vanity Fair

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Taylor Swift wasn’t wasting any time. She was taking the spotlight anywhere she could including at the 2014 Vanity Fair Party. This was a totally different type of event than we’re used to seeing Swift at. Before that night, we would always expect to see her at music events and knew she would kill it but definitely not at the Vanity Fair Party.

So when she appeared on the red carpet for the high-end event, she blew everyone’s mind away with the way she carried herself and her new mature look. Taylor wanted to show this sophisticated side of her that was waiting to blossom and she did it so well that we wanted more of it. The “Shake it Off” singer wore all black in this Julien Macdonald dress, pairing it with an Emm Kuo clutch and Tamara Mellon shoes, along with Lorraine Schwartz jewelry.

7 2011 Academy Of Country Music Awards

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At the 2011 Academy of Country Music Awards, Taylor’s star status was just rising. She took away the audience with her speech after winning Entertainer of the Year. “This is the first time I’ve ever won this, and I’m losing my mind!” she said. “The fact that this was from the fans is so beautiful. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me.” It’s crazy to see how Taylor was already a star such a long time ago.

Ever since, we knew she was going to take over the world. But who knew back then that she was going to stick to her favorite topic to sing about - boys. Tay Tay had the chance to venture off with different subjects for her music other than love at the time but if she were to do that today, we would all be kind of confused and feel like we missed something. So, in a way, it's a good thing she stuck to her lyrical love roots. However, at this rate with her new look, she’s probably on to something different with her music, too. Perhaps, she's going to pull a Rihanna and start singing these scandalous pop tunes. Maybe that's too much for Tay, but you never know.

6 2011 American Music Awards

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Taylor looking like the good girl we all knew she was. At the 2011 American Music Awards, the music sensation showed up on the red carpet, once again wearing sequence but with a settled, side ponytail. Just after taking away the highest honors at the Country Music Association Awards, T-Swift scored the top honors at the AMA’s, winning Artist of the Year along with two other awards that night. She was definitely enjoying that year early on and it was just the beginning. After breaking up with one of Hollywood’s high-profile actors, Taylor wasn’t going to let that get in the way of her success. Not to mention, the 1989 star was single for most of that year and it was probably because she was too busy with her career. That’s the way it should be but it seems like Taylor being a hopeless romantic got the best of her this year. We've just heard the news about her split from Calvin Harris and she’s already dating actor Tom Hiddleston. We just can’t keep up.

5 2015 MTV Video Music Awards

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Taylor Swift decided to show off skin for the MTV Video Music Awards in 2015 by wearing this sequence two piece that showed off her abs. The “Shake it Off” singer tied her short hair back to display more of her outfit and it all worked out well. In fact, she looked like she was ready for the night. Taylor knew what she was up to while we were all wondering what she was giving us.

So in true VMA form, the singer joined forces with Nicki Minaj for the opening of the show, performing “The Night is Still Young” and “Bad Blood” and everyone went out of control. Along with the explosive performance, Taylor walked away with Video of the Year with, of course, an all-out speech. In addition, she won Best Female Video and Best Pop Video. From the moment she walked the red carpet, she was looking like the superstar she is.

4 2013 American Music Awards

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In 2013, Taylor Swift was just glowing and on the night of the American Music Awards, everyone saw she was here to stay. The star on the rise took home Artist of the Year, beating out stars like Justin Timberlake and Rihanna. She showed up in this metallic number with a plunging see-through neckline, along with her medium length waves. She was sporting the curls for a while so she probably thought it was time for a change and she looked great.

Taylor still looked like the Taylor we all know and love, unlike her recent change, where we’re starting to question who is this human? She was only 23 years old, taking a number of awards and high honors in addition to dating some of the most wanted celebs at the moment. It was Taylor’s world for sure and she wasn’t going to let anything stop her.

3 Feeling Bangin'

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Taylor Swift was feeling her bangs in 2010 and we were, too. Although, she didn't look much like the usual T-Swift, most of us were digging the new hairstyle. The blonde bangs looked great on the singer and we wish we could’ve seen more of it but she quickly transitioned to a new look soon after that.

That year, we all experienced the foundation of her music career. That’s right, her love life. She began singing tunes like “The Story of Us” and teen girls from all over the world couldn’t help but relate to the songstress. From bad breakups to amazing romances, Taylor was grabbing everyone’s attention, whether it was for the good or bad. We saw her with celebs like Cory Monteith and John Mayer. It’s no wonder she was the perfect artist to sing about romance. But overall, just like she enjoyed exploring the dating scene, Taylor was also exploring in the hair department.

2 2009 Country Music Awards

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A sophisticated yet still young Taylor Swift showed up at the 2009 Country Music Awards. Although she was known more among the pop "teen" crowd, that didn’t stop her from pursuing her initial interest in music - country. It seemed like the country music world also appreciated her. She took away Best Female Video and Best Video of the Year. But that wasn’t all Taylor accomplished that night. Ironically, she debuted her rap talent alongside T-Pain as well as performed with one of her favorite bands, Def Leppard. She also sang her hit single “You Belong With Me.”

It was a good night for T-Swizzle with her entertaining performances and stylish red carpet look. “I wanna thank CMT for letting me live so many of my dreams this year!” Swift said. “I want to thank Shania Twain for always making such theatrical videos, and I want to thank Garth Brooks for always putting his fans first. I take my cues from you. And I want to thank my little brother, Austin, for agreeing to be my date tonight.”

1 2010 Time 100 Gala

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At the 2010 Time 100 Gala, Taylor Swift appeared sporting her signature curls in a sophisticated way to go with her elegant black gown. It looked like Swift wasn’t looking to change her locks any time soon. When we think of Taylor Swift, we think of this style. This is the Taylor Swift we became extremely interested in. It wasn’t just us who had an eye on the country-pop singer, but a few celeb man crushes were also eyeing the songstress. The most controversial of them all? John Mayer, whom she started dating in October of 2009. It was mostly a surprise that Mayer, known for his bad boy image, would go out with a good girl like Taylor. It’s no wonder that the relation didn’t end well. Which, by the way, Taylor made sure her fans knew about it by, of course, singing about it, with lyrics like “Don’t you think I was too young to be messed with?” Perhaps she learned her lesson not to date any more bad boys.

But it looks like the tables have turned to where Swift has become the heartless one after quickly jumping to date Tom Hiddleston soon after breaking up with Calvin Harris. Even rumors surfaced on the web that the singer cheated on the DJ with the actor. At the moment, there isn’t any further evidence about what really happened, but if the rumors were to be true, could this be a case of a good girl gone bad? Only time will tell.

Sources: BillboardMTV

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