15 Hot Instagram Stars Who Have Mastered The Art Of The "Belfie"

These gorgeous women of Instagram are taking over your newsfeed, but I doubt you are complaining. Especially when it is their blessed bums that are taking up most of the photos. Believe it or not, there are many women (including the 15 below) out there who make a living solely off of posting photos on Instagram.

These women have Instagram followings comparable to celebrities, and as a result, companies are willing to pay to squeeze their brand names into their images. In fact, someone on this list makes over $30,000 a month because of their photos. There are also several upcoming projects that involve these women that you will definitely be coming across. Most of these ladies lured in a large Instagram following with sexy body shots, “fitness” shots, and butt selfies a.k.a “belfies.”

The good thing about the internet is that people can be accessible from anywhere.  As a result, these women hail from all over the world and prove that having a sexy booty is not just a North American thing.

These Instagram stars mix their feeds up with fun-loving pics of everyday life, sexy close-ups of their hot bodies, and the occasional strategically placed product placement post. But if we're being honest, we know exactly what you are looking for when you click a list about the sexiest belfies on all of Instagram, and all the photos below will be showing off their behinds.

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15 Gabriella Lenzi

Ready. 😼 #carnaval2015

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This Brazilian bombshell has acquired over 1.4 million Instagram followers who love catching a glimpse at the model’s impressive figure.

Gabriella just turned 21 years old and has even been romantically linked to soccer superstar, Neymar. The Brazilian is a Sao Paulo native and grew up around exercise with experience as a swimmer and gymnast. Lenzi considers herself to be a model and shows off her great body and love for the gym on her Instagram page.

Lenzi was also featured as one of "Esquire’s women they love" in 2014. In this particular section, Esquire searched social media to find the most beautiful women in the world that might not be so popular. They then dig up some information on them and introduce them to the public.

Lenzi has taken full advantage of her social media fame. She has been spotted vacationing and partying in Ibiza posting selfies featuring world renowned DJs Avicii and David Guetta.

Lenzi is also a member of Nosso Canal, which is a collaborative style YouTube channel. Proving that she isn't just gorgeous, Lenzi has also studied fashion at the Fundacao Amanda Alvares Penteado. All that experience probably helped when she became the face of the DF Model Agency.

Want to know just how popular she is? Lenzi's dog, Marie Antoinette, has her own Instagram page with over 1,200 followers.

14 Cindy Prado

Cindy Prado is a model and blogger living it up in Miami, Florida with almost 300K followers on Instagram following her every move.

You also aren't going to be shocked to learn that Prado appeared in Maxim’s 2014 Hometown Hotties contest. The Cuban-American model got her start at the age of 18 posing for fashion brands like 1sol swimwear and Maaji swimwear. She has also appeared in numerous magazines like the aforementioned Maxim and FHM.

Prado also maintains a blog where she posts her thoughts, but also makes sure to also flaunt her incredible figure. She has even been rumored to have been romantically involved with rapper Pitbull at one point.

Since her claim to Instagram fame, Prado has been the face of many brands including Wodka Vodka. She has also worked with other big corporations like The Smile Society, BED Miami, Telemundo, and appeared in the Rock Of Ages movie.

Prado has kept her fan following growing strong, and now that the weather is getting hotter you can also imagine she has a blast rocking tiny bikinis on the beach. Her abundance of admirers don't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

13 Alyssa Arce

Yesterday for @wantmylook ❤️

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Alyssa Arce is a legitimate professional model, not just an "Instagram model". Arce is signed to both Wihelmina in Los Angeles and Q-models in New York. They clearly made a smart decision when you consider she has gained an immense  following on Instagram. The light-hearted and fun brunette has accumulated almost 400,000 followers on Instagram and has posted 1,533 posts.

Arce has been notoriously dubbed as “the yacht girl” after she was spotted on a yacht looking cozy with pop-star Justin Bieber. She was also romantically linked to tattoo artist, Daniel Lotz throughout the latter half of 2013.

If curious, Arce is from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. She originally found her claim to fame as Miss July 2013 for Playboy, where she worked with famed photographer Terry Richardson.

The Instagram star certainly knows what the fans want to see. She continues to grow an interactive following and leaves tons of salivating users dying to see more photographs of her. Arce posts so many insanely jaw-dropping pictures that it is almost hard to keep up.

12 Michele Maturo


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Michele Maturo is from Los Angeles and is known for her athletic leisure style and laid-back West Coast personality. The beach babe has gained a massive following on Instagram with almost a half a million followers.

Maturo has used her Instagram fame as a platform to launch other partnerships and deals with aligning brands. In January, Maturo teamed up with fashion imprint Civil Regime on a collection of workout apparel.

Maturo has also been modeling since 2011 although that was never in her original career plans. Maturo once said, “I’m a commercial actress and also do print and in the new year I’m moving more toward film and television.” Call me crazy, but it might be a lot easier to snap a belfie than spend 12 hours on the movie set.

Maturo has also started her own interactive photography magazine titled Perception Vol. 1. A woman of many talents, she has also dabbled in some work as a DJ throughout the L.A. club scene.

11 Anna Nyström


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Nyström is a 21-year-old fitness model from Stockholm, Sweden who has taken the Instagram fitness community by storm this past year. On top of Instagram, Nyström has an astonishing 2.8 million Twitter followers.

In addition to uploading selfies in gym clothes, the Swedish blonde also records fitness videos of her squatting and doing yoga. It is clear that Nyström has inherited her Swedish genes, having been blessed with gorgeous blonde hair and piercing blue eyes that make it easy to see how she's captivated so many people.

Nyström is really making a name for herself out there, using her Instagram fame as a platform to push her towards more success. Her blog is updated regularly with posts about her exercise routines, training, workout tips and general nutrition information. Something tells me if someone as gorgeous as Nyström is giving you advice, you may want to take it.

She is a huge sensation not only among guys, but a lot of girls see Nyström as a real inspiration and credit her for helping them get motivated to workout.

10 Indya Marie

Indyamarie's 2016 Style Styled by me #indyamarie

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There is no doubting that a lot of men find Marie attractive. The model has been romantically linked to Chris Brown and rappers The Game and Wiz Khalifa. However, Marie denies allegations that she was involved with Chris Brown, saying that the R&B singer was still trying to get back together with his on-again off-again lover Karrueche Tran.

At the time of Brown's affections, Marie was only 21 years old and was working as a model and makeup artist. She is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and has a blended ethnicity of African American, Native America, Cuban, and Italian.

Marie has over 423,000 Instagram followers. Fans are watching her rise to stardom, while Marie is quickly learning that the taste of fame not only comes with loving fans but also nasty haters.

Marie caused a stir on social media after posting photos of herself with Chris Brown’s dog sitting in front of his swimming pool. Speculations arose later in the week when she posted another photo that fans were claiming was Chris Brown’s bed. Instead of ignoring the nosy commenters, she deleted the photographs from Instagram which in turn, only added more fuel to the fire.

Since then, Marie has handled the backlash like a true professional. One thing is for sure, you can imagine Marie is going to do her best to try and take advantage of the added publicity in her life.

9 Sveta Bilyalova

Sveta Bilyalova is a fitness enthusiast and famed Instagram user. She was born in Moscow Russia and is in her early twenties.

If you're curious, Bilyalova is 5’8 and has measurements of 36-23-38. Based on her Instagram photos, it appears the young woman also enjoys spending some time in Dubai.

Bilyalova’s Instagram following has grown past 2 million in the last few months. She also has a Twitter account with 2,000 followers but hasn’t posted anything since April of 2014. A real pity when you consider there are bound to be some companies out there that would pay her to tweet out some promotional information.

You may be shocked to find out that Bilyalova did not get her start on Instagram. Instead, she started out by posting videos on Vine and built up a large fan following. She then transferred her popularity over to Instagram where her photos were a big hit. Not afraid of competition, Bilyalova also promotes other models on two Instagram accounts. Don't worry though, she still continues to post her own photos from her workout sessions.

8 Olya Abramovich

Via eltiempo.com

This Russian beauty sure seems to spend a lot of time in the mirror snapping selfies, that are sure to make her fans all hot and bothered. Olya has more than half a million followers on Instagram thanks to the sensationally seductive shots she shares.

The Russian social media babe took to Facebook recently to defend herself after an array of nasty commenters started attacking her after her profile picture was too provocative. Abramovich responded, saying “If you really have to report my photos as nudity and pornography, please delete me from your friend list or stop following me. We all have bodies and we have to be proud of them no matter what! That’s not shame and I don’t show anything you didn’t see before, it is the freedom of art and that piece of art is my body!"

Abramovich has also been falsely rumored to be related to Roman Abramovich, the billionaire and Chelsea football team President. However, she has grown to fame all on her own with the success of her Instagram page.

Abramovich currently works as a model and has been featured in several photo shoots for covers of magazines in Brazil. We are all just hoping that she can make the transition to more North American covers.

7 Lira Mercer

Oh, Hi 👀

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Lira Mercer, sometimes called Lira Galore, has been linked to famed rappers Drake, Rick Ross, Meek Mill and pop artist Justin Bieber. The model/actress has a massive 2.8 million followers on Instagram.

The Instagram celeb seemed all set to marry Rick Ross. The couple announced their engagement on social media, everyone was happy and the infamous booty model was set to be hip-hop royalty. However, Rick Ross and Lira announced that they had broken up less than a year later. Lira was photographed with ex-fling Meek Mill and it was rumored, that it was why the wedding ended up getting canceled.  While that may seem like sad news, Lira is still only 22 years old, so she definitely has many more years to enjoy her growing social media following and fame.

As you can understand when a relationship ends because of cheating, Lira received a lot of hate and backlash from the public on social media following her split with the rap star.

6 Ines Helene

Ines Helena is known on the internet and by her fans also as “The Swedish Unicorn.” This blazing beauty has gotten over 1.4 million followers on Instagram within just a year and a half. Helena is now 23 years old and has been rumored to have corroborated with celebrities such as Drake or the Weeknd in the past.

Helena left college to focus on her self-made business after experiencing a lot of success. She hopes to use the platform as a springboard to matters that are close to her heart. You can definitely respect that she believes that with such a huge presence on social media that she has a social responsibility to raise awareness and share important issues. Helena hopes to help people and make a difference in the world. She is currently involved with an organization that is centered around helping stranded Syrian refugees.

It's not all positives though and since gaining Instagram fame, Helena has had to also learn to deal with a great amount of public scrutiny. As a result, Helena carefully chooses what she posts online, but thankfully that doesn't stop her from showing off her booty.

5 Julianne Kissinger


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Not much is known about Instagram hottie except what we can decipher from her photos, but isn't mystery a super sexy element? There is no hiding how sexy she is though, and Kissinger has uploaded over 600 photos to her Instagram. The star has paved her way into social media royalty and earned a spot on Instagram's popular page by posting a variety of flirtatious photos of herself in fun, skimpy outfits while also teasing fans with revealing shots of her amazingly hot body.

The Instagram Star has 2.8 million followers, and after you see the sexy things she posts, you're really going to understand why. She has been featured on a handful of websites in recent weeks, but only goes by her social media profile name of Juli.annee. Sports Illustrated recently featured her as “The Lovely Lady of The Day” and in the process, revealed her name to be Julianne Kissinger.

We also know that Kissinger is San Diego, California and that she is a fan of In-n-Out burger and pizza (but who isn’t?). Kissinger also became a mother at the age of 19, and her Instagram is also absolutely full of photos of the Instagram star's daughter.

4 Courtney Tailor

Tailor has grown to fame over Instagram over the past couple of years. You may recognize this blonde bombshell from Playboy’s Girls Next Door or G-Easy’s music video, “Me, Myself & I”. Tailor is also expected to appear in the upcoming Richard Linklater film Everybody Wants Some.

Tailor claims that she begins every day at the gym, which is probably how she keeps her body looking so amazing. It also explains how she is able to make a career out of being a professional body builder and bikini competitor. Tailor began sharing her journey on Instagram after receiving a lot of great feedback from fans and followers.

Currently, Tailor is single and living it up in Los Angeles. Tailor has stated in the past that she knew from a very young age that she had a passion for entertaining.  As a result, you can imagine it is only a matter of time before Tailor uses her Instagram platform to gain further access into Hollywood circles.

Even if she doesn't make it to any other movies anytime soon, Tailor can still make an insane amount of money based on the following she has on Instagram. I guess it helps that she is gorgeous and is often being offered promotional deals.

3 Demi Rose Mawby

Demi Rose Mawby is the alleged rebound girlfriend of rapper, Tyga. The two allegedly hooked up when Tyga was taking a short break from Kylie Jenner earlier this year. Rose Mawby hails from Sutton Coldfield in the West Midlands and was spotted soaking up the sun with Tyga on a trip to the Cannes Film Festival.

Demi has amassed an astounding 2.7 million followers on Instagram, so you better believe at least people know who she is. But if we're being realistic, a lot of them were probably internet trolls leaving hate comments shaming her for "stealing" away Tyga. Either way, Rose Mawby and her rockin' body were buzzing all over the internet.

Rose Mawby can continue to cause a media frenzy as she posts revealing photos in skimpy swimsuits and form fitting dresses. As if she didn't look gorgeous from the front, Rose is often seen tantalizing her Instagram fans with several shots from behind.

Tyga and Demi are no longer an item, but Rose Mawby is not missing any opportunity to show her former flame what he is missing out on. The Instagram star posted a multitude of racy photos following the split. Rose Mawby continues to grow as an Instagram sensation. We are just happy that she is bringing her followers along for the ride as she flaunts her enviable figure for the world to see.

2 Nadia and Dana Bruna

via Instagram

Meet the ‘Belfie Queens,’ Nadia and Dana Bruna. These bootylicious sisters are bringing in over $30K each a month from posting pictures of their curvy, surgically-enhanced posteriors.

These two sisters sustain a life of luxury that many people only dream about just from posting butt selfies, or ‘belfies’ on Instagram. The twins have over 1 million fans on Instagram and they can be seen posting as many as 150 selfies a day. That is at least 12 every hour.

The famous behinds, which measure 102cm each, have helped the duo amass quite a large following within a short amount of time. The Argentinian pair currently live in Miami, Florida where the girls can be seen showing off their curves in skimpy bikinis in the hot weather.

After gaining popularity, Nadia and Dana have even had over $50K worth of surgery done completely free of charge because they advertised and photographed the results on social media.

They each transferred three kilograms of fat from other areas of their bodies to adequately enlarge their derrieres. As well as using Instagram, the twins gain a sizeable chunk of income from the site Supe. Social media may seem like a waste of time, but that is one hell of a way to earn a six-figure income. When talking about it, the twins said “We have the most famous bottoms on Instagram and the bottom sells a lot.”

1 Jen Setler

🔙 @ it 😎

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Jen Selter is 20 years old and lives in New York. Definitely not a cheap place to live, though it's not like Selter has to worry about finances. Selter has found Instagram fame from her jaw-dropping belfies and other photos where she shows off her jaw-dropping body.

Selter started out posting motivational fitness pictures and quotes on the social media platform, which encouraged Jen and her followers to get up and work out. After graduating from high school, she took an array of cosmetology classes while holding side gigs at a plastic surgeon’s office and at a gym. Selter started working out, and her butt began growing as a result. One day, she uploaded a photo of her own body that got some attention.

Selter now has over 9.6 million Instagram followers, including Rihanna, football player Terrell Owens and basketball star Amar’e Stoudemire. Her body selfies easily rack up 70,000 plus likes in a few hours.

Her online fame has also earned her deals with fitness brands, so Jen is never short on her booty-bearing outfits. Deals with NYC water company NY20 and nutrition supplement company Game Plan Nutrition, for which she is a spokeswoman, have also helped her bring in a lot more than any graduate would be making. Selter plans to further capitalize on her success with her own line of workout wear.

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