15 Famous Ladies With More Than One Baby Daddy

These famous baby mamas sure bring the drama. It’s one thing to have a celeb baby but quite another to have multiple “baby daddies” to deal with. Being admired for one’s work on screen is a far cry from having multiple “fans” between the sheets, but these 15 moms made more than one fella a proud papa.

Even in this day and age, it’s still pretty much acceptable for famous (or not-so-famous) dudes to have more than one lady bear their offspring, but when it comes to the females, more than one bro for their brood is often considered taboo, tasteless, or trashy. Why the judgement, who knows, but it sure makes for interesting discussion!

Well naysayers, the ladies can get down with more than one mate just as easily as the gents can round up a gaggle of gals, and when safe sex isn’t put into practice or the pregnancy’s actually planned, along comes baby (and baby and baby). Every bird wants more than one bee it seems.

Here are 15 celebrity moms who have racked up their fair share of baby daddies, whether they were once married, had a long-term relationship, flirted in a fertile fling, or dabbled in some type of relationship which resulted in children from more than one sperm supplier. While the kids may have extended families all over the place, they always know where mom is!

Read on for the baby daddy details for these well-known women and make your decision on which father per set is your fave. Nothin’ like putting a little recreation in procreation!

14 Kimora Lee

Four kids, three baby daddies. That’s one way to help make the world go ‘round. Kimora found herself a handful of high-class cads to create children with over the years. The tall drink of water is a model, actress, business person, and fashion designer, so it’s a miracle she had time to devote to motherhood for one, let alone four kids! Her first two daughters, Ming Lee Simmons and Aoki Lee Simmons, are the product of Kimora’s marriage to Russell Simmons. After the pair’s divorce, Kimora got together with the hunky model/actor, Djimon Hounsou and made baby number three, Kenzo Lee Hounsou. Lastly, Kimora married banker, Tim Leissner, and together they created a boy they call Wolfe Lee Leissner. Who knows if Kimora will ever make it a “party of five,” but for now, she’s got her hands full with her four bundles of joy. Kimora sure knows how to create a diverse family, to say the least!

13 Kate Winslet

The world-famous Titanic star and mom of three has three different baby dads for each of her kids. Her choice in fathers for her kids is as diverse as the roles the actress has played on the big screen. Winslet’s first daughter, Mia Honey Threapleton, calls film director, Jim Threapleton, her dad. After Winslet divorced from Mia’s pop, she shacked up with director, Sam Mendes, and they had a son named Joe Alfie Winslet Mendes. Of course, three is better than two, so Winslet had another child with her current hubby, Ned Rocknroll, who they named Bear Blaze Winslet. The British babe sure knows how to act prim and proper, but when it comes to mixing it up in the baby daddy department, she’s a “method” actress! If Winslet decides on baby number four, let’s hope she sticks with Ned rather than bringing a new baby daddy to her baby-making bed!

12 Erykah Badu

Ms. Badu is a baby-maker and has not one, not two, but three baby daddies for her children. R & B music sure puts a gal in the mood! While Badu’s talents lie in the music industry, it seems that a few fellas know her sexual skills as well. Her first son, Seven Sirius Benjamin is a result of her relationship with rapper Andre 3000 from the group OutKast, then she was blessed with a daughter named Puma Sabti Curry, who calls Soulquarian Common “dad,” and lastly, Badu has a girl, Mars Merkaba Thedford, with Jay Electronica, a rapper. Who knows if Badu will go for a fourth, but the real question is whether or not she’ll hit up daddy number four or recycle a previous baby daddy. And with the name selections she’s chosen for her kiddos so far, it would be exciting to find out what else the musician can muster up.

11 Halle Berry

The Monster’s Ball, Catwoman, Gothika, and X-Men star, and eternal ageless beauty has two fine fellas she can fondly call, “my baby daddy.” Her first daughter, Nahla Ariela Aubry, has the handsome model, Gabriel Aubry as her doting father, and her younger child, a son named Maceo Robert Martinez, was fathered by actor, Olivier Martinez. While Berry is no longer romantically involved with either man (as far as anyone knows), both of her kids are simply adorable thanks to the genetic jackpot Halle created with her choice of male suitors. It’s unlikely Berry will have another baby due to her age, but nothing’s impossible in Hollywood. For now, two kids is “berry” good for Halle! Perhaps she’ll adopt and have another “daddy” to add to her cute kid collection. Whether Berry is acting on screen or working just as hard as “mom,” at least she can take some time off when one of her two baby daddies is available to tend to the children. Maybe that’s the best perk of multiple dads, more people to watch the kids!

10 Christie Brinkley

The “Uptown Girl” sure went a little “downtown” when it came to her offspring arranging. The stunning supermodel and actress calls three gents her “baby daddies” and she’s as good a mom as she is a catwalker. Her first child, Alexa Ray Joel, is the product of her famous relationship with singer Billy Joel. When he stopped “tickling her ivories,” Brinkley had a second child with her second husband, real estate developer, Richard Taubman. They had a son named Jack Paris Taubman, who was eventually adopted by hubby number three, (now her ex) Peter Cook, an architect. Cook and Brinkley had a daughter together named Sailor Lee Brinkley Cook. Brinkley is unlikely to add any more kids to the family, but her three baby daddies sure knew how to choose a stunner for a baby mama. With genes like hers, it’s a gift to the world that Brinkley shared her eggs with several men’s sperm.

9 Kim Zolciak-Biermann

The reality TV star and “singer” is a proud mama of six. Heck, with that many kids, it’s a feat that she actually has time to air her dirty laundry on television, let alone give any of them any personal attention. Nevertheless, she’s got three different baby daddies who blessed her with the seeds to create her full family. Her eldest daughters, Brielle and Ariana have different dads, but she never reveals who the mystery men are. However, when Kim married her now-hubby, Kroy Biermann, he beautifully adopted the girls. Together, Kroy and Kim have four biological kids, Kroy Jagger - AKA KJ, Kash, and adorable twins, Kaia and Kane. With all those “K” names, Kim must think she’s a Kardashian! While she’s not even close to achieving that kind of fame or money, Kim’s done quite well for herself. She may be “Tardy for the Party” but she seems to make it to the baby-making station right on time, every time!

8 Monica

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The attractive and talented R & B singer and sometimes actress, Monica, has been less on “the radar” these days, but at least the sultry star knows “The Boy Is Mine” when it comes to her two baby daddies. Her first two children, both sons, were the product of her relationship with rapper Rodney “Rocko” Hill. The boys were named Rodney Ramone and Romelo Montez. The pair split, but the musical Monica found true love again with NBA ball player, Shannon Brown, who was more than happy to be her baby daddy – the sequel. The duo got married in 2010 and had a daughter named Laiyah Shannon. While we don’t know if Monica plans to expand her family, we do hope she gets back into the groove in the music scene with some new chart-topping hits. Till then, she can focus on family and keeping her baby daddy count to a respectable twosome.

7 Melanie Griffith

While actress Melanie Griffith is in the spotlight these days for her questionable plastic surgery rather than her acting accolades, it doesn’t mean she can’t make the list of mommas with more than one baby daddy. In fact, who knew the blonde beauty has three? Her first child named Alexander Bauer was from her first baby daddy, Steven Bauer, an actor. Baby daddy number two is the well-known Don Johnson, with whom Griffith had a daughter, Dakota Johnson, best known for her role in the kinky film, Fifty Shades of Grey. Lastly, Griffith had another daughter with her most recent ex, Antonio Banderas. Her name is Stella del Carmen Banderas. While we hope to see more of Griffith on the big screen soon, we can count on her middle child to provide the titillating theatrics for the time being. Surely Griffith won’t be having more kids, but perhaps grandmotherhood is on the horizon. Now the question is, how many baby daddies will her daughters rack up?

6 Kim Porter

Gorgeous model and actress, Kim Porter is a mom of four children, but not from one baby daddy alone, as you may suspect. The sexy stunner has two baby daddies, both quite famous and lucky to have had Porter as a lover at one point or another. Porter has a son, Quincy Brown, with musician Al B. Sure. While Kim and Al’s relationship came to an end, that did not mean the end of procreation for the lovely lady. She had three more children with A-lister and superstar, P. Diddy named D’Lila Star, Christian Casey, and Jessie James Combs. Porter and Diddy are no longer an item, so this leaves room for Porter to nail down baby daddy number three, if she is so inclined. And why not? What’s another baby daddy when you’ve got two already who can no doubt afford a pile of dough in child support payments?

5 Fantasia Barrino

American Idol winner, Fantasia, is not only a gal with a killer voice and natural stage presence, she’s also an actress and mom of two children… from two different fathers. Her teenage daughter, Zion was fathered by Brandel J. Shouse. Fantasia also has a little boy by the name of Dallas Xavier, who she conceived during an “alleged” affair with Antwaun Cook. Fantasia has had her fair share of controversy over the years, from her revelation that she is illiterate, to the allegations of infidelity, to drug use, to suicide attempts. She’s also risen to fame thanks to her win on American Idol and her success thereafter. Whether or not Fantasia has another child (or more) in the future is questionable, as it’s been reported that baby daddy number one is seeking custody of Zion and Cook’s partner is raising Dallas. Perhaps two is a good number for Fantasia to stop with.

4 Kris Jenner

“Momager” of six, reality queen, Kris Jenner is one heck of a busy lady. Not only is she the mom of six famous children, she’s also a stepmom to her ex, Caitlyn’s (formerly Bruce) kids from two prior relationships before getting together with Kris. Kris’ oldest kids, Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, and Rob all share the same father, the late Robert Kardashian, a famed lawyer, most well-known thanks to the O.J. Simpson connection. Kris’ youngest girls, Kendall and Kylie, call Caitlyn their “dad.” We’ve seen this blended family and all their antics play out for years on reality TV, and they never seem to stop getting richer and more famous. While Kris is certainly done in the baby-making department, she’s now a doting grandma with another grandchild on the way thanks to her only son, Rob and his honey, Blac Chyna. By the time all her kids have kids of their own, Kris will have to get another mansion just to fit everyone inside for holiday gatherings!

3 Blac Chyna

Speaking of the Kardashians, the soon-to-be newest family member, Blac Chyna is pregnant with baby number two, bringing her baby daddy count to two. Chyna’s first son, King Cairo Stevenson calls rapper, Tyga his daddy. And now Chyna is knocked up thanks to Rob Kardashian’s swimmers and the two are engaged to be married. Of course, this famous family is ever-growing, and Chyna’s first kid with Rob won’t likely be the last. This makes for an odd family dynamic, as Chyna’s original baby daddy is dating Rob’s youngest sister, Kylie. Just when you thought the Kardashian clan couldn’t get any crazier! Soon we will all get a fly-on-the-wall view of Chyna and Rob’s life thanks to their new reality show that’s coming to E! soon. And heck, if Chyna and Rob don’t work out, there’s always the hope that Chyna can find love again and add a third baby daddy to her list!

3. Mel B.

Former Spice Girl, Mel B. has three children, each with their own father. Her first child, a daughter named Phoenix Chi Gulzar calls Dutch dancer, Jimmy Gulzar, her daddy. Mel and Jimmy divorced and while single, Mel hooked up with A-list actor and comedian, Eddie Murphy, with whom she had a “love” child named Angel. At first, Murphy denied paternity, but that pesky paternity test proved he was indeed Mel’s baby daddy number two. Can’t argue with science! Lastly, Mel married producer, Stephen Belafonte, and together they brought Madison into the world. Mel’s love life is certainly “spicy!” Let’s wait and see if she has another child with her hubby or if three kids will be all Mel can handle. Now Mel is a judge on America’s Got Talent, but the world may just be judging her for her collection of baby daddies. Wonder what the snarky Simon Cowell thinks?

2 Kate Hudson

The perky and pretty Kate Hudson is Hollywood royalty and an acclaimed actress and business woman in her own right. She’s also a proud mother of two, from two different baby daddies. Her first son, Ryder Robinson, is the product of her marriage to Chris Robinson of the band, The Black Crowes. Her other son, Bingham Hawn Bellamy calls musician, Matthew Bellamy his doting dad. Kate and Matthew were engaged to be married, but called off the engagement in late 2014. This leaves Kate open for the chance to score baby daddy number 3 and another sibling (or more) for her sons. With Kate’s good looks and girl-next-door appeal, she’s the object of lots of men’s attentions. Don’t be surprised to learn that Kate is pregnant again sometime soon! Kate’s even more famous mom, Goldie Hawn, would surely be happy to welcome another bundle of joy to the seemingly family-oriented bunch.

1 Madonna

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Superstar singer, actress, fashion plate, and all-around mogul, Madonna, has four kids – two are adopted and two are biological. Her two bio kids have different baby daddies, making Madonna perfect for our list. Her eldest child, a gorgeous daughter named Lourdes, calls Carlos Leon her dad. Her other bio child, Rocco is the son of famed film director, Guy Ritchie. It’s unclear who the fathers of her adopted children, David and Mercy, are, but Madonna’s not with any of her kids’ fathers these days. While “Madge” is very unlikely to have any more kids via pregnancy, it’s possible she may adopt again in the future. Till then, she can tell her baby daddies, “Papa Don’t Preach!” With Madonna for a mom, her kids must live an unusual life, to say the least. Hopefully their dads can provide a more “normal” side to parenting. And let’s hope her daughters don’t grow up to be “Material Girls!”


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