15 Childhood Characters Ruined by Jessica Nigri

If you're unfamiliar with the gaming world then the name Jessica Nigri probably means nothing to you. But if you're the type to subscribe to Twitch, know the name of every game sequel about to be dropped in 2017, and have attended what is known as a Comic Convention, then the Nigri name has probably been shoved down your throat one time or another. We're sorry to say, but this is going to be another one of those times.

Since the internet sensation's instant success in 2009 when she dressed up as the infamous "sexy Pikachu," Jessica Nigri has slowly put her foot in the door of the gaming community. Nigri's rise was slow, hitting a peak in 2013 when her fan page hit a million likes - and it now has nearly 4.5 million.

So what's the catch? Jessica is a self-proclaimed "cosplayer" - someone who dresses up in nerdy costumes and attends conventions like San Diego Comic Con, WonderCon, Blizzcon, and many more. Oh and did I mention, all of these costumes to be extremely provocative and almost always baring cleavage?

Now I have to give it to the girl; she found a niche, capitalized on it, and made thousands if not millions from it. But in between the over amplification of already fake breasts, the excessive make-up and an extremely fit body, Nigri has unfortunately sought her rise to fame by over-sexualizing some not-so-sexy characters (even children!). Jessica Nigri has shown talent before in making extremely accurate and well put together cosplays so it's a shame to see her fall below par. To show you what we mean, here are our 15 worst Jessica Nigri cosplays.

15 Freddy Krueger

Via Deviant Art and Jessica Nigri Official

Didn't think you'd ever wish for Freddy Krueger to haunt your dreams? Well this one might change your mind! We're not denying it's sexy, but take away the knifed glove, does anything about this scream Freddy Krueger? I mean the legend himself deserves more of an accurate portrayal! Jessica chose to adorn short short jean shorts, which I believe are actually spandex not jean; along with a torn up shirt which happens to be the same stripped apparel Freddy wears in the Nightmare on Elm Street saga. Jessica's fake breasts are also prominent to her costume and her face lacks the facial scaring Freddy has from his burns in the fire. Perhaps Nigri could have taken some notes from this make-up artist/YouTuber, Madeyewlook, who arguably does a better job portraying a sexy version of the serial killer and she does it with the scars!

14 Ash Ketchum

Via youtube.com

This was a 2012 cosplay done by Jessica made to represent the Pokémaster himself, Ash Ketchum. The cosplayer chose to feminize the character with an extremely short skirt matching the pants worn by the real character. Along with this, Jessica is wearing a mini shirt and jacket - cut at the midriff - because why wouldn't a female version of Ash expose her stomach? But at least Ms. Nigri made point to get the gloves and hat as accurately as she could. Ash Ketchum, who appears in the first episode of the Pokemon series, Pokémon, I Choose You!, as a 10-year-old boy. At least the cosplayer was 23 years old herself and depicting the sexier side of the adolescent boy rather than the other way around! But just wait... this isn't the only time Jessica's over-sexualized a child. Yikes!

13 Mario 

Via Sonic and Comic Book Movie

Yes, Jessica Nigri tried to make the famous Italian plumber sexy! Not only sexy but with a bit of a furry-fetish twist. The 27-year-old cosplayer cosplayed her rendition of Mario back in 2013 and for some reason added a squirrel tail and ears to emulate Tanooki Mario from Super Mario Bros. 3. The outfit is in the correct colour scheme, and as a female version of the character I'd say the dress was a wise choice... although how skimpy this dress was is another story. Perhaps she was going for some kind of disturbing hybrid between Princess Peach and Mario. Or, maybe this is what Peach looks like wearing Mario's clothes the morning after...

12 Umbreon

Via Deviant Art and Cosplay Spot

Umbreon is an evolution of Eevee when levelled up with a Moon Shard. It has a slender black, cat-like body, which doesn't exactly translate into the genie-esque portrayal Jessica shows. In a desperate attempt to look... exotic (I think?) Nigri chose to adorn a Bindi, a Middle Eastern style belly dancing outfit, and various beads and bracelets. I'm not sure how much of this cries Umbreon but that's what Jessica decided to call it. Oh! It does have the ears though and she even went that extra mile to put in red contacts! It just begs us to ask the question, with all the sexually provocative characters in the nerdisphere, why sexualize a Pokémon?

11 Vegeta

Via Game Faqs and Pinterest

Another gender-bender for Jessica Nigri that she cosplayed in 2014, which she did a photo shoot for in the Arizona desert - the state which Nigri hails from. For those of you unbeknownst to the Dragon Ball Z series, Vegeta is the prince of the fallen race of Saiyans, a fictitious race that he inherits certain abilities from. The character wears a blue and white tight suit along with bone-like armour. Jessica chose to do a mini leotard version, much like a ballet outfit, along with the infamous armour affiliated with the character. Vegeta's iconic spiked hair that is certain to defy gravity is lacking in Jessica's version, perhaps it wasn't a sexy enough look. However, another cosplayer Vampybitme managed to do the look justice - opting for the cute option rather than the in-your-face chest.

10 Litten 

Via Geeklandmag and Pokemon-Sunmoon

Yet another addition of Jessica's Pokémon crusade so her fans can, ya know, catch 'em all, AKA buy every poster she produces in her online store of her Pokémon series. Litten is another cat-like character in the Pokémon universe, adorning red markings on its black pelt. When Jessica decided to make the character in 2015 she chose a gothic approach, possibly because her last attempt at making Eevee as a genie didn't quite work out. At least Nigri put an effort into getting the proper design of the character - even if she did over-sexualize the sh*t out of it again. Not only could Nigri have opted for a tight cat suit with the red markings sewn in as an attempt to be sexy, instead of fishnets and a pleated skirt, Nigri also completely missed the character's vibe by adding a gothic approach. Not to mention the painful attempts during the photoshoot to make her butt more predominant than her chest.

9 Tiny Teena

Via Pinterest and Youtube

We told you there'd be another example of Nigri over-sexualizing a child, remember? Well this time it's Tiny Teena, the creepy thirteen-year-old explosives expert from Borderlands 2. Yes, we said thirteen... does that look like a thirteen-year-old to you in the picture on the left? Probably not. Which is also the reason why Jessica chose to name this character her "not-so-tiny Teena," respectfully so. We will say her attention to detail on this project was superb! She may have busted her breasts out for no reason at all, added knee high socks, and a short skirt - but the costume does look well put together. Jessica's cell shading make-up makes it that much better!

8 Slowking 

Via Deviant Art and Comicbookmovie

Yet another childhood character turned into "fap material" courtesy of Jessica Nigri. How Slowking translates into pink latex dress and high socks... I'm not sure. But according to Jessica this is how the character should be cosplayed! Jessica never adds much about how she makes her... let's call them "simpler costumes..." but Jessica did add that for this cosplay the crown worn by the Pokémon character took her hours to make out of clay and foam. As for the rest of the outfit, no one truly knows if Jessica actually spent the petty time making it or if she opted for the eBay option. Either way, this ironically became one of her most sold images, perhaps a case of fandom syndrome?

7 Assassin's Creed

Via Cosplay Culture and Assassinscreedwiki

Gender bending a costume is one thing and we all know Jessica Nigri is notorious for adding cleavage to her looks. However, when she covered the Assassin's Creed character, Connor, Jessica added some unnecessary skin that made fans' toes curl. The character himself has a rugged look, donning a heavy jacket and plenty of leather. Jessica's rendition of Connor was well done but yet again she chose to expose her stomach and breasts, adding an unclassy and unrealistic element to her cosplay. It would have been nice to see a more accurate costume come from Nigri; especially after she took the obvious time to wear, tear and weather her costume to add a more "realistic" effect. With the amount of detail she added with the feathers, boots, buckles etc. it would have been nice to see her try a less sexual approach to such an iconic character.

6 Teemo 

Via Pinterest and Leagueoflegends

Jessica Nigri's Teemo costume caused quite the buzz at San Diego Comic Con back in 2014 when she debuted the look. Nigri's costume consisted of a fluffy green bra, a plastic hat, brown shorts and a bamboo stick. This was clearly a last minute costume due to her lack of effort on the entire project. However, Jessica still chose to wear this costume to plenty of conventions as can be seen in fan pictures. Teemo is a League of Legends character so Jessica upset quite a number of fans when she whet about making this costume - we can't possibly see the reason why (sarcasm intended).

5 Pikachu 

Via Jessicanigriofficial and Pokemon.wiki

It was this 2009 cosplay that sparked Jessica's career during San Diego Comic Con. Before Jessica, cosplaying was seen to be done by only the "nerdy" community, however you may define that. When Jessica received tickets to the convention from a friend because "she was into nerdy stuff," the then 18-year-old blew up over the internet. After receiving many Facebook requests, Jessica decided to create a Facebook fan page for herself, which has 4.5 million likes today. The outfit which got her famous was a simple midriff-baring skirt and shirt ensemble. All the yellows of which don't match. But for an amateur cosplay, it was above average. You can definitely tell Nigri's technique has improved over time.

4 Ewok

Via Zimbio and Imgur

The slave Princess Leia trend has been a comic convention classic but it looks like that's too overdone for the likes of Jessica Nigri. Instead, Jessica and friends made a cosplay group for the StarWars Ewoks; all sexy versions of course. The burley teddy bears are usually covered in fur but Jessica and friends made sure to cover two areas with grey or brown furs - the chest and bottom area. Nothing really screams "Ewoks" about the costumes, other than the spears and perhaps fur. The costumes came off as more of a furry rendition but cosplay fans of Jessica's didn't seem to mind. It seems inaccuracy doesn't matter when boobs and booty are on the table. But hey, at least the girls got the cuteness factor down!

3 Iron Man

Via Sideshowtoy and Pinterest

This was one of Jessica Nigri's first cosplays back in 2010. Using a circular night light from Walmart as the Arc Reactor and latex shiny fabric, this costume was less than mediocre. Iron Man is known for his metal suit but this costume would seem to be a time before Jessica Nigri discovered Worbla, a thermic plastic, used by many cosplayers to make fake armour. Instead, Jessica's costume was purely fabric with gold trim to accent the metallic features on Iron Man's actual ensemble. At least Nigri wore the costume to the movie's premier among other cosplayers in her region of Arizona. This is nothing in comparison to her Magneto cosplay she made in 2014 which was much more impressive than this Halloween appropriate costume.

2 Rick and Morty

Via Reddit and Adult swim

This has to be one of Jessica's worst renditions of a character yet. The hilarious show Rick and Morty about a crazy grandfather and his nephew looks nothing like the concoction Nigri created. Literally the only similarity to Jessica's cosplay is the vibrant blue wig and lab coat - all of which were bought. Jessica's excessive makeup doesn't help either, considering Rick is above the age of 60 and has major wrinkles. The obvious addition in cleavage and short shorts comes out as a desperate cry for attention. I think Jessica's fan base would rather see her more intricate and complicated cosplays as this costume was described by fans as "half-a**ed" and "pathetic."

1 Cubone

Via Deviantart and Pinterest

Last but not least is Cubone! Cubone is a Pokémon character that first appeared in Pokémon Red and Blue. This character has the similarities of a cute dinosaur wearing a skull helmet and yielding a bone as a weapon. Jessica got the helmet and bone correct but the rest of the outfit looked like it was made of belts. This cosplay has more paint covering Jessica's body than the actual fabric covering her nipples and hooha! Not to mention this is a classic example of over-sexualization of a childhood character - an entire franchise that is targeted towards children. So it's a little questionable that Jessica's fascination with the franchise has left her 3/4 naked holding a fake bone.

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