15 Celebrity Parents Who Used A Surrogate To Carry Their Baby

Famous babies are as fun to keep tabs on as a day at the circus, even if it's a tad taboo to admit the appeal of grabbing a sneak peek at a celebrity kid. The public loves to catch a glimpse of the spawn of a star, no matter how they came into the world. Surrogacy is a fairly common phenomenon when it comes to bringing in new life, and famous folks are no strangers to having someone else carry their fetus for the nine-month stretch. As just another perk of being a celebrity, surrogates often fall in line to be involved in the baby-making process.

There are a variety of reasons for opting for a surrogate, whether it's health conditions, a new film to buff up for, two men in the relationship, advancing age, or something else. Whatever the reason, it’s nice to know that there are people out there willing to help the world go ‘round by offering up their uterus for a Hollywood star to expand their family. It takes a village, as they say.

Here we examine 15 celebrities who were blessed with a child (or more) thanks to the selflessness of a surrogate. Some have had kids the old-fashioned way at one time and others have relied on surrogacy to create their family from the get-go. Yet, as long as love is the ruling force behind the decision, then who’s to say what’s the best way to make a family? Not to mention, how much these highly sought-after surrogates made (monetarily) for carrying this precious cargo, but that’s content for a future post. Read on to delve into 15 famous families and their surrogate-born bundles of joy.

15 Perez Hilton

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The outspoken celebrity gossip blogging king, Perez Hilton, has not one, but two children who were born thanks to the aid of surrogate mothers. His first child, a son named Mario Armando Lavandeira III, was born in 2013, making Hilton a first-time proud single papa. Two years later, after a number of failed and frustrating attempts, Hilton had another child, a beautiful baby girl named Mia Alma, meaning “my soul,” also born via surrogate. Both pregnancies and the fact that Hilton wanted to become a daddy was kept quite secretive, except from a few close and tight-lipped family members. Whether or not Hilton plans to expand his brood any further is unclear, same goes for if there’s any special fella in his life gearing up for the role of step-dad. Until we find out, the gossip will be all about Hilton rather than him doing all the dishing on other famous folks. Whatever he chooses, it seems like fatherhood is fulfilling Hilton just as much as probing into the lives of the popular!

14 Tyra Banks

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Tyra Banks and her main squeeze of over two years, boyfriend Erik Asla, welcomed a bouncing baby boy in early 2016 thanks to the help of an under-wraps surrogate. The baby was named Yorks Banks Asla, and with the good looks of both his genetically-blessed mom and pop, this kid is sure to be a future America’s Top Model. Banks had been open with her fertility struggles in various interviews, so being able to find a surrogate to carry her baby-making dream to fruition must have been one of the brightest moments in her life. What’s a catwalk without a little one to crawl down it beside his glamorous mama? Banks has also said she would love to have more than one baby, so hopefully her surrogate will still be open for business, so to speak, in the future to help Banks and Asla expand their family. Until then, the new parents can enjoy Yorks while striking various poses for the family photo album.

13 Elton John

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The multi-talented musical marvel, Elton John and his handsome (and much younger) hubby, David Furnish have two young children, both brought into the world via the same surrogate carrier. Thanks to her, it was no longer an "Empty Garden" for the couple. Their eldest son, Zachary Jackson Levon was born in 2011 and the younger son, Elijah Joseph Daniel, was born in 2013. Whether the boys will follow in their dad’s musical footsteps is still too soon to declare, but those little fellas are sure going to live a fabulous life. Plus, perhaps John and Furnish will add more children to their family in the years to come, perhaps a little girl. If their surrogate can still help out in that department, the future is ready for more "Tiny Dancers." As in most high-profile cases, the identity of the surrogate was kept private, but she surely knew who the famous fathers were. That’s the "Circle of Life" for ya!

12 Giuliana & Bill Rancic

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Long time E! reporter and feisty Fashion Police sheriff, Giuliana Rancic and businessman hunky hubby, Bill, welcomed their son, the adorable Duke, now 4-years-old, into the world thanks to the selfless help of a surrogate named “Delphine” to carry him to term. Rancic was diagnosed with breast cancer during her highly-publicized struggles with fertility and it was too risky/impossible for her to carry a child on her own. The couple wanted to have more children, but the surrogate unfortunately miscarried their remaining embryos. That said, they are happy with their little family and are thankful for their one son, who Rancic considers to be a miracle and a life saver. Without having gone through her fertility issues, she may have never learned about her breast cancer in time for a full recovery. Fashionable, family-oriented, and a fighter, it's no wonder Bill swept her up right off the red carpet!

11 Neil Patrick Harris & David Burtka

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The hilariously multi-talented Neil Patrick Harris and his handsome celebrity chef hubby, David Burtka are perfectly proud papas of fraternal twins (a son named Gideon Scott and a girl, Harper Grace). The twins were carried to term via a surrogate whom the couple already knew. The egg donor (the same for each child) was reportedly kept anonymous. One egg was fertilized with Harris’ sperm and the other with Burtka’s, so each child is genetically matched with one of the dads. The couple has said that they do not know which child is theirs genetically, although as they grow, it’s likely their looks will give it away. The kids, almost six, were born in late 2010. It seems like the Harris-Burtka family is now complete, as they surely have their hands full with two active young twins. Both twins are blonde, beautiful, and bundles of energy. Looks like “Dad” is Harris’ best role yet.

10 Camille & Kelsey Grammar

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While the couple is divorced now and don’t even speak, there was a time when actor Kelsey Grammar, best known for his roles on Cheers and Frasier, and his then-wife, Camille, best known for her role on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, wanted to create a happy little family together. Since Camille wasn’t able to carry a child due to her Irritable Bowel Syndrome diagnosis, the pair chose to use the help of a surrogate carrier to expand their family. The duo was introduced to a surrogate named “Juliana” who had been a surrogate in the past for other families, and with her kind act, the couple had two children. In 2001, she gave birth to a daughter named Mason Olivia, and in 2004 the couple welcomed a son, Jude Gordon. For the sake of the kids, hopefully Camille and Kelsey can learn to get along again one day, but until then, at least they have the children they always dreamed of.

9 Sarah Jessica Parker & Matthew Broderick

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Sex and the City actress, Sarah Jessica Parker and her hubby, the talented actor, Matthew Broderick already had a young son, James Wilkie, when they decided to use the aid of a surrogate to add more kids to their family. The couple had a set of fraternal twin girls named Tabitha and Loretta, who are now 7-years-old. While the kids are far too young to watch their mom play “Carrie” in Sex and the City reruns, they can always get a good chuckle out of their dad as the iconic “Ferris” in his ‘80s classic, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. With parents like Parker and Broderick, these twins are destined for stardom if they ultimately catch the acting bug. Living in New York City gives the kids proximity to Broadway, so perhaps they’ll follow in dad’s footsteps on the Great White Way. But the real question is, will they be more like “Samantha” or “Miranda.”

8 Jimmy Fallon

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Well-loved late night talk show host and side-splitting funnyman, Jimmy Fallon and his lovely wife, Nancy, have two children. Thanks to the aid of a surrogate mother, the couple now has two daughters. Their first child, Winnie Rose, was born in 2013 and their second, Frances Cole, was born the following year. The couple kept their emotional and painful fertility issues under tight wraps, and didn’t reveal publically that they were expecting via surrogate until the joyous arrival of their bouncing babies. Those two little girls are lucky to have a pop with such a quick wit and silly sense of humor. They will surely have lots of fun cracking jokes and goofing around with Dad throughout their lives. As for more kids for the couple, only time will tell, but for now, the family of four seems happy and healthy. What more could Fallon ask for, aside for an extended late night show contract?

7 Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban

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When Hollywood A-lister, Nicole Kidman was married to her famous couch-jumping ex, Tom Cruise, they had adopted two children, now grown. Yet, when Kidman remarried hit-making country superstar, Keith Urban, they had a child “the old-fashioned way” in 2008, a baby girl named Sunday. After many years of struggling with fertility issues, the power couple sought the much-needed aid of a surrogate carrier to welcome their now 5-year-old daughter, Faith, into the world. An appropriate name, since the couple had lots of faith while trying to conceive. With such famous parents, the girls must live an extraordinary life “down under” and they are certain to grow up to be stunners, just like their drop-dead gorgeous actress mother and country star father. Maybe the girls will become actresses as well or dabble in music. With parents as talented as theirs, the apple isn’t likely to fall far from the tree.

6 Dennis Quaid

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Long-time movie actor, the ruggedly handsome, Dennis Quaid and his lovely (and much younger) wife, Kimberly, used the help of a caring surrogate carrier in order to bring their much-awaited fraternal twins into the world back in 2007. Unfortunately, Kimberly suffered from multiple heartbreaking miscarriages over the few years prior. Quaid already had a son, Jack Henry, from his previous relationship with his famous ex-wife, actress Meg Ryan of When Harry Met Sally, among many additional romcoms and other famous films. Quaid and his wife named the twins Thomas Boone and Zoe Grace. It looks like three’s a charm for Quaid, who doesn’t seem to be expanding his famous family any further. Plus, the twins had some serious medical issues as infants, so perhaps all attention must be focused on them and their well-being. Hopefully the adorable Quaid twins are faring well these days and can enjoy their celebrity-filled Hollywood lives.

5 Elizabeth Banks

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The super-talented and beautiful Hollywood A-list actress, Elizabeth Banks and her husband, Max Handelman relied on a surrogate mother to carry their son, now about 5-years-old, into their lives. Due to issues with non-successful embryo implantation, Banks was unable to carry a child to term herself. Thankfully, the family-minded couple found a caring surrogate who not only helped them have their son, Felix, but she remains in their lives to this day. Banks is more popular than ever, appearing on the big screen in blockbusters like Pitch Perfect, so becoming a mom must have been music to her ears. Whether or not Banks and Handelman plan to have more kids isn’t known, but if they do, they know they have a trusted surrogate to rely on. Even as a family of three, Banks must be so thankful for the surrogate who gave her Felix. She can thank the rest of us for being great big fans!

4 Ricky Martin

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The "Livin’ la Vida Loca" heartthrob is not only a handsome hunk, but a darling dad of super-cute twin boys born in 2008. Martin used the help of a surrogate to carry the twins, who are named Valentino and Matteo. Rumors swirled that Martin’s cousin carried the boys, but he put those ideas to rest. The carrier was not related to Martin, but he met with her on various occasions and was present at the time of their joyous birth. He raises the boys as a single dad, but there are certainly plenty of fellas who’d love to join Martin’s adorable family in the role of step-dad. For now, a little family of three is all that Martin needs, because "Nobody Wants to Be Lonely"(not even an international musical sensation). Whether the twins will grow up to "Shake Their Bon-Bons" is still to be determined, but with a little help from their talented dad, Valentino and Matteo can become the next big things!

3 Lucy Liu

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In her late 40's, it was time for the exotic and gorgeous television and film actress, Lucy Liu to become a first-time mom. She chose the route of surrogacy due to her demanding work schedule, but her advanced age may have played a role in the decision to use a gestational carrier as well. Her son, Rockwell Lloyd, was born in 2015, making “mommy” Liu’s greatest role yet. Before long, Rockwell will be off to Elementary school, but until then, Liu can enjoy the baby and toddlerhood milestones that every new parent dotes over. Liu is a single mom, so raising little Rockwell may be a challenge, but if she could put up with all the shenanigans on Ally McBeal, dealing with a little one can’t be all that difficult. Maybe she’ll bring a sibling into the world one day for Rockwell to grow up with, but for now, it’s just Liu and her adorable son.

2 Chris Daughtry

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The American Idol rocker and his loving wife, Deanna used the aid of a surrogate carrier to bring their fraternal twins into the world back in 2010. They had a daughter named Adalynn and a son named Noah. The couple also has two other children, teens named Griffin and Hannah. The pair chose the route of using a surrogate since Deanna had a partial hysterectomy and could not carry the twins on her own. While the twins are nearly six now, and they won’t be "Crawling Back to You" anymore, they’ll always feel like "Home" to Chris and Deanna. It seems like the Daughtry family is now complete, but maybe "It’s Not Over" quite yet. Wonder if American Idol host, Ryan Seacrest is the twins’ godfather? As long as they don’t acquire judge, Simon Cowell’s rotten attitude, Daughtry can keep on rockin’ fatherhood as well as he does the stage.

1 Marissa Jaret Winokur

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Most famous for her adorably quirky role in the fun-loving Broadway production of Hairspray, Marissa Jaret Winokur also wanted to add the important title of “mom” to her many accolades. Since she was tragically diagnosed with cervical cancer in her late 20's and had to undergo a hysterectomy, Winokur was not going to be able to become pregnant and carry a child herself, so a surrogate carrier was the natural and well-thought out choice for her and her husband, Judah Miller. Their young son, Zev, is now 7-years-old, and Winokur hopes to have another baby (or more) in the future (likely via the aid of a surrogate as well). With such a big and bold personality and charming stage presence, Winokur can certainly bring lots of fun and excitement into her role as a loving mother. Just keep the big cans of sticky Hairspray away from the child!

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