15 Brilliant Hidden Cheats for Pokémon Go Fanatics

Pokémon Go is still a hot commodity, and it has the bragging rights to call itself the most downloaded and popular app in the Google Play Store. So, what is it that makes this game so incredibly successful? After all, it is still in the beta stages of development and players need to deal with lots of glitches and errors. Well, for one thing, Pokémon Go takes a childhood favorite and totally revamps it for today’s day and age. It’s hard to believe that Pokémon is about 20 years old now, and millennials are more than happy to start playing with Pikachu and friends again. So how about we celebrate the new game by giving you our list of 15 Brilliant Hidden Cheats for Pokémon Go Fanatics?!

Whether you are looking to amp up your Pokémon searches or make the most of your special items, we have got a hint or two that will help you make your game play so much more awesome. It turns out that there are actually plenty of tech tips and tricks that can assist you in achieving your goal of catching ‘em all! And these hacks can be employed from the very start of the game. That’s right, we know how to start Pokémon Go with your very own Pikachu. If you have been trying to find this little guy for weeks, then you will be blown away by this game hack! If you’re ready for more, grab a piece of paper and write down these crunchy nuggets.

15 Tutuapp.com

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Tutuapp.com is a website you should navigate on your smartphone. Download and install the app and then have a developer open it (this may or may not be safe!). Once the app is opened, click on the first Pokémon Go icon to download it. Once complete, tap on “Install” and the developer will have to open that app. Now, click on the app’s icon and you will have access to the Pokémon Go cheats, which include changing your walking pace and enabling you to catch Pokémon while you drive (of course you should be a passenger, not a driver!). Another cheat on this app is teleporting to a specific Pokémon. This tip was first pointed out by the YouTube channel Tech Tip, and while there are risks to this cheat, some people will be down for it. We’re putting this as Pokémon Go hack #15 because it can be a bit questionable for some players.

14 The Way to Win Gyms

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Whether you are competitive or not, you have probably tried to take over a gym in Pokémon Go. If you are struggling to take over a gym in your area, then you just might not know how to battle correctly in Pokémon Go. It’s all about a simple pattern: Dodge, Attack, Repeat. When you first enter a gym, the defending Pokémon will immediately try to attack you. Your first course of action is to dodge by swiping your finger to the left or right. After that, you will want to tap on your own Pokémon, which will cause it to attack the defending Pokémon and give it damage. Repeat this dodge and attack process until you have beaten your opponent and won the gym! This hack can even work if you have a Pokémon with a significantly low combat power than the gym defender. Of course we always recommend using your toughest Pokémon in gyms.

13 Take a Field Trip

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One of the great things about Pokémon Go is that it encourages players to get out there and moving. They need to get off the couch and away from the TV or computer if they are going to make any progress in the game. Plus, the incentive of finding new, rare, and even more Pokémon often drives players to visit areas or new neighborhoods that they have never seen before. When it comes to finding greater numbers of Pokémon, the more cell phone users there are in a particular area, the better. Sure, you will have to pay attention to other things, such as the climate, the type of area it is (coastal? Forest? etc?) and whether or not people have put up lures. Yet a good rule of thumb is that if it is a highly populated area, your phone will be buzzing like crazy with new Pokémon finds. Plus, you can meet new friends and battle more gyms.

12 Play at Night

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When it comes to catching different kinds of Pokémon, timing is crucial. Going Pokémon hunting at dusk or even in the nighttime (be safe of course!) will help you find some not-so-common Pokémon. For instance, you are much more likely to find a Zubat during the nighttime hours, which makes sense considering bats are nocturnal. There happen to be quite a number of Pokémon that you are going to run into at night, including the quick-spawning Rattata. But what about the more interesting nocturnal Pokémon? Be sure to keep an eye out for Drowzee, Ghastly, Poliwag, Psyduck, Meowth, and Hoothoot. Some of these Pokémon are active during the night and day, so that’s double the chance of catching them! And if you ask certain Pokémon masters, they will tell you that the nighttime hours are the best times to find rare Pokémon. Just make sure you use the buddy system.

11 Take a Cue From Nature

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It turns out that Pokémon Go is very much related to reality, even if you turn AR mode off. For example, if you need to stock up on Magikarp so that you can evolve into a badass Gyarados, then you need to go to where the Magikarp are! A good rule of thumb is to think about where certain Pokémon would be if they existed in real life. If you are in a land-locked area, good luck finding water-type Pokémon. Maybe go to a lake or reservoir. As for electric types, you should head to power plants and the like. Grass and ground types are likely to be found in more rural areas, whereas ghost types will only come out at night. So take a cue from Mother Nature and use this as an excuse to get your verb on and discover new lands! Take Pokémon Go on vacation with you to snag more rare Pokémon.

10 Choose Your Eeveelution

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Come on, who doesn’t love Eevee? This is one of the most common Pokémon favorites, and it is really easy to find an Eevee in the wild; they are just about everywhere! Odds are, you are dealing with a surplus of Eevees right now. Yet, are you constantly biting your nails wondering what your Eevee will evolve into? Well, it doesn’t have to be a big mystery. You can actually choose your eeveelution with this hidden hack. When you get an Eevee, change its name to determine what it will evolve into. Name the Eevee Rainer for Vaporeon, Pyro for Flareon, and Sparky for Jolteon. Hardcore fans of Pokémon will recognize these names from the show, in which Rainer, Pyro, and Sparky were three brothers who owned a Vaporeon, Flareon, and Jolteon, respectively. A word of caution: be quick about this, because it usually only works on your first Eeveelution.

9 Turn Off AR Mode

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Pokémon Go was a huge success partly because of its AR mode, which allows users to see the Pokémon in their real life environment. Yes, the Augmented Reality mode is really fun and can make it look like we have cute little Pokémon on our laps, couches, or work desks. But the AR mode is actually a huge bummer when it comes to capturing Pokémon; it just makes it all around harder. So toggle off of AR mode and you will find that catching Pokémon with your Pokeballs is a whole lot easier. Plus, they will be much less likely to run away before you can snag them. This is backed up by other Pokémon Go users who have expressed their frustration with AR mode, saying that it makes the game glitch out or freeze, which can make catching Pokémon nearly impossible. We expect this to be fixed in later updates of the game.

8 Hatch Eggs Without Walking

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In our honest opinion, we think that walking around and waiting for our eggs to hatch is half the fun of Pokémon Go. Yet there are people out there who find it boring and a waste of time, so here is a hack for those people. Okay, so this is technically cheating, but if you’re dealing with an illness or injury and still want to play Pokémon Go, then this can be a good alternative. Strap your phone to your dog’s collar, a slow-moving ceiling fan, or your Roomba vacuum cleaner. Of course, these tactics come with a certain amount of risk. For instance, your dog might decide to snack on your phone, the device might slip and fall from the ceiling fan or be thrown across the room, and your Roomba could end up running the phone over. That’s why we said that you should only resort to these means if you are sick or injured.

7 Retrieving Thrown Pokeballs?

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Some articles have said that you can retrieve your missed Pokeballs by simply tapping them quickly before they disappear. This can help you to keep up a healthy stock of Pokeballs, and it is really helpful if you happen to have bad aim. Yet some articles are saying that the Pokeball retrieval was actually a glitch, so we’re not too sure if this hack will work for everyone. Still, other Pokémon go users have said that they have been able to retrieve their thrown Ultra balls and Master balls, as long as AR mode was turned off. Could this be because you have to actually work for Ultra and Master balls? We’re not sure, but for best results, use an Ultra ball or Master ball when catching Pokémon, give them a Razz Berry before shooting your balls, or use the aiming technique mentioned in an earlier hack on this list.

6 Save Your Stardust

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Have you noticed the Stardust in Pokémon Go? If you’ve been playing the game, then you know that you get stardust when you catch Pokémon, evolve them, trade them...pretty much anything you do gives you some stardust. Don’t spend it all right away! In fact, save it until you hit a trainer level of at least 15. That way you can spend the stardust to max out your top level Pokémonlater on down the line. It may seem like a long wait, but when you end up with a powerful Gyarados or Charizard, isn’t it all worth it? Some people choose to waste all of their stardust right away, and they may not even realize that there is not unlimited stardust in Pokémon Go. Once you spend it, it’s gone and it will be difficult to get it back, if at all. However, one of the great things about stardust is that it doesn’t matter which Pokémon it came from (not so with candy!)

5 Stop Paying for Pokecoins

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The store feature in Pokémon Go has been met with mixed reviews. Some users have been okay with spending a few dollars here and there while others choose to refrain from buying anything at all. And while it is totally okay for people to play Pokémon Go without spending any real money, there are ways to stock up on Pokecoins without even opening your wallet. After all, there are some goodies to be found at the store, and there are definitely those moments when you run out of Pokeballs or you just really want a specific item in the store. If you have an Android phone, then you can sign up for Google Opinion Rewards. This site simply requires you to take short and sweet surveys, and in return you get Google Play Store credits that can be used to purchase Pokecoins. There you have it! Pokecoins without spending a single real life penny.

4 Pokeball Aimer

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You gotta catch ‘em all, but you keep missing! This is a problem that we’re sure a lot of Pokémon Go users can relate to. How many times have you tried throwing your Pokeball only to have it spiral out of control and miss your target completely? Sometimes it’s not you, it’s just the game! If you are really having trouble aiming at your sought-after Pokémon or you are just tired of wasting all of your Pokeballs, then this hack can help. It is actually an iPhone case that was developed with 3D printing technologies and it is said to help you perfect your aim and accuracy so you never waste a Pokeball again. It is currently used for the iPhone 6, but plans are underway to get the case made and sold for the iPhone 7. And if you have an Android phone, then we’re sorry; please go to the next tip.

3 Not All Poke Stops Are Created Equal

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It may seem as though you get the same things at PokeStops: Pokeballs, potions, maybe an egg...but the truth is that some Poke Stops are more elite than others. Think about the stops that you usually head towards. They are probably churches, stores, and libraries. To up the ante a bit, head to national landmarks and parks. These locations are much more likely to give you a great haul, such as a Lucky Egg! The good news is that Poke Stops are extremely easy to come by, and you can revisit the same one within about five minutes of passing through it. Poke Stops also pop up at train and subway stations and schools, so be sure to explore the neighborhood and other areas to pick up all the goodies they have to offer. You can double your winnings by using a Lucky Egg when you visit a Poke Stop.

2 Start With a Pikachu

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At the start of the game, Professor Willow tells you to pick a starter Pokémon. Then three Pokémon appear: Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle. Most people just choose one of these starters, but isn’t there one missing? That’s right - Pikachu! If you want to start with Pikachu, then ignore Professor Willow and just keep walking. He’ll prompt you four more times to choose one of the three default starters, but after that, Pikachu will be featured among the starter Pokémon. Now, let’s say that you ended up choosing either Bulbasaur, Charmander, or Squirtle, and now you are feeling down and out because you missed your big chance at a Pikachu. Don’t worry, because it is totally possible to find these starter Pokémon in the wild. Just think about going near water to find a Squirtle, looking in wooded areas for Bulbasaur, warmer places for Charmander, and power plants and factories for Pikachu.

1 Poke Radar

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Poke Radar is a map app and tracker that can help you pinpoint the Pokémon you just gotta catch. There are also maps that allow you to find all of the PokeStops in your area. Other users can contribute to this resource, so if there are PokeStops in your neighborhood that aren’t on the map, update it! The Poke Radar app is totally free, so you can download it in the app store right now. Released on August 25, 2016, it can tell you the location and spawning rate of Pokémon in your region, the likelihood of finding a specific Pokémon, and an interactive community and forum for other Pokémon Go users to share their tips and hints. The Filter feature on Poke Radar allows users to find the nearest location of their desired Pokémon, which means that you can catch ‘em and evolve ‘em in no time! The one thing about this is that it gets a lot of contribution from players, which makes it more or less reliable.

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