15 Beautiful Weather Girls From America

There is nothing exciting about weather.  Most people don't think about the weather a whole lot, unless there is something that we need to know. We want to know whether a storm is coming, whether it is going to rain on our barbeque, or even if we are going to have to wear a coat the next day.  The truth is, unless there is a blizzard or a tornado on the watch, the weather is pretty boring.

Of course this is exactly why there are a lot of totally hot weather girls out there. Yeah, there are a bunch of men that do it too; usually they are nerdy, middle-aged types who get super excited about "Thundersnow." Let's face facts though, that kind of thing only holds our attention for so long.

And that is why God created hot weather girls. There are weather girls all over the world, but America has some of the best.  Anytime and anyplace that there is a TV and some bad weather on its way, you can bet there is some hot and busty chick standing in front of a map talking about it. In fact it is to the point that pretty much any time I hear the words "Cirrus clouds" I get turned on.

And now it's time for the weather.  Here are the 15 bustiest weather girls in America.  We predict you’ll like our forecast; just make sure you pack a raincoat. It is better to be safe than sorry.

15 Irene Sans

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So some of you may have been confused as to what our list criteria is. If so, Irene is a good example of what we are looking for. She is hot, and totally stacked, and she does the weather. Irene, you made the list. Not only she is ridiculously good looking and a weather girl in Florida, she also says really interesting things about the weather. If you don't believe me check out her Twitter in which she says things like "I love clouds!"

14 Shay Ryan

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Shay is a weather girl from Florida and she is also ridiculously hot, and rather busty so she makes it on this list easily. But what about her qualifications to do weather, you may ask? Well, if you really need to know,  just check this out where she lets us all know "I love being outside and grew up here in Florida spending a lot of time at the beach." Say no more Shay, you've got the job. Maybe we can get you to do your job at the beach!

13 Jill Nicolini

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Jill Nicolini is currently a traffic reporter, but she has done the weather in the past, so because of her other obvious assets, she has to make this list. Jill has had quite the career- she tried out for the Pussycat Dolls, used to be a dancer for the New York Dragons Arena Football League team and also has been a weather girl. You think Katie Couric has a resume, or a body like that? No way.

12 Julie Durda

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If you need to know how hot you are going to feel, we highly suggest you check out Julie Durda when she does the weather. Julie is another one of these women with strong credentials. Before becoming a weather girl, she was a cheerleader for the San Francisco 49ers. There sure are a lot of transferable skills there. Viewers don't care though, as most of them would chase her tornado any day of the week.

11 Megan Glaros

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Megan is a weather girl that works out of Chicago. She used to be a model and also was a cheerleader for the Indianapolis Colts before getting into the weather business. I don't know about you, but when it comes to weather, I want to know how high my forecaster can do a cheerleader kick, and Megan gives me complete confidence in her abilities in that area.  As a side note, Megan is ridiculously stacked.  Although we wonder why so many former cheerleaders made this list...

10 Jackie Johnson

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When it comes to weather who would you trust more than Jackie Johnson? Just kidding, I have no idea whether she is good at her job or not. In fact, I doubt her bosses do either. What we all do know is that Jackie looks pretty amazing when standing in front of a weather map.  Jackie does the weather out in Los Angeles, where there has never been a single weather girl on air that is not really hot.  Or any actual weather, for that matter.

9 Sabrina Fein

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There are really just two things that you need to know about Sabrina. She is a weather girl out in San Diego. She also is totally hot. The weather in San Diego is pretty much perfect all the time, and let's face it, if you really want to know the weather out there you can just look out the window- there really is no reason to watch the weather if you live out there. Which is where Sabrina comes in. Good job, San Diego news producers.

8 Maria Timmer

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Next on the list of all the ladies you want to watch say the word "blustery" is Maria Timmer. She is originally from Nicaragua, wears little dresses while on the air, and looks great in them, all of which should lead to a long career as a weather girl. She is married to Reed Timmer, who is a "storm chaser" of some kind, so apparently Maria has weather fever even when she is not on air. We would definitely chase her in a storm.

7 Eveyln Taft

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Evelyn is ridiculously gorgeous and apparently cultured as well. She grew up in France, Israel and London, and learned English by watching the weather channel when she was growing up.  She was part of a lawsuit at one point, when a middle aged guy named Kyle Hunter said he couldn't get a job because stations just wanted to hire hot women instead. We should all offer Kyle some congratulations in figuring out how the world works.

6 Elita Loresca

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Elita takes the busty thing to a whole new level. There should be a list of top 15 hot weather girls and all of them should be Elita. She is originally from the Philippines, and has worked for numerous stations across the United States as a weather girl. She also has posed for a few websites and can you blame her? When blessed with the assets that Elita has, you kind of have to take advantage of them, whether it's about weather or not.  See what I did there?

5 Jackie Guerrido

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I live in the Northeast, and I have to tell you, this list is starting to make me feel kind of sad.  It is enough to make a guy depressed. The weather girls around here do not look like Jackie. Not at all. She is originally from Puerto Rico, where she had a very rough childhood, but moved to Miami where she does the weather and is on many other shows that are favored by Hispanic communities.  She can move up north anytime she wants.

4 Vera Jimenez

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Vera belongs on this list for very obvious reasons. She was originally born in Mexico, but moved to California when she was 3. At some point along the way she apparently learned a bit about the weather and also got extremely hot. These apparently are the only two criterions for her job, and are certainly the only ones for this list. Whenever Vera goes on air, the temperature in any room goes up ten degrees.

3 Chita Johnson

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Good old Chita. I mean even her name is awesome, along with everything else. Who could not love a hot blonde woman named Chita?  Not me. Chita not only does the weather in Houston but also is a bodybuilder; if you don't believe me take a look around the net for photos of her- like I don't know you were already doing that... Or if you wish, you could creep around her Instagram, just don't tell her that I sent you.

2 Bri Winkler

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While most of the women on this list are totally hot in a certain way, Bri offers the same vibe, but with a touch of the girl next door. She is the type of woman that you almost feel badly about drooling over, because she has perfected that girl next door vibe. You will notice I said "almost." Feel free to drool, how could you not? She is pretty much perfect looking. Oh yeah, and she also does the weather, I almost forgot.

1 Cristina Blackwell

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Some of these women take it to ridiculous levels, and one of them is Christina Blackwell. There actually should be some sort of law about a woman that looks this hot doing the weather. How are we supposed to take in any information? She literally could be speaking in Chinese or saying it was going to be 300 degrees outside tomorrow and none of us would hear a single word. Not that I am complaining; hot weather girls make the world go round.

Sources: huffingtonpost, ktla

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