14 Of The Most Spectacular Hotels In The World

When you are planning a memorable and epic vacation, whether it be a romantic getaway, a celebratory trip, a company staff retreat, a SuperDate or a honeymoon, it is very important to be aware of some of the world’s most remarkable hotels. From ice hotels and underwater hotels to treehouse hotels and a hotel that is also a home for Dolphins, there are certain hotels out there that you almost wouldn’t believe (or be really surprised) actually exist. These hotels are so extraordinary that they’re perfect for creating an extremely memorable getaway, and all of these hotels should definitely be on your bucket list. These are the destinations that are worth saving up your hard-earned dollars for a stay at, because of how unforgettable the experience will be. Here are 14 of the world’s most spectacular hotels:

14 Prijeko Palace Hotel – Dubrovnik, Croatia


For the most unforgettable stay possible in this historic walled city, check into the Prijeko Palace. Prijeko Palace Hotel boasts charming rooms in an iconic house built in 1470. They have brilliantly dedicated each of their hotel rooms to well-known international artists, so each room is uniquely decorated with beautiful original decor. No two rooms at this hotel are alike, and real grapes grow from vines on your 15th century balcony. Your view is of the charming streets of old town Dubrovnik. The location is ideal –this area is where several scenes from the HBO hit Game of Thrones are filmed, and Old Town Dubrovnik’s side streets contain some amazing restaurants. Dubrovnik is one of the most unique, charming and beautiful cities in the world, and Prijeko Palace is one of the most charming and unique hotels in the world to match.

13 The Kahala Resort – Oahu, Hawaii


The Kahala Resort is a hidden gem on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. The Kahala Resort is most famous for having friendly Dolphins swimming around in the hotel lagoon, and is often fondly referred to as the Dolphin hotel. The resort is beautiful, but the Dolphins are what makes staying here so unique and fun. You can watch Dolphin shows for free, at the resort, but if you want to get up close and personal, you can interact with and swim with the Dolphins through Dolphin Quest programs at the Kahala resort. The friendly Dolphins are well taken care of and have a great life at the resort. With its own private beach, luxury grounds and incredible restaurants on the property, you definitely won’t regret staying at the Kahala.

12 Kanopi House - Jamaica, Caribbean

Kanopi House is a treehouse hotel unlike anything else. Unique, private tree-houses overlook the Caribbean Sea in this private and gorgeous rainforest resort. Imagine staying in a treehouse among tropical tall Banyan tress, bamboo, and rainforest. A tranquil, beautiful atmosphere is achieved with chic tree-houses that allow you to live in nature and just forget about the rest of the world. This private, 6 acre resort in Jamaica is found just outside charming Port Antonio.

11 Ice Hotel – Jukkasjarvi, Sweden


Have you ever slept on an ice bed? Have you ever sat at a table made of ice, on an ice chair? With an average indoor temperature of 23 degrees Fahrenheit, this awesome Ice Hotel is a little chilly – but incredibly unique and stunningly beautiful. This incredibly cool hotel has ice-sculptures in the suites, an ice chapel, and an ice bar where you can drink from ice cups and sit in chairs made of ice. The Ice Hotel is only open from December to April. When it melts, it is rebuilt every year. For the ultimate memorable experience, book a cold room at this hotel.

10 Jules’ Undersea Lodge – Key Largo, Florida


Have you ever wanted to stay in an underwater hotel, where through your room’s walls you can see colorful fish swim past you? At this hotel, you must dive 21 feet underwater to reach the entrance. Jules' Undersea Lodge serves as an artificial reef, providing shelter and substrate for marine animals. Jules’ Undersea Lodge of course offers scuba diving lessons to its guests, and gives you a chance to experience first-hand what it’s like to live under the sea.

9 The Modern Honolulu – Oahu, Hawaii

Via The Modern Honolulu

If you’re looking for a modern hotel that’s both unique and trendy, look no further than The Modern Honolulu. The Modern is a cosmopolitan lifestyle resort which boasts two trendy pools and a contemporary design. The Modern’s sunrise pool mimics a lakeside dock with its unique design, and at night the pool lights up gorgeous colors of indigo, purple and royal blue making it a romantic setting perfect for an evening cocktail. Their poolside menu incorporates very different and fun ideas, such as “buzz bars” which are spiked popsicles and ice cream bars for guests aged 21 and over. The pool bar boasts hanging string lights and lit-up surrounding trees that use unique concepts such as candles in empty beer bottles which hang from the trees. The sunset pool is the Modern’s rooftop adult-only pool, which has imported sand, white communal floaties to lay on and beautiful soft lighting at night.

8 V8 Hotel – Stuttgart, Germany


Are you a little obsessed with vintage or fancy cars? If so, the exclusive V8 Hotel has unique automotive-themed rooms, legendary vintage cars, and exclusive classic cars just for you. Each themed room, such as the Mercedes Suite and the Drive-In Cinema Suite has its own individual touch and will make for the coolest Instagram pictures ever. Plus, you know, you’ll get to sleep in a cool car-bed.

7 The Library Hotel – New York, USA


As you can imagine, The Library Hotel in New York is super cool: each floor of the hotel esteems one of the 10 categories in the Dewey Decimal System. For example, there are floors dedicated to Philosophy, Social Sciences, Literature, The Arts, etc. Each room has its own special collection of books. If you’re a writer or a bookworm, this hotel is perfect for you – it even has a writer’s den, a special reading room, and a collection of over 6,000 books.

6 The Ko Olina Beach Villas – Oahu, Hawaii


Ideal for the traveler who is in desperate need of serene peace and quiet, the Ko Olina Beach Villas is a stunning luxury property on the Hawaiian island of Oahu, and it’s unique in several ways. With its own private beach away from the busy and touristy area, extra-spacious condo-style suites and surf-board shaped pool chairs, this resort makes for the perfect getaway. The balconies of the suites are themselves about as big as the average hotel room. One of the many benefits to staying at the Ko Olina Resort is that it is located on the leeward coast of Oahu, which is notable for almost always having perfect weather, but still being a short 45 minute drive to the happening streets of Waikiki. While the busy streets of Waikiki are fun to drive to for a dinner or night out, spending your days at this peaceful resort is sure to be an unforgettable luxury experience. You can get great deals on suites at the Ko Olina through Hawaii Ocean Club Realty.

5 Sun Rocks Boutique Hotel - Santorini, Greece

Via Sun Rocks Boutique Hotel












Located in the beautiful Santorini, Greece, the Sun Rocks Boutique Hotel is a special boutique hotel carved into the sides of volcanic cliff – a romantic hideaway like no other. This hotel feels like a fairy tale with stunning ocean views, and what makes it so unique is that the rooms are carved from the white rock face itself. It feels as though you’re staying in your own private cave and the rooms are luxurious and clean. The views from the pool deck are surreal, and so are the sunsets.

4 The Crazy Bear – Beaconsfield, UK

Via Crazy Bear Hotel

The oldest documented building in Beaconsfield, a 15th century coaching inn, has been restored with elaborate designs and dramatic architecture to become a unique oasis in England, the opposite of your average mundane hotel. The Crazy Bear has rooms that will shock you with how surreal they are. With 32 completely different, individually designed rooms, your options range from amazing designs that take inspiration from Las Vegas, Moulin Rouge and the planet Mars.

3 The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise – Alberta, Canada

Via Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise

Book a room at the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise, and you will see just how romantic of an experience it is to stay at a hotel on a gorgeous Canadian glacier lake, enveloped by beautiful glacier mountains. The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise is located in Alberta’s Banff National Park, and it is surrounded by the stunning Victoria Glacier and its sparkling emerald green lake, Lake Louise. This hotel is magical any time of year and offers luxury accommodation in a serene and breathtakingly beautiful location.

2 Attrap Rêves Hotel - Allauch, France


At the Attrap Rêves hotel, you can sleep under the stars with all the comforts of a hotel room. This outdoor hotel is a similar concept to sleeping outdoors in a tent, but (a lot) more luxurious - and with hotel amenities. Each bubble has its own unique design, and the decor varies depending on if you rent the Zen Bubble, the Love Bubble, the Nature Bubble, the Glamour Bubble or the Chic Bubble. It’s a romantic, serene cocoon that allows you to watch the stars and feel like you’re outside in nature without roughing it.

1 Playa Viva, Juluchuca, Mexico


Another tree house hotel, the super-cute and eco-friendly Playa Viva hotel is located north of beautiful Acapulco in Mexico. The tree-house rooms are accessible via bridges, ramps and stairs, and are built with sustainable materials and are solar-powered. A whopping 8 percent of the resort’s 200 acres is a private nature preserve, which is one of the reasons why this hotel is so beautiful, and why this hotel falls at number 1 on this list of the most spectacular hotels around the world.

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