14 Must See Photos Of Kourtney Kardashian

If there is one thing we all are tired of it's stories about Kim Kardashian. Am I right? I mean come on, how many more of those are we going to have to be subjected to?  This whole Kim Kardashian thing is so played out right now.

It is about time someone took a stand on this and started writing about some new topics, and it is going to be me. To make sure that Kim Kardashian gets a little less press this week, I decided to find 14 of the hottest photos of Kourtney Kardashian that are on the Internet.

Kourtney has always been in the shadow of her sister Kim, but she shouldn't take that too personally; after all, from some angles Kim's shadow is absolutely huge, if you know what we mean. But with all of that said, Kourtney is a huge celeb in her own right and has starred in numerous reality shows over the years to prove it.

We can all make fun of Kourtney and the rest of  the Kardashians if we want, I sort of just did actually, but there are a few things that are straight up truth, and one of them is that Kourtney is very rich, and she is pretty darn hot. So with that being said, here are 14 of the hottest photos you can find of Kourtney Kardashian on the Internet.

14 Censored Hottie

via eonline.com

All right, so it isn't quite in the same league with her sister Kim's butt, but if you don't agree that Kourtney and her butt look quite fabulous here then there is something wrong with you and I mean that. There is no doubt it is a Kardashian butt, mind you, but there is something about it that is not nearly as cartoonish as her sister's butt, and I am going to come right out and say that is a good thing. To each his own, though, no judgment about butts here.

13 Pretty in Pink Bikini

via lifeandstylemag.com

This is another photo in which Kourtney shows that she is a total smoke-show. How many of these are there going to be anyway? Anyway, she looks more like she should be in Baywatch then on Keeping up with the Kardashians. She really is gorgeous and her body is just about perfect. It is photos like this one that makes one wonder where she would have been if her family wasn't famous. Looks like this are not meant to be wasted.

12 Pretty in Orange, Too

via pinimg.com

For those of you that lack imagination, and we imagine there might be quite a few of you, here we offer a look at both the front and back of Kourtney as she frolics on the beach. Although maybe frolic is the wrong word. It looks like she is trying to find something- maybe she is looking for a hot dog stand, or lost one of her kids. Either way, one thing is more than obvious, and that is that Kourtney looks just as good coming as she does going.

11 The Lazy Look

via Instagram

This is Kourtney all relaxed, chilling out at the beach in her somewhat younger days. She looks really slim here, both in the thighs and in the chest. As always, she also looks totally hot. Are there actually any photos out there of Kourtney that are not totally hot? If there are I haven't seen one. While other members of her family are kind of "two-facers" from time to time, Kourtney always has it going on, and this photo is certainly no exception.

10 Selfie Starter

via instagram

Here at TheRichest we consider ourselves true gentlemen, and always try to be civilized, and as such we decided to start out with a totally hot selfie of Kourtney. You can hate all you want but there is no denying that Kourtney is rather gorgeous. There have been conflicting reports on whether or not she and Scott Disick are still together but we can tell you one thing for sure. If Scott is not hanging out with Kourtney anymore, he is a silly, silly little man.

9 Black Onesie

Okay, so it is settled, you know what you are going to do.  You've decided already, after only two photos, that you are going to sweep Kourtney off her feet and take her out on the town. Only problem is you have some red carpet events coming up. How does her look translate to that whole red carpet scene?  Not to worry - she looks great all dressed up, particularly in this photo. Now all you have to do is get her number and ask her out. Good luck with that.

8 Blocking Out The Sun

via celebuzz.com

So here is where you are probably starting to think "Oh hey, Kourtney is actually pretty hot." And this is where I say "No, she isn't just pretty hot; Kourtney is really hot. Look at that photo. She is rather goddess-like actually. Who knew? Well, a lot of us did but because of her family and all of the attention her family gets it seems to get lost in the shuffle at times that Kourtney is a total smoke-show. You think she's had some work done? Umm, yeah I think so.

7 Working Out 

via thesun.co.uk

I bet you never knew wearing a ton of make up and an odd bathing suit with weird shoes on an exercise bike could be hot, but Kourtney is here to show us all that yes, yes it really can work. This one was taken fairly recently when she was on vacation in St. Barts, which is an expensive island where the rich often vacation.  We have not mentioned all her kids yet, but the fact that she is showing off this type of body and has had three kids is pretty incredible.

6 That Smile

via beautybanter.com

Here we have a photo that shows us all the undeniable truth, even if we may not like to admit it. Kourtney is a totally gorgeous woman, it is true.  While the attention is mostly paid to her sister Kim, or the circus that her family has turned into (and her personal life), there is one thing that often gets ignored, and that is that Kourtney is a classic beauty. The eyes, the lips, the teeth, the facial structure - she truly has it all going on.

5 Simply, Yet Elegant

via posh24.com

This photo captures Kourtney in a mellow moment. She looks natural, relaxed and also pretty gorgeous. Oh and also her breasts look enormous. There has been much talk in the media about whether or not she has had, ahem, "some work done," and this photo most certainly falls into the "Umm yeah she did, what are you stupid?" category. Natural or not, and again we pretty much know that answer; Kourtney truly has a nice look going on here.  Even if she did steal Pocahontas's dress.

4 Klassy Kourtney

via dailystar.co.uk

Reason number 3,000 that Kourtney is cooler than Kim - she has a bit of class. Even when she is wearing something that exposes her body, she still looks classier than Kim, and when she wears something like this she actually looks like someone that you could take home to meet mom. Kourtney looks as gorgeous as ever in this one. She has the Superstar Diva look going on, which is probably something she doesn't feel like at home with her three kids.

3 Showing Off Her Closet

via Instagram

"Hmm, what should I do today? Should I work out? Well, I guess I should but before I do I am just going to get in my workout clothes and take some photos in my enormous closet next to all of my shoes." While this one may not be the hottest photo of the bunch, it does show Kourtney in her spoiled brat mode, and in a way that is kind of hot all by itself. The funny thing is, you just know these are not all of her shoes, but just a small portion of them, and you also know she probably has a few closets bigger than this one.

2 Pink Onesie

via shutterstock.com

Here is yet another hot photo of Kourtney. I think I am starting to spot a trend in all of these photos, or most of them anyway. She is once again someplace that looks exciting, looking totally gorgeous, while wearing something expensive; this time a funky little pantsuit number. Why wouldn't it be a trend? It seems to work for all involved. Kourtney gets to do all sorts of fun and super cool things, and we get to look at her while she is doing them. Everyone wins.

1 Keeping Up With The Kardashian

via dailymail.co.uk

Kourtney looks amazing here, as she does in most of these photos. While her sister Kim may have more photos on the net, I think it may be fair to say that Kourtney has more hot photos on the net.  In this one she looks relaxed, chilled out, and gorgeous.  We are sure that while some may think the sun is setting on the Kardashian empire, this will not be the last photo you see of Kourtney, and we are just as sure that the next photo you see of her will be hot.

Sources: ew, people

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