14 Hot "Dirty Entertainers" Who Rock Cosplay

Hey guys, especially you dudes that have a bit of nerd in you - yeah you, you know who you are.  I have a question for you, and I mean it in all seriousness. I know that you dig adult entertainment stars. You might say that you don't but you are not fooling me, or anyone else. So just knock it off and let your freak flag fly.

Anyway, back to the question: what would be the one thing that might make you even more attracted to these adult stars that you like so much? Alright, let me rephrase that. What would be the one thing that would be allowed to be talked about on this website?

If you don't know by now I will just tell you. The only thing that could possibly make an adult actress hotter is if she dresses up in a hot cosplay costume. It is a proven fact that all hot chicks always look hotter when they are dressed up in cosplay costumes, every single time, and adult actresses look extra hot dressed up like that.

You don't believe me? You doubt my adult actress cosplay knowledge? Shame on you. Well then, I'll just have to prove it to you.  It's a tough job but somebody's gotta do it. So read on and check out the 14 hottest adult stars in Cosplay.

14 Tanya Tate

via firstcomicsnews.com

Tanya is one of the biggest Cosplay stars, and has tons of fans to prove it.  She got a late start in the adult industry, and did not start appearing in films until she turned 30, which oddly enough is exactly the age when most women get kicked out of that industry for good and have to go work at Wendy's. We don't see that happening any time soon for Tanya, though, as she has this part of the industry pretty much on lockdown. We hope Tanya keeps going, too.

13 Shelly Scarlet

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Shelly is another lady that makes some good coin doing Cosplay. Now while Shelly is an erotic model, I have really bad news for all of you. She does not get fully nude. I know, I know, it doesn't seem right, does it? This is quite possibly the worst news I have heard all day, and I have to be honest, today was awful. But hey, enough about me, Shelly is hot, and does dress up in a variety of Cosplay costumes, so I guess we have to suck it up and take what we can get.

12 Misti Dawn

via comicvine.com

Misti has a little bit more of a nerd look then a lot of the women on this list, but hey, I know this is supposed to be a secret, but most of the dudes that like Cosplay chicks are nerds. Sshhh....don't tell anyone. She got her start with the alternative model site Suicide Girls, and does not do any adult work anymore, so you have to catch her on her website or YouTube channel where she talks a lot about how good she is at Halo.  There are worse things you could be doing.

11 Ran Asakawa

via gb.cri.cn

Now, I am not sure if this record still holds, but in 2003 Ran set the Guinness World Record for most appearances in an adult video, by appearing in 304 of them. Two things come to mind - the first is "ewww" and the second is she must have been really sore in 2004.  Apparently she was, because she went into retirement at that point, but still shows up at anime and Cosplay conventions. Good job Ran. You earned a little rest. And adulation.

10 Sasha Grey

via laughspark.info

Sasha is another star that used to perform in adult movies, but does not anymore, which is good for her, and very sad for us. She often rocks the Alice in Wonderland look at conventions, which has to be one of the top hottest Cosplay fantasies out there, or maybe I just watched that old Tom Petty video too many times. While she is not active in adult film now, she is very active in Cosplay, which I am sure makes all her fans very happy. We'd follow her through the looking glass any old time.

9 Kleio Valentien

via superamiches.com

Kleio has a bit of a harder edge than some of these other ladies, but that is okay, geeks like that too, trust me on that one.  She is still active in the adult industry. If you want to know quite how active she is, you will have to watch her videos. See what I did there? She has a lot of ink, is originally from Texas, and loves to dress up as Harley Quinn. Two of those three facts are hot; guess which two and you can win a prize. But you have to go to Texas to claim it.

8 Asphyxia Noir

via geekroom.com

Speaking of having a bit of a harder edge. Any woman that calls herself Asphyxia Noir has probably got some issues, or even if she does not have any, a lot of guys that are into her surely do. She is one that is not out of the regular adult film industry. In fact a quick image search of her turns up all sorts of wild things. She keeps it tame while she does Cosplay though, and she certainly has the look for it as well; I am sure she drives many a geek crazy.

7 Draven Star

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Hey remember Snow White? Of course you do, how could you not? She is one of the hottest fictional characters ever, and as such is one of the hottest Cosplay characters ever. Well then, just imagine Snow White, if she had tons of tattoos and was played by an adult actress. If that does not sound hot to you, then you are probably not a big Cosplay fan; if it does sound hot to you, then you are probably already a big fan of Draven Star. There's no in-between when it comes to Snow White.

6 Joanna Angel

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Joanna is the one woman on this list who not only is into Cosplay and stars in adult film, but has also directed an adult film about Cosplay. If you don't know much about the adult film and Cosplay connection then you don't know anything about this. If you do know something about it, you have probably watched the video about 300 times.  She truly works both angles and does so very well.

5 Kayden Kross

via minihentai.org

Kayden is yet another woman on this list that pulls off the whole adult star and Cosplay thing to perfection. She often does the whole Batgirl thing, which I have to say may not be all that realistic, but she certainly is more attractive than any Batman I have ever seen. And isn't that what this is all about? Who needs superheroes that are all tough and could kick our butts, when we can have a Batgirl that we could probably destroy in a pillow fight?

4 Christina Carter

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Christina is truly a pioneer in this whole Cosplay thing and has been at this for a while now. Her most famous role is probably "Wonder Christina" which is about a super-heroine who pretty much always winds up tied up, chloroformed, or having something else equally horrible happen to her. All fans of Cosplay ladies that are kind of on the Amazon side are going to be huge fans of Christina. Or definitely should be.

3 Kendra James

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Kendra is another big star in the adult and Cosplay world, who has been doing it for a while now.  Kendra has worked in all aspects of this type of adult entertainment, but a whole lot of it has involved her being in costume, and looking super hot. She makes the rounds of the country's best Comic Cons, and often rocks it as Batgirl. I wonder if every woman on this list has been Batgirl at least once? Not that I think that is a bad thing of course.

2 Phoenix Marie

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Phoenix Marie hits everything on the checklist that one is looking for when it comes to Cosplay chicks. Let's run down the list. Is she gorgeous? Yes. Does she have a totally hot body? Well, yes, yes she does. Is she dressed up in a silly costume? Yep. Does she look really, really hot in it? Oh yes, she really does. It is no wonder that she makes the rounds at the comic conventions, or that she made this list. Like all the rest of the ladies on this list, she's even got the cool name thing going on.

1 Ludella Hahn

via whicdn.com

Ludella Hahn is everywhere in this business. No matter what your pleasure is, the chances are pretty good that Ludella is doing it, has done it, or is making plans to do it soon. Cosplay is no exception. Just check out some of her clips as Harley Quinn. One of her crowning achievements was dressing as Velma for the Rhode Island Comic Con. If I had access to a time machine, that would be the one thing I would go back in time to see.

Sources: cosmicbooknewsgeekroom.com

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