14 Entrepreneurs Who Will Be Richer Than Mark Zuckerberg

To become a billionaire is an achievement in itself, but by the look of things, these 14 entrepreneurs are heading for much bigger success. With all of their brands continuing to explode in terms of branding and annual revenue, many reports predict that the founders of these incredible businesses will soon follow in the footsteps of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, in not only surpassing $35 billion in personal wealth but also seeing their own company stagger an incredible amount in stock shares. Many of the names listed below are relatively new to the billionaire club, giving all the more chances for them to grow and exceed in growing their empire to the success Zuckerberg has had over the course of 10 years. It should also be noted that these billionaires have multiple projects they are working on, so with one already being a success, there’s always an expansion to recreate the concept and invent something new the masses will love. Hence why these 14 entrepreneurs are most definitely in the running to have a larger net worth than the ever-so-talented Mark Zuckerberg.

14 Jan Koum — WhatsApp

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WhatsApp is one of the highest-grossing apps of all-time, according to Apple. The networking application, which arguably made the whole idea of texting useless, was founded by Jan Koum, who supposedly always knew the potential that his company will have amongst millions of people worldwide. With an impressive $7.9 billion standing to his name, Jan is expecting a huge increase now that WhatsApp has officially dropped paid services and plans on using live advertisements to boost their annual revenue.

13 Maria Franca Fissolo — Nutella

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You probably haven’t heard of her, but she is the woman who made our childhood so sweet — literally! Maria Franca Fissolo and her family are behind the ever-so-delicious Nutella brand, which eventually branched out to kickstart many other businesses including Kinder Chocolate and Mon Cheri, all of which are extremely tasteful. This has made Maria a staggering worth of $23.4 billion, and with the expansion in her products, her revenue is sure to increase within the next couple of years.

12 Nicholas Woodman — GoPro

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The GoPro cameras have truly changed the way we capture videos, that’s for sure. With thousands of YouTubers vlogging their everyday life for a living, the idea of being able to use a smaller camera that would also allow customers to take with them underwater just seemed out of this world. The camera is ridiculously small, yet very powerful. From its beautiful resolution in detail to its compactness, the GoPro continues to rise in popularity for those specific reasons, which has evidently helped Nicholas Woodman grow his own net worth to a whopping $2.6 billion. He’s well on his way to surpassing Mark Zuckerberg, should the cameras continue to do well.

11 Travis Kalanick — Uber

via: time.com

Without a doubt, one of the most influential businessmen in the world. Uber has helped millions of people around the world save a fortune on expensive rides from taxi drivers, particularly in the UK, where cabs were charging an unbelievable amount for five-minute journeys. The Uber company continues to grow in revenue as more and more countries are adapting to the service, realizing that there really isn’t anything better than Uber out there. It’s cheap and the process in payments is effortlessly easy to comprehend. His $6 billion net worth is just going to go up from here.

10 Andrew Mason — Groupon

via: businessinsider.com

Who knew that Groupon is the fastest growing company ever — yes, ever! Of course, we all know what the site is used for, so quite frankly, it shouldn’t come as a shock that clients are trying to get themselves the best deals around town from the website in a split second. Andrew may only be worth $200 million, but Mason hasn’t placed all of his eggs into one basket, reportedly working on multiple projects, while his main business with Groupon continues to see an impressive income.

9 Pierre Omidyar — eBay

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Pierre Omidyar caught on to the changes in technology from an early age, having founded the online shopping service eBay, which has become the go-to destination for last minute gifts and super fast delivery times. Aside from Amazon, eBay has managed to find relevancy in every country worldwide — in fact, Amazon is eBay’s only strong competition in the field of online shopping. And as more people continue to shop over the Internet, Pierre’s current $8.9 billion net worth is only going to go higher as the years go by.

8 Larry Page — Google

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When it comes to search engines, Google is undoubtedly the number one choice for every Internet user. Why? Probably because it’s simple, efficient, fast and it just looks cooler. Larry Page, who has an impressive wealth of $29 billion, would certainly agree. Being one of the billionaires closest to catching up with Zuckerberg, Page is continuing to grow with the expansion of YouTube’s rapidly growing increase in revenue, bringing in billions of dollars for the business every single year. Google has become one of the most powerful companies on the Internet and Larry’s input certainly hasn’t gone unnoticed.

7 Donald Trump — Trump Towers

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You may disagree, but Donald Trump’s $5 billion is always seeing a massive increase — especially during the whole fiasco regarding his run to take over Barack Obama’s position as the President of the United States. With dozens of wealthy industrial friends backing him in the ongoing presidential election, Trump is expected to see a drastic rise in his wealth in the next year or so, when his net worth is recalculated. His Trump businesses are doing exceedingly well, with reported plans on expansions to multiple different states by next year. With Donald’s new-found fame all over the world, the publicity he has created for himself will definitely draw people to his businesses.

6 Russell Weiner — Rockstar

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Russell Weiner currently stands at $2.1 billion as far as his personal net worth is concerned, but don’t rule him out of becoming bigger than Mark Zuckerberg because this is only the beginning for him. Having made a fortune with his ever-so-popular Rockstar energy drink, Russell certainly wants to expand his line when it comes to beverages that people are bound to love. Having seen how much the likes of Coca-Cola have paid for the rights to these tasteful drinking brands, if Russell finds himself another hit, he could see his net worth stack up to a whopping $10 million within the next five years.

5 James Packer — Casinos

via: ibtimes.com

He recently opened a $3.4 billion super casino out in Macau and gifted his soon-to-be wife Mariah Carey, an engagement ring worth $6 million — what makes you think he isn’t reaching for Mark Zuckerberg-like success? James Packer, who inherited most of his wealth from his father, Kerry Packer, has done a tremendous job at keeping his family’s business running. In fact, the business is running much smoother since James took over, having opened multiple casinos and hotels all over the world while making incredible investments along the way.

4 Phil Knight — Nike

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Can you believe it only took Phil Knight $500 to create a shoe company that is now one of the biggest footwear businesses in the world? Phil is now worth an impressive $21 billion — his revenue continues to stagger with the athletes being sponsored to promote the company’s shoe collections. One of the most popular shoes Phil’s company produces are the Nike Air Jordans by basketball legend, Michael Jordan, who is believed to have made an astounding $600 million from his billion-dollar gathering of classic sneakers and trainers. Phil Knight played his cards right, that’s for sure.

3 Elizabeth Holmes — Theranos

via: wired.com

Elizabeth Holmes always knew she had it in her to become a businesswoman, having never really focused on whether she would ever become a billionaire, but here she is. Having famously dropped out of college, Holmes knew that the money her parents were investing into her tuition fees could be used to better things, such as the launch of her own company. Do take note that Elizabeth was extremely smart and did not just wake up one day, convincing herself that college wasn’t for her. She just felt that college couldn’t teach her what she already knew. She went on to start her own blood testing company named Theranos, which is rapidly growing and has placed Elizabeth’s net worth at $4.5 billion.

2 Evan Spiegel - Snapchat

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One shouldn't forget about social media fanatic Evan Spiegel, the man behind the success of Snapchat, which has relatively become the socializing app everyone is using these days. Similar to the concept of Twitter and Instagram, Snapchat allows users to update their followers with captured videos, which thousands of celebrities are now using to communicate with their growing fan base. The project has made Evan billions - $2.1 billion to be precise. With the mogul only being 25 years of age and planning to expand into other venues, Spiegel is sure to surpass the success of Zuckerberg if he continues building his brand with creative apps such as Snapchat.

1 Steve Wynn — Wynn Resorts

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Without a doubt, another key figure in the field of casino and luxury hotel industries, having successfully backed an incredible list of Atlantic City hotels, Steve Wynn’s success in what appeared to be a rather overcrowded market certainly didn’t go unnoticed. The mogul is famously credited on his website for helping revive the Las Vegas Strip, which has become one of the first attractions tourists go to when arriving in Sin City. The 74-year-old’s current net worth reportedly stands at an eye-watering $2.3 billion as he continues to hold the CEO position at Wynn Resorts Limited, a company founded by Wynn 14 years ago, and has amassed a revenue of $5.6 billion.

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