14 Celebs Who Are About To Inherit A Massive Fortune

It is not easy becoming a celebrity.  We all have heard the stories, we all know this to be true. Some famous celebrities had to work hard for everything they had. They worked two jobs, waited tables, and auditioned for any role they could possibly get. If they were musicians they would have had to play clubs in front of just a handful of people- anything to try and get that big break.

Then there is the other type of celebrity, the kind that never had to worry about paying their bills or working hard, because they came from a lot of money. And by the way, when I say a lot of money, I mean a lot of money. Like millions of dollars, or in some cases, even billions.

What follows is a list of celebrities that come from incredibly wealthy families. Are we trying to say that these people would not be famous if they were not rich? Well, some of them, yes. There is no doubt that no one would know who Paris Hilton is if she wasn't from a family of incredibly rich people. But is that the case with all of these people? Of course not. Some of them did it on their own, they just had it a lot easier than the rest of us.

How easy did they have it? Well, read on to find out. Here are 14 celebrities who are heirs to huge fortunes.

14 Rooney Mara - Parents Own The Steelers

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13 Armie Hammer - Arm And Hammer Products

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12 Psy - Part Owns Semiconductor Business

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The Di corporation is a huge company that makes semiconductors  that is based in South Korea.  Thirty percent of the company is owned by Psy, his father, his uncle and his grandfather. So when you see Psy dancing around looking all silly,  wondering what is wrong with him and thinking he is a one-hit wonder, well don't worry. He doesn't care what you think. He does not have to earn a single dime with his music career, because his family is filthy rich.

11 Devin Aoki - Father Owns Benihana

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10 Nicole Richie - Lionel Has A LOT of Money

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Just like Tori Spelling, Nicole had a rich and famous dad that was in show business. Her father Lionel was a very popular singer,  but at least Tori tries to do something on her own. Nicole is just well known for being rich, hanging out with Paris Hilton on The Simple Life, and at one point having a huge drug problem. It does seem that she is better now. At last check, Lionel had a net worth of $200 million or so, which is more than enough to put her on this list.

9 Tori Spelling - The Spelling Fortune

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8 Liesel Pritzker Simmons - Child Star's Parents Own Hyatt

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Liesel was a child star who acted under the name of Liesel Mathews. She was in Air Force One and A Little Princess. Her family started the Hyatt Hotel chain. If you are wondering why you have not seen her in any movies lately, well she sued her father for not giving her money that was due her and got $280 million so she is probably not looking for work right now. She asked for $6 billion in the suit, so I imagine she is pretty upset right now. Poor thing.

7 Balthazar Getty - His Granddaddy Was In The Oil Industry

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6 Ed Norton - The Rouse Company Fortune

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We all know Ed Norton, and most of us like him as well.  He is a great actor, and seems like a cool guy; seems pretty normal. Well, maybe he is cool and normal, but he is also loaded. His grandfather was James Rouse, who owned the Rouse Company. James was a trailblazer when it came to shopping malls and urban planning and while exact net worth figures are not available, Norton comes from an extremely rich family indeed.

5 Chevy Chase -  Crane Plumbing And Folgers Coffee

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To some of you guys who are a bit on the young side, Chevy Chase is probably not a big deal, but back in the day he was arguably the biggest comedian out there, and starred in tons of successful movies including Caddyshack. His family owned Crane Plumbing, which was a huge supply business. His father also married into the Folger's coffee fortune, and he has some Vanderbilts in his bloodline as well. So pretty much any way you slice it, Chevy is loaded.

4 Anderson Cooper - The Vanderbilt Connection

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This one is really no surprise at all. Doesn't Anderson Cooper even look filthy rich?  He is a descendant of Cornelius Vanderbilt, who was one of the richest men in America- ever. His mother is Gloria Vanderbilt and is worth around $200 million. So while Anderson is a pretty darn good news anchor, let's just say that even if he wasn't one, he wouldn't be doing anything he did not want to do to make money.

3 Julia Louis Dreyfus - The Dreyfus Group

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2 Brooke Shields - Her Great Grandfather Was An Italian Prince

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1 Paris Hilton - The Hilton Brand

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Who else would be a lock for number 1 on this list other than Paris Hilton? She is probably the most famous person ever for just being rich. Sure she is cute, well... sort of, but for the most part she is just famous for being a spoiled brat, and that look does not age well.  She is an heir to the Hilton hotel chain, of course. Her grandfather is worth well over $2 billion; her dad is worth around $3oo million, and Paris? Who knows, really, but we do know she can probably get away with doing what she does best, which is nothing, for a little while longer.

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