12 Geek Gift Ideas For Christmas

Finding gifts for Christmas is difficult. At least, I find it terribly hard to find the right thing for the right person. And I think it's the same for everyone else, because people rarely know what to give me. We're even.

But what makes it harder, I think, is the fact that I'm a geek, and no one in my family shares my passion for imaginary universes and characters. And if you're in the same position as they are, this Christmas, and must offer something to someone who's geeky while you have no idea what to buy, well, I got a little something for you!

Geeks are into lots of things: books, comics, figurines, games, series, movies, etc. So the range of their interests is usually immense. But what if I was being nice to you, and well, presenting you with a list of 12 geek gift ideas for Christmas...?

Well, let me be your Santa of the gifting ideas! Here is my list of items you can give to your geeky-love, in this ugly-sweater-love season...

12 Figurines

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Figurines are treasures. In conventions, they're sold for a little fortune, so if you can find a figurine for your geek, they're going to be so happy you have no idea! Most really popular series/video games/anime/etc. have got figurines. You can opt for the cheap ones in your local flea market; you can get bubble heads; you can make your own (my friend made me one hell of an amazing Link statuette); or you can pay the price and get the exclusive ones, made by artists.

In my opinion, homemade is always better (if you have talent, let's be real) because it shows how much you love that geek of yours.

11 Fallout 4 and Fallout Anthology

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Of course I was going to make a separate entry for Fallout 4 and the anthology. This is, without any doubt, the gift for any gamer out there, this Christmas. I never met anyone who didn't like Fallout. And we waited so long to get the fourth one, it was kind of torturous. So if your lovely geek is a gamer, stop wondering: get Fallout 4 or the Anthology.

What's great about the anthology (pictured above) is that it contains all the Fallouts, except the fourth one. So if your geek is kind of a nostalgic retro gamer, that could be a beautiful gift that'll make them cry geeky tears of joy.

10 Video Games

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Video games are always a good idea, much like the hoodies and t-shirts. Pictured above is a new one, EA's Star Wars Battlefront, which seems to stir the interest of the Star Wars geeks out there. If you go on metacritics.com, you'll get a full listing of the newest video games, by console. Your Christmas gift might very well be in that list!

If, even after looking through the list of new games, you can't find the one, there's another solution: a gift card. You can get these at EB Games, or other shops. Basically, you can get a precise video game boutique gift card, or one according to your geek's console: Wii, Playstation, Xbox, Steam, Facebook, etc. This always makes a great gift, trust me.

9 Geeky Cosmetics - For Her

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Not only dudes can be geeks. In fact, quite a lot of girls are really geeky. Or maybe I just happen to have a bunch of geeky, girly friends. Anyhow, if she's into make-up and Star Wars, Covergirl has got something for her! Pictured above is the complete Star Wars collection.

If you don't want to go for a precise collection or theme but like the make-up idea for Christmas, I would recommend building her a collection (eye shadows, lipsticks, gloss, eyeliners, etc.) according to the colors of what she's geeking about. Team it with, like, a plushie of whatever she's into, and you've got yourself a great gift!

8 Geeky Dresses - For Her As Well

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Here, your bestfriend might be Etsy.ca. They've got absolutely everything, and if what you're thinking about isn't there, you can certainly order a custom-made Game of Thrones dress. Most of the geek dresses we see is shaped like the one above, but if she's into a more retro / pin-up look, you can also find pretty awesome geek dresses.

Rebelcircus.com also has a very large selection of geeky dresses, but the sizes are usually very small and the prices very high.

7 Books 

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Us, geeks, we love stuff. By that, I mean that we like pretty much anything relating to our passions. Whether you're a video game geek, a Star Wars geek, or a Harry Potter geek, it doesn't change the fact that you like to get more items related to your obsession. A good way to celebrate us is with books.

Pictured above is the story of the console wars, which is always happening, to be honest. Biographies of important people, depending on your geekness, can also be a great gift. As for myself, I fancy books like Hyrule Historia and other Zelda-related books that are, often, walkthroughs. There are also novels based on our favorite games and shows; like the Walking Dead comics (the show is based on this one, though) or the novels written about the Governor; you also can find novels for Resident Evil, Dead Space, Assassin's Creed, and much more. Basically, all you need is to know what subject to look for, and you'll get a book on that, and Amazon is a great place to start looking.

6 Art books

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Though they are usually quite pricey, art books will make your geek partner super happy without any doubt. Pictured above is the Game Art by Matt Sainsbury, which portrays the art of 40 different games. There are, as mentioned before, art books for anything you like.

If your geek friend is into Walking Dead (show), and Norman Reedus a lot, he made and published a photography book which is titled The sun's coming up like a big bald head... And the photographs are amazing.

5 Hoodies and T-Shirts

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Probably what makes me the happiest in this world: hoodies and t-shirts. Personally, I recommend shopping on teeturtle.com, because their models are unique and super ultra cute, the material is soft, the prints lasts, and most t-shirts are around 15-20$. Weheartgeeks.com is also really cool, but their designs aren't as unique as Teeturtle, and their prices are a little higher.

Thinkgeek.com is, of course, the one we all know about. However, their prices are the highest, but the things you order are the official ones, no fan-made designs, there! Anyhow, a t-shirt or a hoodie is always a good idea when you're buying something for a geek!

4 Electronics

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When it comes to electronics, yeah, we can think from the get-go of Xbox one, Playstation 4 and Wii-U. However, these still have really high prices, so unless you love your geek very, very, very much, hold back from such imposing gifts.

What you can, though, buy at a more rational price is an android tablet (some are around $100 or less), a Kindle, good headphones, retro and portable gaming platforms, the Steam Link, or even a nice, new controller for your geek's favorite console. The choices are plenty!

3 Awesome Gadgets

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Okay. I'm excited about all the gadgets you can find on thinkgeek.com, mostly. There are many phone chargers which are super awesome, like the one above. If you have tech-geek friends, you'll want to pay a little more for these awesome items: Darth Vader Lightsaber ($14.99), Minecraft Redstone Torch USB Wall Charger ($29.99), Dancing Water Speakers ($39.99), Starcraft Protoss Pylon USB Charger ( which is pictured above) ($39.99), LED Potion Desk Lamp ($49.99), etc.

These are really great items which last and they are always welcomed as gifts!

2 Bathrobes and Slippers

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To be honest, I'd be super happy (like really) to get the amazing Legend of Zelda bathrobe pictured above. But this is not the only relaxing-fluffy-warm piece of after-bath love you can get. There are bathrobes for most of the trending shows/games/anime/etc. If you're into Walking Dead, for example, there is a bathrobe in the colors of Officer Rick Grimes' uniform in first season. That's cool, admit it.

When it comes to slippers, everything you can think about can be found, I'm certain of it. My sister once gave me Wario slippers for X-Mas, and they were really neat.

1 Mugs

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For my 23rd birthday, one of my friends had given me a set of two bad-ass mugs: a Legend of Zelda themed one, and the other was from Resident Evil. It's been almost two years and I use them absolutely everyday.

A cup is really welcomed and nice to receive. The one pictured above is just amazing. It's a D20 cup, which is totally perfect for any Dungeons and Dragons player. You can find any model you want on the Internet, and you can even order custom ones from certain shops, if you don't find the exact one you have in mind.Sources: https://www.lifehacker.comhttp://www.thinkgeek.com


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