11 Supermodels Who Dated Way Below Their League

Life as a super model is as glamorous as it gets. The world is your oyster and doors to opportunities you never knew existed are opened up. High-profile models like Heidi Klum and Kate Moss are lucky enough to get paid to wear designer clothes at red carpet events. With their natural beauty and killer looks, most models were born to be a star. Many supermodels have become house-hold names for just modeling alone.

These beautiful ladies have the option of dating anyone they want to, and you would think they would go for men that are just as easy on the eyes as they are. However, for the ladies on this list they chose to date and even marry men that would be considered less than average on most people’s books. These men are probably some of the luckiest guys out there seeing as they are dating some of the most beautiful women on earth. How they landed such beauties is a question that comes to many people’s minds, but the models do seem rather happy with their choice of spouse. Maybe these super-models got tired of dating good-looking men and wanted to go for men that would treat them like the goddesses they are.

Below is a list of the top 11 super models that have dated below their league and the lucky men they chose to date.

11 Shannon De Lima

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10 Heidi Klum

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9 Adriana Lima

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8 Elisabetta Gregoraci

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7 Anastassija Makarenko

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You might recognize this model from the Bruce Willis film, A Good Day to Die Hard. 30-year-old modelAnastassija Makarenkograbbed media attention when it was announced that she was dating retired boxer and actor, Mickey Rourke. The two have a 33-year age difference and have been dating for about six years now. Rourke claims that his relationship with the super-model has made him a changed man. He has stated that although he had no intentions of a serious relationship when he first met Anastassija, the model has taught him a lot about love and the two maintain a loving relationship together.

6 Padam Lakshmi

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5 Claudia Schiffer

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World renowned German model, Claudia Schiffer, has been married to her husband Matthew Vaughn since 2002. Many were shocked by the marriage considering Claudia was one of the most prominent models during the 1990s. Claudia’s networth is estimated to be approximately $55 million and has appeared on over 1000 magazine covers. Despite Vaughn’s stellar career in the film industry, it’s Claudia who always steals the limelight. Her gorgeous looks always overshadow her husband’s humble look. The super model always manages to turn heads wherever they may go. For the sake of their marriage, hopefully Vaughn is not the jealous type and is used to all the attention his wife receives.

4 Marissa Miller

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Marissa Miller is an all American supermodel who was named Maxim’s number one hottest female around in 2008. Marissa Miller is also a Victoria Secret Model as well as the spokesperson for Harley-Davidson and the NFL. Miller’s beauty goes without question and it is obvious that the American model could date whoever she wants to. That is why it’s so surprising that she ended up marrying Griffin Guess. Although they are a good-looking pair, the two did shock some people when they begin dating. However, nothing has stopped them from showing their love to each other and the couple tied the knot in April of 2006. They have two sons together.

3 Elle Macpherson

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2 Paulina Porizkova

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1 Kate Moss

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Kate Moss was the anti-model of the 1990s. She carried a look that was distinctive of what the modeling industry was back then. She has a bad girl attitude and in 2005, she was accused of having a cocaine problem which resorted on her losing several contracts. A year after the scandal first broke out, Moss was able to recover her career and has since been listed on Forbes’s top-earning models list. Moss also appears to have a thing for guys in bands. She is currently married to Jamie Hince, the guitarist for The Kills. Before settling down wtih Hince, she was dating Jefferson Hack, and the two had a daughter together.



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