10 Unbeatable Games for Grownups

Board games are hip again - and we don’t mean just for kids. The board game market these days has made a big comeback. Toy shops and websites are littered with wild, wacky and sometimes brilliant table-top games that can keep a group of adults entertained for hours.

These days there’s even an “International TableTop Day” which celebrates the fun of tabletop gaming and has the support of some game-enthusiast celebs including Wil Wheaton (from Big Bang Theory) and Felicia Day (from Supernatural, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and more). The organizers pick a day and hold 3,000+ gaming events around the world including throughout North American and in every other continent (even Antarctica). Wheaton also has an online TV show, TableTop that’s all about getting you to play. The show involves him and three friends playing a board, card or dice game together and may seem boring but it’s had millions of views.

Playing board games is a popular activity for adults around the world – so which board games are the most popular? Check out our list of 10 games that are designed with adult players in mind and then round up your friends for some good old-fashioned fun.

10 Cranium – “The Game For Your Whole Brain”

With a price tag of about $15 and a game time of approximately an hour, it’ll set you up for some solid entertainment. You divvy your group up into two to four teams and take on 400 mind-bending challenges. In your team, you complete activities within the one-minute time limit and the first team to get to Cranium Central and complete the final challenge will take victory.  As you move around the board, you could find yourself spelling a word backwards, sketching an object, making a little sculpture, or humming a popular song. The best part? It lets you show off just how much you really know whether you’re a spelling-bee champ, a trivia guru, a creative genius or a drama pro.

9 Taboo – “The Game of Unspeakable Fun”

This $15 game is definitely one for the wordsmiths out there and it’s hugely popular. Ellen  DeGeneres played it with Katy Perry on her talk show in 2012. The very competitive Perry obviously couldn’t get enough – she also played it with Jimmy Fallon on air in 2013. Taboo is a party board game for up to 10 players, in which a player has to describe a word (or phrase) without using the word or five additional words on the card. Your partner has to guess the word – and everyone gets a turn in the spotlight. Although it’s called “Taboo” there’s nothing very taboo about it. In saying that, it doesn’t appeal to kids if they have a limited vocab.

8 Battle of the Sexes – “You’ll Never Understand Them”  

This hilarious – and competitive - game lives up to its title. It pits men against women in a true battle of the sexes and doesn’t end until you discover who is superior. First up, you split into two teams – men on one team, women on the other. Like most board games out there, you’ll move your piece along the board, answering questions along the way. All the questions will in some way test your knowledge of the opposite sex and fall into five different categories including facts, pics, moves, stuff and life.  You need at least one player of each gender to make this game work – but the more the merrier. It costs about $17 on Amazon.

7 Rockstar Rehab – “Where the Players Become the Most Famous”

When we say this is a game for grownups, we really mean it. Wait until the kids go to bed, pour a drink (or two) and play with friends. Rockstar Rehab is a table-top party game where you get to live the life of rock star. As far as this game goes, that means being an alcoholic and falling in and out of rehab. You’ll end up under lock and key in jail, hitting up VIP night clubs and more because you just can’t resist another drink. The aim of the game is to make your way through rehab and defeat your drunken status because the country is counting on you. It costs just under $30 on Amazon.

6 Mansions of Madness – “Til Death Do Us Part”

This is a dark, mysterious “print on demand” game is designed for eight to 10 players in total and it has an extremely complex and thoughtful storyline. If you like the idea of a murder mystery game that’s not your typical table-top game but rather a crime-solving game, then this is one for you. Every player in the game gets a role and it can be so consuming that you’ll be disappointed when the game ends a few hours later. Warning: this game (which costs about $12 on Amazon) can take up to four hours to play in total so don’t make too many other plans for later in the evening.

5 Boxers or Briefs – “Can You Predict What Your Friends Will Pick?”

In this game, which costs under $20, players take turns at being in the hot seat as the dice roller. Then the other players will answer questions that pertain to the person currently in the hot seat. That person then gets to choose which answer was the funniest, and which was true. Whoever collects the most funny or true tokens will end up being crown the winner of Boxers or Briefs. Up to 10 players can play this game at once, making it popular for parties, and there is a lot of entertainment waiting with more than 2,000 different phrases.

4 Imaginiff – “The Funniest Game You Can Imagine”

This board game costs about $20. It gets great reviews among adults but it also appropriate for children to play. It’s easy to learn, simple to play and especially fun with a crowd. The aim of the game is to get your token all the way around the board to the center before the other players. Along the way, you take turns to roll the dice and read a question. The questions are silly and fun and always use names of people in your group. For example: “Imaginif if [insert name] was a dessert. Which would he or she be? Triple chocolate tart, apple pie, crème brulee, fresh fruit, port and cigars or cookies and milk? Players then use a number (from one to six) to choose the answer they think most people will give. If you’re right, you move forward.

3 Monopoly – “The Fast-Dealing Property Trading Game”  

An oldie but a goodie: Monopoly and all its many editions or versions. This is a game that tons of people played as kids but it’s also competitive and addictive for adults too – there’s even a world championship for this game. Players move their token around the game board, buying, leasing and trading properties along the way. The aim is to drive your opponents to bankruptcy. Looking for an interesting take on this classic game? How about the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Collector’s Edition where you buy, sell and trade all sorts of relics from the Doctor Who universe. There’s even a One Direction edition of Monopoly, an edition for Cat Lovers and a World of Warcraft edition.

2 Snorta – “The Wild Game of Moos, Meows & More”

This game has been around for about 10 years but there’s a high chance you (and your friends) haven’t heard of it. Board games tend to take a while to shoot to fame and this is one of them. As it’s aimed for ages seven and above, you could be forgiven for thinking this is a kids-only game but it is guaranteed fun for adults who don’t take themselves too seriously (or perhaps adults who are looking for a drinking game). Players draw a barn animal out of the bag and then you have to pick a sound you’re going to use for that animal. It could be any sound – or the actual sound of the animal. You’ve got to take note because you’ll then get pitted against other players to see who can remember certain sounds the quickest.


1 Cards Against Humanity – “A Party Game For Horrible People”

This one has taken the board game industry by storm and judging by its level of inappropriateness, it’s definitely targeting adults. For each round of the game, one player asks a question from a black card and lays it down on the table, and the other players then need to give their funniest answer from their white cards. The person asking the question then chooses the answer they liked the best. What makes this game so enjoyable is that the cards are fun and always keep you guessing with everything from “Grandpa’s ashes” to “Drinking Alone”. The company has a nice side because they donated over $100,000 to public schools in the 2013/14 holiday season.

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