10 Things Wayne Gretzky Wants You To Forget About His Daughter

You might not have heard of Paulina Gretzky, but you've definitely heard of her famous father Wayne. He's gone down in history as the best hockey player of all time and has come to be known around the world by simply "The Great One." He has five kids, but arguably none of them are as infamous as his daughter Paulina. At 26 years old, she's gained significant popularity over the past few years thanks to her racy social media posts and party girl ways. Thanks to her looks, outfits and wild lifestyle, she's joining the ranks of the Hiltons and the Kardashians as another celebutante of our generation. While she hasn't exactly accomplished anything substantial career-wise, her name and her appearance have done all of the work for her.

While we're sure Wayne Gretzky loves all of his kids, we can probably safely say that he isn't exactly proud of all of Paulina Gretzky's moments. Every kid goes through their rebellious teenage years, but hers have been on display for the world to see and have continued on into adulthood. While she's settled down significantly since marrying pro golfer Dustin Johnson and giving birthday to a baby boy named Tatum, we've compiled a list of 10 things Wayne Gretzky wants you to forget about his daughter. From pelvis tattoos to Maxim covers and heroin addict friends, there's no shortage of shocking moments after the jump. Read on and hope that your future kids give you a little bit more to be proud of.

10 #99 Tattoo

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Can you say Daddy issues? Paulina has a tattoo of the number 99, her Dad's infamous jersey number, tattooed on her pelvis right above her crotch region. Even if she wanted to pay homage to her famous father's hockey career, she could have done it anywhere except where she did. Essentially, she's pretty much got Wayne Gretzky's name tattooed about two inches away from her you know what. We can't really imagine what his reaction would have been upon finding that out and what kind of a conversation the father and daughter may have had about it. Sometimes things are just better left unsaid.

9 Sports Past

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As a retired hockey star, Wayne Gretzky could have only hoped that his children would take after his athleticism. Paulina was reportedly very involved in sports throughout high school and demonstrated some of her famous father's abilities - practicing golf and then even hockey. When caught on camera in a TMZ interview, Wayne was quoted as saying that Paulina was an absolute monster in the rink. He must have been pretty thrilled to see her skating around after a puck until she one day announced she was quitting sports to focus full-time on her now flailing career in the entertainment industry.

8 Her Racy Modelling

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Paulina's modelling debut was in 2005 on the innocent cover of Flare magazine as a teen and she has been featured in several other fashion spreads for her good looks and toned body. However, Mr. Gretzky could only have been mortified when he found out that Paulina had posed for a Maxim spread in 2014 wearing only a tiny teeny bikini and posing sexually against a yellow sportscar. To add insult to injury, the tagline on the cover read "Paulina Gretzky - The great one's daughter is f**king hot!"

7 Her Singing Career

Before quitting school to focus on a singing and acting career, Paulina performed Sarah McLachlan's hit "I Will Remember You" at an Edmonton Oilers vs. Montreal Canadians game wearing lace-up crotch jeans in 2003. Since then, she's recorded a song called "Collecting Dust" that was featured on the reality series Laguna Beach but has yet to release an album. She is currently signed to record label AO Recordings but I guess those dreams are collecting dust - no pun intended.

6 Her Acting Gigs

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While Wayne Gretzky may have been proud that his daughter finally landed an acting gig in the Adam Sandler-produced Grown Ups 2, he definitely wasn't pleased that her role was as a token bikini girl who's job it was to run around half clothed and look cute. Her other acting roles have been as the "gorgeous blonde senior" in the 2009 reboot of Fame and as a deputy in a straight to DVD movie called Girls, Guns and Gambling. Don't worry, we haven't seen it either. It's kind of sad that Gretzky has dedicated her life so far to making it big in Hollywood yet has only managed to land roles that don't even have names attributed to the characters.

5 Her Social Media Accounts

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Paulina gained popularity in the social media world by posting racy photos of herself in bikinis, lingerie and revealing outfits. She seemed to know exactly what she was doing, as her Twitter and Instagram accounts saw countless followers almost immediately after she began posting. In 2011, her Twitter account was shut down overnight - fuelling speculation that her father disapproved of her posts and had made her stop posting. Paulina counteracted the rumors by saying that he had nothing to do with it and her account has been restored since. She currently has 293,000 followers on Twitter and 381,000 on Instagram, but nowadays her posts are mostly focused on her son Tatum.

4 Not Recognizing Canada

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Born in Los Angeles, Paulina currently splits her time between Florida and her hometown. While it's understandable that she identifies more with the country she was raised in, you'll rarely see her supporting or discussing Canada. It must be tough for her father, as he was born there and is widely regarded as the country's most beloved athlete ever. Considering he's inducted in the Ontario Sports Hall of Fame and was the executive director for the Canadian National Men's hockey team in the 2002 Winter Olympics, his daughter doesn't seem to want to have much to do with Canada.

3 Skipped College

As a man who enjoyed great financial success due to a career in hockey, it can't be easy for Wayne Gretzky to know that Paulina decided to skip college in favour of focusing on a career in the entertainment industry. While he may not have found his wealth because of academia, her dad knows that it takes hard work to get ahead in life. It must have been upsetting for him to see his daughter not pursue her studies - especially after she didn't end up doing much in Hollywood and currently lives off of her husband's money.

2 #59 on Askmen.com

Daddy Gretzky probably is not fully comfortable knowing that men around the world voted his daughter the 59th most desirable woman on the planet. The popular site Askmen.com included Paulina in their 2014 survey and called her "God's gift to social media" for her frequent display of cleavage and bikini shots on Twitter and Instagram. It can't be easy for the hockey star to know that males are constantly salivating over his child.

1 Her Social Circle

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Paulina Gretzky has been known to hang out with a questionable social circle in L.A. Her friends have included a convicted felon, drug addicts and a Las Vegas peep show performer. The convicted felon in question is Alexis Neiers, who's theft habit inspired the film The Bling Ring. Neiers' adopted sister, Tess Taylor, is also friends with Gretzky and has been addicted to heroin. Taylor was featured as Playboy's 2010 Cyber Girl of the Year. Mr. Gretzky certainly couldn't be pleased with his daughter's choice of friends.

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