10 Surprising Things You Need To Know About Ben Affleck

He was born on August 15, 1972 in Berkeley California. His parents, Tim and Chris, named him Benjamin Geza Affleck. The future star would move to Cambridge, Massachusetts early in his childhood when his parents separated. From a young age, Ben knew he wanted to be an actor, appearing in 1979's The Dark Of The Street, an independent film produced by a friend of the family.

A love for movies is what drew both Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, who only lived a few blocks away, toward a life time of friendship. In fact, the two were quite inseparable, attending drama classes together and even appearing in small insignificant roles.

All of this is quite known to the casual fan. But there's a lot to Ben Affleck than first meets the eye. He's more than just the man who's had high profile relationships with Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Garner. He isn't just known for spewing bad movies like Gigli and Armageddon. No, this is the man who, with the help of Matt Damon, wrote the Academy Award-winning screenplay to Good Will Hunting.

From Burger King commercials to secret rooms in his home, here are 10 surprising things you didn't know about Ben Affleck.

10 The Tattoo Cover Up

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Did you know Ben Affleck had a tattoo on his hip, right above his butt? According to multiple reports, it was a tattoo of his high school sweetheart’s name. The once Hollywood playboy has quite the record in the dating department. So it makes all the sense in the world he would want to cover the tattoo. But a dolphin tattoo, as several reports suggest, is just simply weird. Of all possible tattoos that could cover up a mistake planted on a person’s back, who would come up with the idea of a dolphin? This is definitely something he wants to keep on the down low...

9 Burger King Commercial Was His First Role

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Ben knew from a very young age he wanted to be an actor. After all, his dad juggled acting duties for a brief time. What many people don’t know, however, is that his first ever role was in Burger King commercial. It most certainly wasn’t his ticket to fame.

When he was seven years old, he starred on Voyage of the Mimi, a PBS series. He was also a child when he and best bud Matt Damon were cast as extras in the 1989 flick Field of Dreams, starring Kevin Costner. They were baseball fans.

8 Shared Bank Account

Here’s something that very few people, including those in Ben’s circle, don’t know about the academy award-winning actor. He once shared a bank account with best friend Matt Damon. The two were living together in a Los Angeles Apartment when they reportedly set one up.

It came in handy when they landed roles in a T.J. Maxx commercial and the 1992 flick School Ties. It truly paid off when they sold the script to Good Will Hunting for $600,000. I’m pretty sure following that movie’s success, their growing stars required separate bank accounts.

7 Good Will Hunting Inspired By Ben’s Dad 

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It’s already been noted that Ben’s dad was an actor at one point. But Timothy Affleck held many jobs as a mechanic, carpenter, electrician, bartender and a custodian. According to reports, he was a janitor at Harvard. In Good Will Hunting, Damon’s character is a brilliant person working as a janitor at MIT. We’re not saying Ben’s dad was a math whiz or anything, just that both Affleck and Damon were inspired by the former’s father’s employment.

The story line was gold, as it earned both men an academy award for best screen play.

6 The Imaginary Dog

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Every child wants a pet. Most of the time, it just so happens to be a furry one children promise to walk every day. Ben Affleck was one of those kids. He asked his mom, Chris, for a dog. His mother, a wise woman of her time, made young Ben walk an imaginary dog for a week. It was one of her finer teaching moments as a mother. According to several reports, Ben failed to walk the dog two out of seven days so he didn’t get the dog.

Now that’s some tough love.

5 Ms. Pac Man 

Remember those arcade video games mostly found in local ice cream shops and theaters back in the 70s and 80s? During that era, and even presently, some would argue Ms. Pac Man ruled the day. The arcade game was immediately available in many ice cream shops and theaters around North America. Young Ben was reportedly an avid gamer, not unlike today’s generation of gamers. He loved Ms. Pac Man, playing the game as often as he could.

It’s hard to imagine that the soon to be Batman actor was once upon time playing Ms. Pac Man!

4 Celtics Basketball Court In His Home

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The Argo star had a basketball court built in his mansion. How jealous are you right now? The Massachusetts native is not only a fan of the Boston Red Sox, but also the NBA team he’s cheered for since childhood. He had the logo, a leprechaun holding a basketball, painted at centre court. While in the past few years this wouldn’t be something to brag about, given the team’s putrid record, the Celtics are turning things around and instilling pride back into a passionate fan base. Just ask Ben!

3 The Panic Room

So we have it under pretty good authority that Ben Affleck has a panic room of sorts. Like that’s something you hear every day! According to reports, a secret room is hidden behind a panel in his office. It cannot be opened from the outside. It’s not clear why he’s in need of such a room, but the Batman actor decided he wanted one. Heck, maybe he’s got a secret BDMS fetish a la 50 Shades of Grey! Maybe he was inspired by the best-selling novel and or movie to the point he decided it was a must have.

2 Best Bud Damon Lived 2 Blocks Away

It’s well documented how close Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are. What many people don’t know, however, is that the two once lived two blocks away from each other when they were young. They were 10 years old when they first met. Interestingly, the two took drama classes when they attended Cambridge Rindge. It’s the school where both actors honed their acting skills. I think it worked as both have gone on to become two of Hollywood’s finest stars. Both have featured in epic, blockbuster movies.

1 The Red Sox Won’t Win On His Birthday

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Call him superstitious, Ben Affleck believes the Boston Red Sox, his favourite Major League Baseball team, are unable to win on his birthday – August 15. He’s told several media outlets his team has a putrid 0-13 record since 1997. Ironically, that was the year Affleck featured in his breakthrough hit, Good Will Hunting. He tried bringing Jennifer Lopez to Fenway Park, home of the Red Sox, but that didn’t change his luck. At the end of the day, the team has done well in the past decade and a half, winning three World Series.

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