10 Playboy Playmates Who Were Involved In A Crime

Playboy Playmates get a lot of attention. Usually it is because of two things. One, they are almost always really hot. I mean that is kind of the whole point. The other reason they get a lot of attention is, well, they are not only hot but pose nude for Playboy Magazine. To a certain type of girl, and a certain type of guy, being a Playboy Playmate, or dating one, is about as high up the ladder you can go.

There are other ways that Playboy Playmates have gotten attention over the years, and we aren't just talking about either getting married to Hugh Hefner. While it isn't good for the image, some of these playmates are truly bad girls, who were either arrested or charged with a crime. Others were not criminals, but they fell victim to bad guys out to do them harm. Some had problems with drugs, others assaulted people during jealous rages and some either killed, or were killed.

While Playboy loves to talk about its playmates and build up how glamorous and hot they are, sometimes things don't work out for them quite how anyone planned. These are stories that Hugh Hefner would just assume you forgot about, or never knew.

Here are 10 Playboy Playmates Who Were Involved In A Crime.

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10 Louise Glover - Slammed Woman's Head Into Bathroom Stall

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Louise Glover is an absolute beauty. Originally from England, she met Hugh Hefner at a party and soon after was appearing in Playboy. She became popular quickly and soon became model of the year. What isn't hot though is her being a jealous psycho. When a woman looked at her ex husband at a night club, Glover spilled a drink on her, then followed her into the bathroom where she slammed her head into a toilet a bunch of times. She was found guilty of assault and got a suspended sentence.

9 Colleen Shannon - Smuggled Boyfriend Into The US

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Another totally hot Playmate that went bad is the gorgeous Colleen Shannon. Colleen is gorgeous and had the honor of being the 50th Anniversary Playmate, although her crime isn't nearly as nasty as most of the others on the list. It turns out her boyfriend from Canada had a criminal record, so the U.S didn't want him here and didn't allow him in. This didn't stop her though; she snuck him into America through an Indian Reserve. She got caught, and surprisingly wasn't let off for being ridiculously good looking. Instead, she got 4 months in jail.

8 Tanya Beyer - Drug Trafficking

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Tanya Beyer was a sexy brunette who was Miss February way back in 1992. Sadly, like a lot of people these days, she got addicted to painkillers and wasn't able to get clean. She began what's known as "doctor shopping," getting more and more doctors to prescribe her anxiety meds and oxycodone.

She would take most of the pills, and would sell the rest, presumably to buy more pills, or who knows, maybe she even bought food now and then. She was finally caught and charged with trafficking oxycodone as well as withholding information from a medical provider.

7 Angela Dorian - Murdered Her Husband

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Angela wanted to be an actress, but when that didn't work, she settled for being naked in Playboy. Although she wasn't a famous actress, she soon became a famous Playmate. She was Playmate of the Year, and a photo of her went to the moon on Apollo 12. Things might have continued to go well for her if she didn't shoot and kill her husband. But, in 2011 that is exactly what she did. After killing her husband during a domestic dispute, she was arrested and bail was set at $1.5 million. She was sentenced to 9 years for manslaughter.

6 Swetlana Maslowskaya - Tax Evasion

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Swetlana was a smoking hot playmate from Germany who stopped posing nude when she was in her early 30s. One might think this was because she was tired of posing nude, and wanted a career, but you would be wrong. She actually stopped because she became the mistress to a millionaire who happened to be in his 80s. He kept her happy by giving her a lot of money and gifts including two Porsches and a Mercedes. They all might have lived happily ever after if she paid taxes on the gifts. After her millionaire died of old age, the government busted her for not paying taxes and she was sentenced to two years in prison.

5 Star Stowe - Strangled To Death

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Star Stowe is another who is sadly on this list not for being a criminal, but for being a victim.  She was once a popular Playboy Playmate, who made Playmate of the Month, and was romantically linked to Gene Simmons of Kiss. Sadly as she aged, and her looks faded, things kept getting worse and worse for Star. She became a stripper, and then eventually a prostitute. Finally in 1997, her body was found behind a pharmacy in Florida. She had been strangled. Her killer was never found.

4 Jennifer Lyn Jackson - DUI, Theft, Harassment 

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Things went downhill fast for Jennifer Lyn Jackson. She modeled for a few years for Playboy, then got married and moved to a trailer park. Soon after, she was arrested for DUI, then was arrested shortly thereafter for stealing cigarettes and a rolling machine from a gas station. Real classy.  A few years later, she and her redneck husband were arrested for harassing some other people in the trailer park while drunk. It would be nice if the story had a happy ending but it doesn't. She died of a heroin overdose.

3 Kia Terrell Drayton - Cocaine And Handguns

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Kia Drayton is a gorgeous woman and was named Playmate of the Month in December 2006. She and her boyfriend were staying at a motel and went out f0r the day. When they were gone, housekeeping found a bag in the room that had a kilo of cocaine in it, as well as a couple of handguns. First of all, who leaves a kilo of cocaine in the room while you go out on the town? Really?  At trial, it turned out it was all the boyfriend's doing, and Kia had no idea the drugs were in the bag. She walked and got no jail time, while he got 10 years in prison.

2 Dorothy Stratten - Shot And Killed

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While most of the women on this list were the ones that committed a crime, sadly a couple of them were the victims. Dorothy Stratten was straight up gorgeous. She was only 17 when her "manager" and boyfriend, named Paul Snider, sent photos of her to Playboy. She soon became Playmate of the Year, and began to get roles in movies and was on the verge of becoming a big star. She soon left Snider for another man. Saying he didn't handle this well is a huge understatement. Snider shot Stratten with a shotgun, then killed himself.

1 Kristina and Karissa Shannon - Aggravate Assault

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So Hefner likes hot twins, we all know that. Actually, let's face it. We all like hot twins. Anyway, Karissa and Kristina were both Playmates, and even ended up moving into the Playboy mansion to hang with Hef for a while. They actually got arrested before they were playmates and not after. And yes, they were arrested together. They smashed a woman over the head at a party with a beer bottle and were charged with aggravated assault. Kristina is in trouble again, though, as she was arrested for DUI in October after rolling her SUV, with her twin Karissa in it. They were on their way to get their nipples pierced. Yes...really.


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