10 Pieces Of Wearable Technology You Actually Want

Wearable tech is all the rage right now and sometimes, the idea has been met with rage. Google Glass was one of the most highly anticipated wearable tech products and it failed miserably. People were disgusted and uninterested in wearing giant ugly glasses to walk around and use the Internet at the same time (can’t we just use our smartphones and be less conspicuous?). The media even dubbed people who wore Google Glass “glassholes.” In February 2015, it was announced the project was going back to beta and Google Glass was going to be redesigned by Tony Faddell, formerly of Apple.

But while many people were uninterested in Google’s wearable technology, the public hasn't thrown out the baby with the bathwater and completely discounted the benefits of wearable technology altogether. Instead of making wearable technology something consumers would have to integrate into their lives to use, more popular wearable technology adapts to how we already live. It actually improves our lives because no one wants to walk around wearing a giant headpiece (at least not in public).

One of the hottest trends is smart jewelry, which doesn't look too different from regular jewelry and accessories most women would want to wear anyway, even if it didn't have tech features. The styles range from bracelets that track calories to pendants that track ovulation. Someone best known for putting ballet flats back on the map designed a line of smart jewelry that you won’t help but die for! Here are ten pieces of wearable technology that you will actually want to wear.

10 Illumask


The Illumask is a phototherapy (LED) mask that you wear for fifteen minutes a day, hopefully in the privacy of your own home. There are three kinds of masks- an anti-ageing mask, an eye mask and an anti-acne mask. The anti-acne mask is actually FDA cleared. The product has also been touted by Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar and even The New York Times. It’s also very affordable, way more so than many other treatments like Botox, prescriptions and all the products available at the cosmetic counter, costing about $1 per day, at $30 per mask, which lasts for 30 days.

9 iWatch


The iWatch is Apple’s most highly anticipated new product. Reports say it will be released in April with prices starting at around $350. The iWatch has many features including work through your phone to make calls. You can also access SIRI through it. Another feature is the heart-rate sensor and ability to install a variety of fitness apps. The watch can also replace your wallet because it’s connected to ApplePay. There are several options to change the face, so the iWatch can resemble a digital watch or a regular, more-businesslike accessory. Oh, and don’t worry, it also tells time.

8 Fitbit


Lots of people are already into the Fitbit and there are several different types including watches and wristbands. This handy dandy device tracks all things fitness, including your activity level (so you get up and move around your office, or park further away), calories burned (so you can completely obsess), as well as distance traveled and even sleep quality. It’s the ultimate accessory for those trying to lose weight or just get healthier. Another reason to wear a Fitbit? Tory Burch has designed her own line for Fitbit, which includes bracelets, pendants and wristbands that are so fashionable, you’d wear them even if they didn't track your fitness.



MICA, which is an acronym for “My Intelligent Communication Accessory,” is a collaboration between Intel and Opening Ceremony. So essentially, it’s one of the most fashionable devices out there. And high fashion doesn't come cheap- the MICA costs $495 and is sold at Barney’s New York. So, what does $495 get you? MICA has a 1.6 inch touchscreen which shows text messages, notifications and alerts. It also responds to texts with a variety of canned choices. Both Tom Tom and Yelp are integrated into the device so you can easily find your way to the trendiest restaurant. Plus, MICA has 3G built in, so you don’t need to have your phone nearby for it to work.

6 Bellabeat Leaf


The Bellabeat Leaf is a special piece of smart jewelry just for women. It’s a leaf made of recyclable European wood and steel that works as either a bracelet, necklace, pendant or brooch that has many standard health tracker functions including tracking quality of sleep, stress levels and activity. It also helps women track their period, ovulation, etc, which is especially helpful for those who are looking to get pregnant. Right now, it’s only available to pre-order, but Bloomingdales, Target and Best Buy are looking to stock this item in the future. The first group of pre-orders sold out 10,000 units, raking in $1.2 million for the start-up.

5 Stellé Mini-Clutch Speaker


Stelleé Audio makes a variety of truly fashion forward wearable tech products. One of their most unique offerings is their mini-clutch speaker. This tiny Bluetooth speaker features a built-in speakerphone and can connect to non-Bluetooth devices with an inner jack. Plus, if you need to charge your phone or any USB device on the go, it does that too. But it also has everything you need in a tiny purse, including a pocket and built in mirror. Currently, it comes in three fabulous styles starting at only $149, which is a pretty good deal for even an ordinary low-tech clutch bag.

4 Whistle


The Whistle Activity Monitor is wearable tech that isn't for people, but for pooches. If you ever wonder what your dog is doing all day when you are gone, you will wonder no more. It’s a small device that clips to your dog’s collar and connects through WIFI. Through an app, humans can track their pup’s activity including play and rest throughout the day and even compare it to that of other dogs. This is a great device especially for owners who leave their pups in doggy day care or hire dog walkers. And at $99, you’ll have enough cash left over for a big bag of treats.

3 Garmin Golf Watch


There are lots of smart watches, but Garmin’s Approach S6 Golf watch is the perfect one for golfers. According to the manufacturer, it’s like having a digital caddy on your wrist with maps of over 30,000 international golf courses. Who wouldn't want that? The watch features an audio metronome, which helps golfers to guide their swing more accurately for a better game. It also measures your swing tempo and has a tempo training mode, which is sort of like having a digital lesson. Plus, it quantifies swing strength. At $399.99, it’s only the cost of a few golf lessons.

2 Dorothy


Remember in The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy could click her heels three times and say, “There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home” and she was suddenly back in Kansas? Well, Dorothy is going to help you do that. It’s a device you put in your shoes and when you click your heals three times, it can do things like call you an Uber or activate your phone to ring from a fake number, or send your friends a text that you are in distress, making it super easy for you to get out the most awkward or dangerous social situations faster than you can say “Yellow Brick Road.”

1 Physical Cookies


Physical Cookies aren't chocolate chip or oatmeal raisin, they are little key fobs that combine the best of online shopping and old-fashioned bricks and mortar stores. How do they work? They study a shopper’s habits and purchases to offer them better deals when they go to bricks and mortar stores. The Physical Cookie is similar to the iBeacon, which is an app that, for example, let’s say you walk past a shelf selling televisions, the app will ping your phone with a special offer. Physical cookies help consumers get better deals and don’t cost them a dime, so if you want to save a few a bucks, you might be sporting one soon.

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