10 People Who Owned Celebrities On Twitter

We’ve all been on the other end of some brutal social media criticism. Not-so-fun. And while we can all admit that this cruel trend can do some serious damage to our egos, we also can’t help but feel a small amount of satisfaction when a celeb is on the other end.

Among the many television hosts which have used the public’s love of celebrity humiliation to entertain us, Jimmy Kimmel has a segment on his show called "Celebrities Read Mean Tweets," where actors, pop stars, and reality stars read out loud the insensitive criticisms from the public. Many tweets are nonsensical remarks from Twitter trolls, but every now and then a tweet slips in that just makes sense. Their comments seep into our minds, and we wonder why we never realized on our own that Wiz Khalifa looks like a homeless woman or that Andrew Garfield’s new hairstyle makes him look like a pedophile.

It’s these users who not only owned these 10 celebs, but made us look at them differently forever.

11 Tyrese - Clueless

Actor and R&B singer, Tyrese, made the colossal mistake of tweeting something people don’t care to read, like his plans of going shopping. His tweet, “Got a lot on my mind.. I’m gonna go shopping before the mall close..” was hilariously replied to by @TurboGrandma as she compared his night out to “the exact premise of Clueless.”

It’s nice to know that when Tyrese is stressed out he takes it out on his bank account like the rest of us. Seems like we’ve all got a bit of Cher inside of us, and now we all have the pleasure of picturing Tyrese rollin’ with his homies at the food court.

10 Gerard Butler - Massive Student Loan

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@ladycariad tweets, “Does Gerrard Butler have a massive student loan or something? Is that why he does all these s**t films?” This may seem like just another hater, but Butler’s IMDB page doesn’t lie. It has been 10 years since 300 was released, gifting us with some of the sexiest bodies on the big screen. Add that to the historical aspect, some incredible graphics, and several intensely bloody battle scenes, this movie was epic in 2006.

Since then, Butler has acted in some stuff we haven’t heard of, two sweet but not-so-epic romantic comedies, and voiced some kids' movie about dragons which is popular enough that I’ve heard of it but not popular enough that I know what it’s about. That leaves fans asking, what the hell Butler? Unless he’s made so much money from 300 that he never has to work again, he needs to get a new agent.

9 Jessica Alba - Is It 2007?

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@sexydeucedeuce reminds us of Jessica Alba’s serious decline in status by tweeting, "I just saw @jessicaalba. If this was 2007 I'd be really excited." At the peak of her career, (roughly around 2007) Jessica Alba was best known for her roles in Sin City, Fantastic Four, and Good Luck Chuck. It seems she’s had trouble transitioning into roles that signify more than just the hot chick, and hasn’t had any notable roles since 2010 when she appeared in Little Fockers, the third movie in the Meet the Parents trilogy.

The most obvious sign that her career is in trouble, was her decision to be in a Taylor Swift video. Riddled with sort-of-celebrities, Swift’s Bad Blood video is described on IMDB as follows: “After Catastrophe is betrayed, she teams up with female crime-fighters to take back what is hers and get her revenge from Arsyn.” That just says all that needs to be said about the direction her career is headed.

8 Andrew Garfield - The RV Pedophile

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There’s no better description of Andrew Garfield’s latest look than @raihaan’s tweet saying, “Is Andrew Garfield doing his utter best to look like a pedophile that lives in an RV.” It seems that along with his untamed locks, he’d also adapted a questionable wardrobe when he stepped out in a couch-like floral patterned button-down in September.

However, after a few google searches, it was clear that Garfield had only taken on this new look for his latest role in Silence, where he plays a 17th century Jesuit priest who travels to Japan. Garfield jokes in an interview with E! Online that there were “no barber shops in the wilderness in the 1600s in Japan,” and that he’s looking forward to going back to his old look. Seems like he might have taken @raihaan’s tweet to heart!

7 Wiz Khalifa - Homeless Woman

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@Al_RamBro hilariously tweeted that “Wiz Khalifa looks like a homeless woman,” and it’s been hard to view him as anything else ever since. Best known for his single Black and Yellow, his songs have been climbing the charts since 2008.

While he clearly isn’t a woman, this image is hard to shake. Is it the crazy hair? His slim figure? Or just his overall demeanor? Regardless, he needs to stop and do something about it.

6 Kim Kardashian - Who Got Powerball Tickets?

When the country was going Powerball crazy a few weeks ago, Kim Kardashian had the nerve to tweet out to her followers, “Who got power ball tickets???” The backlash was instant. A stream of replies came in, rightfully telling her off.

One of the best replies came from Twitter user @callhergold, whose words have since spread across the internet. Her reply plainly stated, “Stay out of poor people’s business bitch.”

It makes us wonder how much money will be enough for this woman.

5 Dane Cook - Butt End Of His Own Joke

Comedian and actor, Dane Cook, was huge back in the day. There was a time period where every social gathering had his stand up playing in the background instead of music. But where has he been these days? It seems the Twitter-sphere agrees, as his tweets are a bit more sophisticated than his stand-up routine.

When Cook tweeted “I just got in a fight with myself over something I have no business being involved in,” followers can assume he was trying to be humorous. But Twitter user @EliBraden made this tweet truly comedic, replying “Comedy?” bringing to our attention that he’s been m.i.a. for a while now.

4 Chris Brown - Happy Valentine's Day 

Musician Chris Brown just can’t catch a break. Not that he deserves one. In attempt to tweet out to his female followers on Valentine’s Day, Brown was slapped in the face with his past. He tweeted, “HAPPY VALENTINES DAY to all the beautiful women around the world.. Know that you are loved and appreciated !! God bless.”

In hilarious response, Twitter user @thelindsayellis tweets, “awww I bet you say that to all the victims,” referring to his violent past with women. In particular, his abusive relationship with ex-girlfriend Rihanna. She sure knew how to shut him down!

3 Oprah Winfrey - Hi Twitters

We all love Oprah. She has literally been in the public eye forever, which makes her perhaps a bit…out of touch. At least that seemed to be the case when she joined Twitter. When we read her first tweet, "HI TWITTERS. THANK YOU FOR A WARM WELCOME. FEELING REALLY 21st CENTURY,” we can’t help but smile. Isn’t she adorable?

Shaq seemed to think so, responding to her tweet saying, “ur caps r on, btw.” She’s giving off the grandma vibe, calling her followers Twitters! Just so adorable.

2 Donald Trump - I Love America

We all love to hate Donald Trump as he continues to make a fool of himself in every political debate, and his Twitter page is a never-ending hot spot for comedic material. When Trump tweets anything, it leaves him open to criticism.

He tweeted, “I love America + when u love something u protect it passionately” and this obvious response from a Twitter user is spot on. @LaurenSivan tweets, “Then u divorce it + find a younger, hotter country to love,” clearly referring to his ever-changing relationships with women.

1 Miley Cyrus

Following Miley Cyrus’ career lately has seemed like watching a never-ending train wreck. Much like Donald Trump, her tweets are constantly being criticized. Even a simple tweet of Kanye West lyrics, “You’re my freedom yet your my jail,” got some humorous feedback.

Twitter user @LaurenSivan hilariously replied, “Working on those wedding vows?” referring to her once-upon-a-time engagement to Liam Hemsworth. Rumors have recently surfaced that they’re back together, but only time will tell how that pans out. Also, Miley, *you’re my jail. Come on.

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