10 People Who Claimed They Did The Deed With Aliens

When it comes to aliens, and people that believe in them, there tends to be two different camps. In the first camp are the people that firmly believe in aliens, and other lifeforms in our galaxy. The next camp are those that think that there are no such things as aliens, and that people who believe in them are totally nuts.

Actually, now that I think of it, there is a third group. These are people that not only believe in aliens, they claim to have met them.  They have all sorts of wild stories about being abducted, and sometimes even experimented on, or mind controlled. Then there are those that take that whole thing even a bit farther. These are the ones who not only say they have met aliens, but they claim to have had sexual relations with them. Sounds like a good time, right? Yeah, we're not too sure about that either.

In any case, I don't know about you, but that seems just a tad hard to believe. I mean, are these people total nutters, or did they really meet aliens and do the deed with them? And how does that work anyway? Do I even really want to know? Do you even really want to know? These people claim to have met some aliens and said they got lucky. Or I guess in this instance maybe the term would be unlucky. Either way, here are 10 people who claimed to have "Done The Deed" with aliens. Even though, at the end of the day, we probably really didn't need to know.

10 Simon Parkes - Had A Relationship With Cat Queen

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Simon Parkes is a city councilor from a town called Stakesby, which is in the UK. Simon claims that he has been doing it with an alien that he calls "Cat Queen" for quite a while now and that they even have a child together named Zarka. Isn't that sweet?  Simon is married in real life, and says his continued relationship with Cat Queen puts a strain on his marriage as they still meet up and do it around 4 times a year. He doesn't consider it cheating, as you know, banging an alien doesn't count.

9 Suzanne Brown And Myriko

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According to UFO expert named Suzanne Brown, which is, of course, a made-up name to protect her identity, she used to be visited regularly by an alien named "Myriko." This supposedly continued regularly for over 20 years. At first it was described by "Suzanne" as relaxed and loving, but as the years went on, Myriko started mind controlling her and making her do things she didn't want to. See ladies? All men, and aliens, are total jerks.

8 David Huggins - Alien Artist

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David claims that he started getting abducted when he was 6. He told his parents but they didn't believe him. Then, at age 17 he was abducted and lost his virginity to an alien named "Crescent."  He says that over the years he has fathered over 50 hybrid children with Crescent, and that often what goes down between them is watched by a bunch of insect-like aliens. Gee, I wonder why his parents didn't believe him?  Huggins is a painter, and much of his work is about, you guessed it, him doing it with aliens.

7 Peter Khoury - Alien Threesome

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While most of these people who did the deed with aliens, had to settle for just one, Peter Khoury hit the jackpot. One morning he just woke up in bed, with two hot alien women, one blonde, and one Asian.  According to Peter, they both looked close to human, but had eyes around three times the size of a human's. This was his second alien encounter; four years prior to this he woke up paralyzed in bed surrounded by aliens. Anyway the three messed around for a bit, then they eventually vanished. He even submitted to a polygraph test to prove his claims.

6 Stephany Cohen - Team Spirit

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Stephany says she has done the deed numerous times with a group of aliens she calls "team spirit."  She says she has done it with a whole bunch of different aliens, some the typical "Greys," some that are reptiles, and some that look like cats. Her favorite is an alien named Ian, who is a member of some sort of octopus alien tribe; she says she has hung out with him a number of times. I could go on, but I think I am going to just stop right there for all of our sakes.

5 Jose Alvaro - Did It In A Field

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Jose is from Brazil, and is one of hundreds of people who claim to have seen a particular UFO one night. He said after seeing it he felt dazed and walked into a field, then could not remember what happened. After being hypnotized he said that he remembered doing it with an alien in the field who he described as tall and plump. Way to go Jose! Later the UFO was said to just be propellant from a rocket's cloud that had been launched by a Soviet spaceport.

4 Pamela Stonebrooke - Did It With A Reptilian

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According to Pamela Stonebrooke, a jazz singer from California, she has had numerous encounters with an alien of a physical nature. She said the first time she did it she was taken aboard a spaceship and was going at it with a handsome blonde human, but halfway in he turned into a reptile. She must have freaked out, right? Nope, she was so into it at that point because of the telepathic communication. She wrote a book about this experience called Experiencer: A Jazz Singer’s True Account of Extraterrestrial Contact. It somehow did not become a bestseller.

3 Elizabeth Klarer - Did It With Venusians

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Elizabeth was a woman from South Africa, who claimed to have met some aliens from Venus; they were peaceful and had arrived on Earth as they were concerned about the human race. They also apparently arrived to try and get lucky, as before too long she ended up doing it with an alien named Akon, who according to her said "We rarely mate with Earth women. When we do, we keep the offspring to strengthen our race and infuse new blood.” He sounds like quite a smooth talker. I bet he said that to all of the Earth girls.

2 Meng Zhaoguo - First Chinese Person To Do It With An Alien

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Meng was known in China as the first person to claim to have done it with an alien. He supposedly saw a downed UFO, then later when he was at home he awoke to find himself levitating. He was then straddled by an alien who did it with him for around 40 minutes. Sounds like a good time, right? Umm...no. He claimed that a month or so later he was taken on a spaceship and asked to see the female alien that he did it with. He was told that could not happen, but that in 60 years a son of a Chinese peasant would be born on a distant planet.  This all sounds logical, right?

1 Antonio Vilas Boas - Brazilian Farmer

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Boas was a Brazilan farmer. He claims that a UFO landed in front of his tractor, and he was abducted and taken into the spaceship. Then a woman showed up, the two did the deed, and Boas said he enjoyed it but then he thought "All they wanted was a good stallion to improve their stock.” Poor guy was used by an alien, what a drag. He then wandered around and tried to steal a clock to prove he was on the ship. The aliens noticed and booted him off the ship, then the UFO took off and they left him back in the field.

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