10 Of The World's Most Eligible Royals

After Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, met and married Kate Middleton in 2010, the world was taken by storm. Suddenly, everyone’s dream of marrying royalty and becoming a prince or princess seemed achievable – the proof was right there in front of our eyes. Although Prince William is now officially off of the market, there are plenty of other eligible royals out there, including his younger brother Harry, who’s also reportedly more of a party animal than William is. The ten members of royalty on this list are probably the most eligible bachelors and bachelorettes in the world. Not only are they young, attractive, wealthy and, most importantly, single; but shacking up with one of them will undoubtedly earn you worldwide prestige and authority over an entire country. Although you might have difficulties keeping up with the members of this hyper-educated and upper class elite, what are you waiting for? Get out there and become the next Kate Middleton!

10 Prince Harry – United Kingdom


William might be off the market for good, but his younger brother Harry, arguably the better-looking brother, is miraculously still available. Although Harry has been tied to a couple of high-profile women throughout the years, he and his most recent girlfriend split up in April of 2014, leaving him on the market. Although Harry has served in the armed forces and received several medals of honor, after several scandals, including one involving nudity, strip billiards and a Las Vegas hotel room, he’s earned a bit of a reputation for being a bad boy. But hey, if he settles down, maybe you’ll get to share Kate’s closet.

9 Princess Eugenie – York


Although Princess Eugenie’s older sister, Princess Beatrice is in a serious long-term relationship, Eugenie herself is still on the market. Princess Eugenie of York may be only seventh in line for the throne, but this could be a blessing in disguise. If you nab her while she’s still an eligible bachelorette, you won’t have to attend quite as many boring royal functions. Plus, she’s young, beautiful and well traveled. Princess Eugenie studied the liberal arts, focusing on a combination of Art History, English Literature and Politics. Eugenie is sure to be a fantastic conversationalist, and is additionally the niece of the late Princess Diana of Wales.

8 Princess Theodora – Greece and Denmark


Princess Theodora is a double whammy, in that she holds not one title, but two. Although Greece abolished the monarchy in 1973, she technically still holds the title of Princess of Greece. Additionally, she is a Princess of Denmark because her father is a member of the Danish royal family. Princess Theodora’s godparents include royalty from Romania, Yugoslavia, the United Kingdom and Denmark – this is definitely a woman with connections. Plus, not only does she hold two titles – Princess Theodora is smart and artistic. She graduated from Brown University and has pursued education in Theatre Arts and Cinematography. Intelligent, talented, well connected and beautiful? Sounds like the whole package.

7 Prince Philippos – Greece


Princess Theodora isn't the only member of the Grecian royal family who’s one of the most eligible royals in the world. Her brother, Prince Philippos, is equally eligible. Like Theodora, Philippos is highly educated and talented, having pursued a degree at Georgetown University. However, he differs from Theodora, in that Prince Philippos does his best to avoid the public eye. While Princess Theodora has tried her hand at acting and clearly thrives in the spotlight, Philippos is notorious for avoiding the media. Thus, if you’re looking for a more low-key royal life, Philippos sounds like the perfect match.

6 Pierre Casiraghi – Monaco


Not only is Pierre Casiraghi the grandson of Grace Kelly, who became Princess Grace of Monaco, he’s extraordinarily handsome and talented. Pierre’s early life was unfortunately marked by tragedy: his father died in a boating accident when he was only three years old. However, he has managed to overcome this horrific tragedy and has led a successful life. He’s dated a number of women, but lucky for us, he is currently living the single life. In addition to playing the saxophone, Pierre speaks several languages, skiis, swims and holds a degree in International Economics and Management. Aided by his education, Pierre handles the business affairs of several of his father’s companies.

5 Princess Sirivannavari – Thailand


In addition to being the only daughter of the Crown Prince and Princess of Thailand, Princess Sirivannavari is impressive in her own right. She studies fashion and textiles at the Faculty of Fine and Applied Art, and was even invited to Paris to show the clothing collection that she designed. In addition to designing clothes that expertly combine the modern and the traditional, Princess Sirivannavari enjoys playing sports and engaging in other forms of the arts. She even competed in badminton at the South East Asian Games in 2005 – if you can keep up, Princess Sirivannavari is quite the catch.

4 Prince Wenzeslaus – Liechtenstein


If you’re into slightly older gentlemen, then Prince Wenzeslaus is the one for you. This 40-year-old Prince of Lichtenstein has never married and is a Count of Rietberg. Plus, he’s an extremely sharp dresser and is known to be quite charming. Although he seriously dated Victoria’s Secret supermodel Adriana Lima at one point, he’s now single and back on the market. Despite Prince Wenzeslaus’ history of dating gorgeous supermodels, we like to think he’s ready to pull a Prince William and settle down with someone a little more “normal” – now’s our chance!

3 Princess Alexandra – Luxembourg


Like Prince Wenzelaus, Princess Alexandra is royalty of an extremely small country, which could definitely have its perks – all the benefits of being royalty without the insane amount of press and media coverage and obligations. Princess Alexandra is also intelligent and obviously well connected. Her uncle is the current King of Belgium, and she’s the fourth child of her parents, the Duke and Duchess of Luxembourg. Not only is she fabulous royalty, but Princess Alexandra will whip you into shape. She played varsity tennis for the University of Steubenville, and also dances, skiis and swims. If you’re looking for a girl to keep up with an active lifestyle, Princess Alexandra is your best bet.

2 Sheikh Hamdan – United Arab Emirates


Dubai, the largest city in the United Arab Emirates, is already known as a playground for the wealthy, so it’s no surprise that its Crown Prince, Sheikh Hamdan, is fabulously wealthy and one of the most eligible bachelors in the world. Sheikh Hamdan writes romantic and familial poetry, and is often referred to by his pen name, Fazza. Not only is Fazza a talented poet, he also shines in equestrian pursuits and pursued higher education in the United Kingdom. Additionally, he’s an avid traveler and amateur skydiver, so sharing a life with Fazza would constantly be full of decadence and adventure.

1 Prince Albert – Thurn und Taxis


Prince Albert hails from an aristocratic German family called Thurn und Taxis. Although Prince Albert excels in several areas, his main claim to fame is being one of the youngest billionaires ever – after his father’s death in 1980, he was first listed as the world’s youngest billionaire when he was only eight years old. The house of Thurn und Taxis is notorious and remains relevant for building castles and for owning several breweries. Additionally, Prince Albert is famous for racing German cars. Prince Albert’s eligibility stems from his immense fortune, skill in race-car driving, and well connected family – what more could you ask for?

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