10 Most Sexually Active College Majors In 2014

If you were asked which group of students on any given campus you thought got the most action, how would you respond? Your answer might be influenced by the gender, race, or age of the group. Perhaps you believe that blondes get more action than brunettes, or you might presume that boys are more promiscuous than girls. Would you think to consider the subject a student studies?

Studentbeans has elucidated a possible relationship between college major and sexual activity on their “The Inter-course League”, released each year as a part of their annual Sex Survey, which also includes things like the “University Sex Survey.” The latter highlights which universities have the most sexually active students - which is probably not a stat your parents are considering when helping you choose which educational institution to apply to...

Studentbeans conducted a survey across over 60 disciplines to compile the Inter-course League, which takes a look at which courses the most sexually active students are enrolled in. What would your guess be? An open-minded liberal arts student, or perhaps a sexy soon-to-be doctor? How about those rowdy engineers, or maybe it’s the movers and shakers in the business department. The results aren't quite so predictable.

One thing's for certain: Most students are enjoying their young, free years. Read on to find out if you're typical or atypical - or perhaps you still have time to choose the right major for your, ahem, lifestyle.

10 Sports science: 5.74 sexual partners

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It’s not really a stretch to imagine students in this discipline getting to know another human body better in their extracurricular time, considering it's what they do every day in their course work.

The study of sports science is not just about becoming a physical education teacher, although that is an option. This field studies the health of the human body, focusing on achieving the best possible results through athletic training and exercise, various environments, and other stimuli. Besides a gym teacher, one can go on to become a coach, sports therapist, nutritionist, sports administrator, strength and conditioning specialist and more. These students are clearly 'stimulated' by their studies...

9 Business Studies: 5.78 sexual partners

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With courses such as Business Communication, Marketing Management and Financial Accounting, this field’s focus is fairly obvious. Studies prepare folk in business knowledge as well as practices, including organizational behavior, accounting, marketing and market analysis, and operations management. Not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur or someone who lives and breathes people, because ultimately people is what business and business knowledge is all about. Not for the antisocial or overly shy, people in this field do well when gregarious, confident and persistent — qualities that obviously help boost their social lives, too.

8 Law: 5.89 sexual partners

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How good are your powers of persuasion?  As a lawyer, you probably know exactly how to get what you want, with a mix of charm and strong argumentative skills. Besides having (we hope) a strong sense of what’s just, too, they have to pay attention to the fine print, know a string of sub-clauses and be prepared for any eventuality. Being detail-oriented, and, let’s face it, likely somewhat of a control-freak, is probably very handy when getting to know someone (impressing them with what you remember about them) and getting to “know” someone (how do you like to be controlled?).

7 Theology and comparative religion: 6.00 sexual partners

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These fields, though related, are quite different. Theology studies generally imply some commitment to a religion, usually a form of Christianity, whereas comparative religion is as it sounds: the world’s main religions are compared, with the view to an overall understanding of human belief systems and spirituality. Physical intimacy can certainly feel spiritual at times, meaning the progress from the books to the bed could be quite natural for these students. Statistics suggest that rather than a bunch of conservative religious fanatics, students in these disciplines are at heart a bunch of free-love gurus.

6 Civil engineering, construction and related: 6.42 sexual partners

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Although some are offended when men in hard hats send wolf calls their way, many others like well-muscled tough guys in big trucks. Civil engineers may not all fit that bill; some of them may even be downright geeky, focusing on issues such as energy conservation, environmental quality, public safety and infrastructure restoration. Either way, it seems that with an average of 6.42 sexual partners each, these students are working hard to restore all sorts of ecosystems and infrastructures. Waste reduction? These young adults reduce waste by missing no opportunity! Mitigate the climate change in your own bedroom by getting steamy between the sheets instead of turning on the central heating...

5 Management, marketing, business and HR: 6.61 sexual partners

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Marketing combined with business savvy and learning how to manage people is what these studies are all about. HR focusses on labor relations, but also on things like strategic management, performance management (“performance”… now there’s a loaded word), organizational behavior, training and development. Something’s sure developing among these students who are No. 5 on the list in terms of numbers of sexual partners, and numbers are one thing these people are all about! “Training”? That’ll help with speed and stamina. “Organizational behavior”? You're not trying hard enough to use your imagination if you can’t picture that double entendre.

4 Marketing: 6.79 sexual partners

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Who can get under your skin (or on it) better than someone in marketing? Going so far at times as to study the psychology of consumption (i.e. desire), those in this field learn how to influence people. Forget making friends - it’s more about making others do what they never even knew they wanted to, whether with the packaging, alluring language (voulez-vous…) or a simple scent. When pheromones are part of the deal, there’s no stopping ’em. In an arena where psychologists specializing in working with the autistic have been employed to target the average consumer, you know if you meet one of these students, you're likely to fall for their clever charms.

3 Social work, community care and counselling: 6.81 sexual partners

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People in this area of study and related fields are typically empathetic do-gooders. Apparently they’re good-doers, too! With an average of 6.81 sexual partners each, it seems they help their clients feel better during the day, while making their partners feel great in the extracurricular realm. Altruistic by nature, those who spend their lives making our community stronger are surely just as giving between the sheets. All in all, “there’s a whole lotta lovin' going on.”

2 Philosophy: 6.97 sexual partners

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Are Aristotle and Nietzsche suitable for pillow talk? How about Kierkegaard or Kant? It seems no one taking philosophy is saying, “I can’t”… The entire issue up for discussion here would provoke much theoretical discourse by students in this field. Theories on well-being, happiness and societal norms all tend to zero in on sexuality at some point, so it's no wonder philosophers have sex on the brain. It seems that feisty philosophers are shaking off their bookish image to become campus lotharios and femmes fatales, having climbed over 30 places on the inter-course league since 2012.

1 Leisure, hospitality, tourism and retail: 7.21 sexual partners

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This is a booming industry in which one is almost guaranteed a work placement upon graduation. Involving a lot of interaction (did you say, “action”?) with members of the public, it's essential that those in this field have good interpersonal skills. It’s not a shocker, then, to learn these people are skilled at getting personal, too. When we think leisure and tourism, we picture a cruise or white sand beaches. These are romantic spots. Hospitality? The individuals learning this trade must be very hospitable indeed to come in at No. 1 with over 7 sexual partners each.

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