10 Cities Where All The Single People Are Hiding

Looking for love in the USA? You’re in luck because just about every dating company and research institute seems to publish annual data about the single life.

In February this year, Facebook joined the pack and published research on the cities with the highest number of singles (according to relationship status on Facebook profiles). On top of that, it looked at the cities in which Facebook users are most like to change their relationship status from “single” to “in a relationship”. Although this can give us a good insight into where you can stop that forever alone feeling, perhaps New Yorkers prefer to keep their relationship status to themselves? Or perhaps people in “coupled up” cities are more likely to join the crowd and also get into a partnership?

Zoosk also published a study recently about which cities in the USA had the most open minds about dating – meaning they were open to dating someone really different from them. It looked at factors such as religion, education, smoking and drinking habits, body type, and previous marriages.

Although analyzing statistics isn’t the most conventional way to go about finding love, check out our list of 10 of the best cities for singles in 2014. We’ve taken a good look at all the research out there and compiled a list of 10 popular cities for singles. Find out where singles – old and young – live and where they’re likely to snap up a boyfriend or girlfriend.

10 El Paso – Marriage Is On the Cards

El Paso is a great place to be if you’re single and looking to get into a relationship. According to sociology professor Andrew Cherlin at John Hopkins University, it’s possible that El Paso (and other cities such as San Antonio) may owe its reputation as one of the best cities to find love to its Mexican heritage. As stated by Cherlin: “Mexicans tend to marry early”.

9 Santa Barbara – One in Two Adults is Unmarried

Although Santa Barbara is known to have pretty high living costs, the metro area is more affordable and still offers sunny weather and a good lifestyle for singles. According to the latest census data in the USA, about 52.2% of adults are unmarried. What’s more, according to Kiplinger, the typical income in this area being about 18% higher than the national median, meaning that picking up the tab on date night may not be a problem for many people. There are more than 700 restaurants to choose from in this city and a lot of outdoor activities.


8 San Antonio – A Place to Find Love

San Antonio featured among the top five cities where Facebook users were most likely to change their status from “single” to “in a relationship”. What’s more, it made the cut for Zoosk’s top 10 list of the most open-minded cities for singles. As told by Eric Diaz to the Wall Street Journal, many young professionals in this area were already coupled up so it’s a better spot for younger single people rather than older ones.

7 Colorado Springs – Strong Values Lead to Relationships

Those living in Colorado Springs are most likely to change their relationship status from “single” to “in a relationship”. It’s a fit, active place to live with a growing nightlife scene and plenty of college students to keep the energy high. The not-so-good news is that there are not as many single people in Colorado Springs as there are in many of the cities that Facebook analyzed. On top of that, some researchers believe that strong military and religious communities in Colorado Springs tend to promote more traditional values, thus leading to a higher rate of relationships and marriages.

6 Miami – A Hot Spot For Older Singles

According to Facebook, Miami is among the top five cities with the most single people making it a great place to meet your match (not to mention an ideal place to live weather wise!). The 2012 Census Bureau was analyzed by US News, and they found that the highest proportion of unmarried retired people is in the Miami and New Orleans metro areas. As many as half of all people aged 60 and above are single. This is possibly due to many factors, including a slightly higher divorce rate in Miami compared to the national rate. On top of that, there’s sadly a high number of widowers and there’s also around 8% of people who never married.

5 New York City – Single People Everywhere

New York City undoubtedly deserves its spot on our list because there are thousands and thousands of singles roaming around this city everyday looking for love. According to the Facebook research, it’s up there among the top five cities that have the most single people. What’s not so great is that it has a lower rate of people who couple up eventually, meaning it’s tough to find the other single people out there and hold on to them. To help you out, Forbes magazine found in 2013 that there are more men living alone in Lower Manhattan and parts of Queens (including Long Island City) and far more women living alone in the Upper East Side area.


4 Los Angeles – Second Highest Number of Singles

According to the Facebook data published in February 2014, Los Angeles comes in at second place for the number of single people living there. Aside from that, singles are spoiled for choice when it comes to date night activities thanks to LA’s sunny climate, top nightlife and highly-rated eateries. What’s interesting about singles in LA is that there are more single men downtown but more single women on the west side of LA, as reported by Forbes in 2013.


3 Memphis – Great For Over 60s

Memphis is another city with lots of single people; it makes the cut as one of the five cities in the USA with the most single people, according to Facebook. Another feather in Memphis’ cap is that it made Zoosk’s list of the “most open-minded” cities for daters. Like Miami (which also appeared on our list), Memphis is a great place to be single if you’re in the over 60s age group.

2 Las Vegas – Most Open-Minded Daters

Vegas gets a bad rap for being full of casinos and wild parties, and isn’t always at the top of the list of destinations for singles. However, Zoosk has rated Las Vegas daters as the most open-minded in the country. To top that off, Forbes reported last year that Vegas is a particularly good place for single women looking for a man. The ratio of men living alone to women living along is the highest of the USA’s 100 biggest metro areas.

1 Detroit – Lots of Single & Open-Minded People

Rated by Facebook as the USA city with the most single people as of 2014, Detroit, Michigan tops our list of where to find love. It was also rated by Zoosk as the city with the second-most open-minded daters in the country. Sure, this city was declared bankrupt last year and the population as fallen dramatically in the past decade – but at least it’d be cheap to buy a house with your new partner.


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