10 Celebrity Instagrams Worth Stalking

Owned by Facebook, Instagram is a social media platform that in recent years has sparked much interest by almost everyone and everything. Whether for personal pleasure or business marketing, Instagram is an easy, engaging and visually appealing platform to connect with a large audience through nothing more than images.

Today, Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms, with practically everyone you know, or wish you didn't, uploading pictures of themselves (#selfie) and their lives for the world to see. It's the most innovative and direct way for people to learn all about one another, without having to do anything more than simply choose a filter and a catchy caption.

What makes Instagram different from other social media platforms is the 'faux' relationship one may feel with their favorite celebrities. You simply have to follow their un-private account, and voila, you are immediately a part of their inner circle. In reality, this is unrealistic, but following celebrities on Instagram is a fun, easy and interesting way to see what they are doing, or claiming to be doing, in time.

With this type of attention, comes an array of celebrities who are making sure their accounts come on top. So, here are ten celebrity Instagrams not exactly worth following, but definitely worth stalking:

10 Kylie Jenner

Via cosmopolitan.com

Kylie Jenner knows nothing more than being behind the camera. Her life has been taped since the day she was born. In my opinion, King Kylie is an eighteen-year-old diva who made her name by simply posting endless amounts of selfies of herself on social media, and obviously by being the offspring of Kris Jenner and a member of the Kardashian empire.

She has grown to make a brand of herself, whether because of her influential style or faux lips, hair and possibly body. Jenner does not miss out on the opportunity to post absolutely everything and anything on her Instagram, getting over a million likes on almost every picture. To no one's surprise, the majority of her pictures are highly edited and filtered, just like the rest of her face (yes, I went there).

However, Kylie is undoubtedly an eighteen-year-old business woman who has made a career for herself and has used social media as an effective, successful marketing strategy. She has changed the way the millennial generation can use social media for business marketing and branding purposes. Kuddos, Kylie. Nevertheless, as much as you wish you didn't want to know about her, the reality is, you borderline do. So King Kylie's Instagram is most definitely worth the stalk.

9 Kim Kardashian

Via abcnews.go.com

Whether you want to believe, admit or accept it, Kim Kardashian has become a house-hold name. Everyone knows who she is, willingly or not. In my opinion, she is the twenty-first century's queen of social media, and is definitely passing the crown to her younger sisters.

Kim's Instagram game is #SELFISH. Why buy her book, when you can follow her on Instagram and see her endless amounts of selfies? Following Kim K on Instagram is like listening to someone talk endlessly about either themselves (boring...) or their child (even more boring...). She is so self-absorbed it's hard not to care. However, let's not forget that Kim K has made a name for herself for being just that, self-obsessed, and it sure worked.

With over 50 million followers, Kim has built herself a brand on social media, just like the rest of her siblings (except for poor Rob).

8 Miley Cyrus

Via peoplesearchlookup.org

Miley Cyrus is another example of a child star who grew up in the public eye. At a young age, Miley was a role-model and inspiration to many young girls and boys, playing the fictional character of Hannah Montana. She made a made an image for herself as being a wholesome, kind and genuine country girl. However, the new Miley is one word: INSANE.

Miley Cyrus has now, in more recent years, become a role-model for expressing oneself on social media with absolutely no boundaries. She does not care about what society thinks of her and her wild antics. She just does her, and lives her life, semi-nude. Miley is no longer the innocent, sweet country girl that she was when she was acting in Hannah Montana. Oh no, she is far past that and has ventured into the world of drugs, sex and hardcore partying. These three things, I believe, best represent the type of things she posts on her Instagram.

7 Kendall Jenner

Via nydailynews.com

It seems as though the Kardashians/Jenners are quite the topic of conversation in terms of social media and pop-culture. It is hard to escape them! They are literally everywhere. Nevertheless, Kendall Jenner, although being a part of this money-making, fame obsessed family, has made a career of her own in the fashion industry.

Kendall, although being raised in front of the cameras alongside her sisters, is now a successful fashion model, being the face for brands like Estee-Lauder, Balmain Paris and most recently Calvin Klein. It is quite ironic when comparing Kendall's Instagram to those of her sisters. Her posts, whether being pictures or videos, are much more "real" and candid - with less filters, alterations and technological plastic surgeries.

6 Amber Rose

Via guyjest.com

Who is Amber Rose? You know her as being either Kanye West's ex, Wiz's ex, or the bald girl with a huge a**. Nevertheless, Amber Rose is a feminist who embraces sexuality. Further, Amber Rose, among other Hollywood divas, has shared her disputes with the infamous Kardashian family, and is not shy to share her feelings towards them via social media.

5 Nicki Minaj

Via nydailynews.com

4 Beyonce

Via abcnews.go.com

3 Justin Bieber

Via mirror.co.uk

Being a Canadian, I should be more proud of the success that is Justin Bieber. However, that's not the case considering his wild antics and childish games. Being brought up in the spotlight is definitely not easy, but show some respect, Biebz - after all, there are A LOT of people looking both up to and at you. Nevertheless, his Instagram is extremely active. Whether posting selfies, night out pics or throwbacks, JB knows how to get media attention on social media and keeps all of his fans, and possibly even haters, looking and asking for more. Kudos to his Marketing team, they got it.

2 Selena Gomez

Via dailyrecord.co.uk

She is NOT just Justin Bieber's ex, okay! She is a semi-talented actress/singer who has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry. Selena Gomez has the most followers on Instagram for a reason, right? Maybe not - but she has a stellar selfie game and really knows how to catch the right lighting. Props to you Selena, your selfie game is everyone dream!

1 Taylor Swift

Via brit.co

She needed to be on the list, obviously. Taylor Swift is a force to be reckoned with in the music world. No matter what genre she does, she comes out on top, winning award after award. Her Instagram game is just as strong. Posting ample amount of pictures, you can get an inside look at her life including her cat, family, events and chillings with her #GIRLSQUAD.

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