World's 10 Most Credible UFO Sightings

There's probably nothing more unsettling or startling than seeing an unidentified flying object in the sky. As you see the UFO above your head, your first instinct might be to grab your camera and snap some photos or take a video. Now, we’re not just talking about aliens, but any kind of aircraft that isn’t able to be identified. UFO’s could be anything from extraterrestrials to a military branch testing out some new technology or someone taking a joy ride on a homemade aircraft. UFO sightings can now easily be captured on video, whether it’s through a phone or video camera. With reported sightings more regular than ever, is that there's more extraterrestrial action going on or is the increase in UFO reports perhaps due to the media exposure which makes it seem like more than what it is?

Of course, with many alleged sightings, it’s important to maintain a healthy level of cynicism as some of these UFO reports can probably be debunked with simple familiarity with how video technology works (especially if that UFO ends up being an out-of-focus bug). But there is some UFO video footage that even has the skeptics scratching their heads. Here, we've compiled the top ten UFO sightings that could convince even the most cynical non-believer.

10 Battle of Los Angeles – 1942


In February of 1942, the United States was still recovering from the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in December of 1941. So, when an unidentified flying object was discovered hovering over the city of Los Angeles, the city went into near panic, as there were hundreds of witnesses. The military got involved, fighter planes were shooting at the UFO, and a spotlight shining on the object as the government was trying to figure out what it was. So why didn’t something like this make headlines around the world? Well, World War II basically took over the media at the time.

9 Kecksburg, Pennsylvania – 1965


In December of 1965 residents of Kecksburg, Pennsylvania witnessed a fiery ball shooting across the sky and watched it crash into the nearby woods. In the next moment, the police and the military were roping the area off to keep onlookers at bay and no one knew what was happening, except that something large got taken away on a flatbed truck. The event entered into legend and there has since been a replica constructed, depicting what people think crashed in the woods. Many unanswered questions still surround this incident. Journalists have been pushing hard for some answers, but NASA and the government is still staying tight-lipped on the whole thing.

8 Colares – 1977 


Also known as “Operation Saucer”, in 1977 there were several UFOs spotted over the island of Colares, located in Brazil. These sightings had numerous witnesses (400 total) who claimed to have been attacked by radiation beams, which left wounds including puncture injuries and burns. Some witnesses even reported having their blood sucked. Of course, the government got involved and the group investigating the phenomenon was called “Operation Saucer”. The investigation did not last long and was later recalled. Until the 1990s, the files for the operation were sealed and classified.

7 Japan Air – 1986


In November of 1986, Japan Airlines Flight 1628 was carrying a shipment of wine between Paris and Tokyo. Captain Kenju Terauchi,  a veteran pilot of 29 years, was no stranger to the skies. While the plane was over Alaska, passengers and crew on Flight 1628 noted a bright flying object in their view that was about three times the size of an aircraft carrier. Terauchi contacted ground controllers and they confirmed the flying object on their radar. For over 300 miles and 50 minutes, Flight 1628 observed and tracked the UFO.

6 Phoenix Lights – 1997


If you were living in Phoenix, Arizona on March 13th, 1997, you may have been looking up to the skies and wondering what in the world you were seeing. In fact, odd lights were seen over five different cities in the state of Arizona. First, there was a row of six lights seen over Phoenix (the first city to report the lights), then it was followed by another row of eight lights moving in unison, and that was followed by nine connected lights. All of the lights moved slowly and hovered over the state and all in a V like formation. The sightings started around 10pm and ended around 2am.

5 Chile – 2010


What better way to make a UFO sighting more dramatic than to have the object make an appearance during an air show? Well, that’s exactly what happened at the El Bosque Air Force Base in Santiago, Chile, during their annual air show, which included acrobatic performances from the world’s finest pilots. The civilian who took the video didn't notice the anomaly on film until he got home to review it. He was so disturbed by what he saw that he alerted the Chilean government. Skeptics try to say the anomaly was a bug, but believers and UFO experts believe that something special was caught on camera.

4 Jerusalem – 2011


Now we enter into 2011, which seems to be the year that was filled with more UFO sightings than ever before. What’s even more interesting is that this was not the first time that Jerusalem had a sighting of a UFO fleet or single craft hovering over the city before shooting up into the sky. A fleet was sighted in 2012 and before that in 2011, both over the same general area. Now, the Israeli government has been trying to say that both sightings were likely hoaxes, but given the political and economic state over one of the holiest lands in Christian history, some are speculating religious and spiritual significance.

3 Olympics – 2012


Anyone that was watching or participating in the London Olympic Games in 2012 will probably remember this one. During the opening ceremonies, a UFO  was spotted within the fireworks display. Skeptics say that it was most likely a blimp or a helicopter. But overseers of the Olympic Games and event planners claimed that no aircraft was supposed to be around the vicinity during that time. Of course, with the Olympics being one of the biggest events for Planet Earth, whose to say that visitors from another planet didn't want to check out the celebration as well?

2 International Space Station – 2012/2013


It's a bit surprising there aren't more stories from this particular location. For much of 2012 and into 2013, there were plenty of UFO sightings, but it’s a whole other story when astronauts - obviously a reliable source, as people who have been trained in this department - are reporting UFO sightings from hundreds of miles above the Earth. Perhaps, these type of sightings have a bit more credibility to them since the International Space Station would have a great view entering and exiting UFO’s from our atmosphere. The ISS does have a streaming video on their website, and many people watch and help with identifying UFO’s from the comfort and safety of their homes.

1 Melbourne – 2013


2013 saw a decrease in UFO sightings compared to 2012, but the sightings kept coming in, especially from Melbourne, Australia. One well-documented case happened in September 2012, when footage over Carlton Gardens indicated that there was an unidentified flying object hanging over central Melbourne. While some people caught the sighting with their phones, there were others who caught similar activity with their infrared cameras.

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