The World’s Most Generous Charity Donors

Though a lot of countries across the globe these days are poverty-stricken, there still remains a small population of individuals who have riches that are more than they could ever need. The good thing is that these are people who are more than willing to share the blessings that they have.

Who are the ones who have the biggest monetary contribution to others? What are the names of those who continue to support charities by giving large amounts of cash? Though some do not hide their kind deeds from the public, there are those who prefer to stay mum about their generosity. Here are the people who deserve a round of applause because of their continuous contribution to society.

7 Paul Allen—$309 Million

The rich people do have their personal preferences when it comes to charities that they want to support. In Paul Allen’s case, he poured a fraction of his wealth to the Allen Institute of Brain Science which is based in Seattle.

The most globally renowned achievement of Paul Allen is his co-founding of Microsoft Corporation, along with Bill Gates. However, this investor also has other business ventures which involve real estate and technology companies. Interestingly, he also owns two professional sports team. The Seattle Seahawks which plays for the National Football League and the Portland Trail Blazers which plays for the National Basketball Association.

6 John and Laura Arnold—$423.4 Million

This couple has their very own foundation to support, the Laura and John Arnold Foundation. This institution was first established in 2008 and it aims to support the improvements for the K-12 public education, pension system and criminal justice system.

Laura and John Arnold may not be a common household name but they have built an excellent reputation as a couple and individually. Arnold is the founder of Centaurus Energy and Laura used to practice corporate law.

5 Mark Zuckerberg—$498 Million

Mark Zuckerberg may be very young but he sure knows where to put his wealth. Aside from investing more on his brainchild, Facebook, he is also letting others have a taste of his wealth.

In 2012, Mark Zuckerberg and his wife donated almost half a million to the Silicon Valley Community Foundation. This is the amount that was released to the public. With the continuously flourishing business of Zuckerberg, who knows how far his generosity could go. He may be in the lower ranks for now but the following year could do major turnaround for the list.

4 Gordon Moore—$6.8 Billion

Gordon Moore has definitely made his bank account grow big since he became the co-founder of Intel. The good thing is that his philanthropic deeds did not stop the moment he stepped down as Intel’s CEO. He is responsible for the $6 billion donation to the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. This foundation supports causes which relates to conservation of the environment, proper nursing education and other fields of science.

3 George Soros—$8 Billion


George Soros has given chunks of his money to various causes for several decades. His support may be diversified but rest assured, the less fortunate were able to benefit from the money that he willingly shared. Among the foundations which interests Soros included scientific researches in Russia, clinic improvements in California and those are just to mention a few.

2 Warren Buffett—$17.3 Billion

Warren Buffett may have landed in the top two spot and his generosity should definitely be recognized but his total donation is only a fraction of the person in the number one spot.

Warren Buffett is a self-made billionaire who continues to strive not just for his own benefits but also for the welfare of others. He is still the CEO of a multi-million dollar company, the Berkshire Hathaway. In 2012, Buffett’s company ventured into a renowned ketchup brand, the H.J. Heinz Co.

Interestingly, Buffett also donates to the Gates Foundation and his most recent is the $1.5 billion which he gave last July 2012. During his birthday in 2012 he also promised $3 billion of his stocks to the foundations of his 3 children.

1 Bill Gates—$28 Billion

Bill Gates may be very prominent in almost all parts of the globe because of his brainchild, Microsoft. However, his popularity does not just end there. This person may have almost insurmountable wealth and it should not go unnoticed that he has also donated more than $28 billion to his own charity, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

In fact, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation are so well-funded that it has been recognized as among the best philanthropic institution, not just in the U.S., but all over the world.

These are the names of the people with widely publicized donations to various charitable foundations. It has to be noted though that there are other individuals who continue to make donations for many years.

Among the millionaires who have always shared their riches to others include Eli Broad who is based in the U.S. His wealth came from his business which is focused on home building and insurance. His philanthropic work provided assistance for public education and medical research. He even donated money to M.I.T. and Harvard for stem cell research.

Azim Premji from India also continuously supports the development of public schools in India. His charitable work is reflected through his foundation named Azim Premji Foundation and this started out in 2001.

Michael Bloomberg’s donations are quite challenging to track because he has more than 850 charities that he regularly makes donations to. He is a prominent supporter of good education and this principle can be seen by his enthusiasm in donating money to Princeton, Carnegie and John Hopkins University to which he donated up to $200 million. Smaller campaigns like quitting and gun control laws are among the ones which he also believes in.

Li Ka-shing started his philanthropic work in the 1980's. He has his own foundation and among the first ones to benefit from it is the Shantou University. To continue his good work, he made a proclamation in 2006 that one-third of his total riches would be dedicated to his foundation.

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