The Most Powerful Celebrities in the World

How do you measure a celebrity’s power? Is it the number of hit songs that he can put in the charts? Is it the number of songs and albums that he is able to sell physically or online? Or should it be based on the number of blockbuster movies he is involved in? Or maybe, one should take into account the number of goals he has scored or touchdowns he has thrown or homeruns he has made during the course of the sport season.

That is not enough, however. One should also take into account the endorsements he has made. You should also consider the amount of money he has earned from other sources, like the businesses he has invested in or the fashion lines he has created. Media visibility is also a factor, be it on video, print, radio and even online. One can gauge a celebrity’s power based on the number of followers he has on Twitter and Instagram or the number of likes he has on his Facebook page.

In other words, power is the combination of wealth and fame. Based on this, these are the top 10 most powerful celebrities in the world.


10 Steven Spielberg


Steven Spielberg has produced or directed some of the highest earning movies in history. The past year saw him meg “Lincoln,” which has earned more than $225 million in the box office. He is also quite active in television production, though he has not attained the same success as he has with the big screen.


9 Tom Cruise


It used to be that anything Tom Cruise made would be a guaranteed hit. After that awkward moment of professing his love for Katie Holmes on “Oprah” and the relatively low return of “Mission: Impossible 3,” pundits thought Cruise’s time was up. Not so fast because despite getting the raw end of publicity in his divorce with Holmes, “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol” proved that he still has what it gets to sell at the box office.


8 Katy Perry

Katy Perry has the distinction of matching Michael Jackson’s record of having five number one hits from a single album. Her concert tours have all sold out. She has her more than fair share of followers in social media. She also got a lot of publicity as a result of her divorce with Russell Brand and her on-and-off affair with notorious womanizer John Mayer.


7 Kim Kardashian


Kim Kardashian has her own reality show and has managed to remain in the spotlight despite not having any substantial show, movie or song. Neither is she a sport star, which just makes her even more unique. She does have a fondness for going out with sport and music personalities, however. She used to be married to Kris Humphries of the Brooklyn Nets, earning several millions in the process as a result of her endorsements before the wedding. She then gained a lot of publicity because of their separation. She is now with rap star Kanye West.


6 Britney Spears


Everyone thought that Britney Spears was in the midst of a massive breakdown just a few years ago. She wasn’t touring and she was involved in different controversies. But she has come back with a bang with hit albums and popular tours. She was also a judge in “The X-Factor.” Spears also remains a popular endorser and has even come out with her own perfume brand with Elizabeth Arden.


5 Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga topped the list last year on the strength of a string of hit songs. Though she hasn’t released a song recently, she has kept herself in the news in a positive way through her philanthropic work. Her Born This Way Foundation is underwritten by no less than Harvard University and the MacArthur Foundation. She has also remained extremely popular in social media.


4 Rihanna


Rihanna is one of the most liked celebrities in Facebook. Her list of hit songs seems to grow every few months, whether through a solo effort or collaboration with another artist. She has endorsements with brands like Vita Coco and Nivea. Rihanna also boasts of her own line of perfume called Reb’l Fleur. Her violent breakup and subsequent reconciliation with Chris Brown has also kept her constantly in the gossip pages.


3 Justin Bieber


Justin Bieber has one of the most followers on both Twitter and Instagram. He has had hit records and sold out concerts and it seems that everything he touches turns into gold. Bieber, even though he is still very young, has learned to invest his money wisely. He has placed money in start up companies like Tinychat, Spotify and Enflick. He has also started out his own collection of expensive vehicles.


2 Oprah Winfrey


If there’s a confession to be made, whom are you going to call? Lance Armstrong and other celebrities have flocked to Winfrey for tell-all and revealing interviews. A couple of years ago, Winfrey was at the top of the list. She is still the richest by far, though the end of her show meant less visibility on network television. She does have her own network, however, called OWN, or Oprah Winfrey Network. The spin off shows have been earning quite well. She also has her own magazine and radio deal, so Winfrey will certainly retain her prominence for years to come.


1 Jennifer Lopez


The career of Jennifer Lopez was thought to be done and over with. Her albums were not selling anymore and her movies were faring poorly at the box office. Then came “American Idol.” Who said that the show is only a launching pad for future singers? Lopez showed it is also a vehicle to reinvent one’s career. Viewers rediscovered her sexiness and allure. Her breakup with her husband also made her desirable once again. She got endorsement contracts with Gillette and L’Oreal and she was able to launch her own fashion and fragrance line. She also has millions of followers in Twitter and Facebook. With her decision to leave the show, it remains to be seen if she can hold on to her power and popularity.

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