The 7 Most Influential Entrepreneurs

Coming up with seven known Entrepreneurs, who have been the most influential throughout the last 500 years, was definitely a tricky challenge!

You have to take into account that there have been influential entrepreneurs that have a smaller net worth than some of the wealthier businessman. They may have just been more influential in their work or through inspiring generations or other companies to make things easier and simpler for our world to consume.

Our 7 influential entrepreneurs as you will see, created something that sparked the worlds imagination, set off a frenzy of healthy competition and marvellous innovation.

‘Entrepreneurs are not born, they're made’ was coined by English multi-millionaire Peter Jones CBE. In many senses this is completely true, as you will see in this list that many of our entrepreneurs had a brain wave or a eureka moment that got their entrepreneurial wisdom. This is how some of the greatest ideas that we now use in our daily lives have come from.

‘Influential’ is defined as ‘having the power to create change.’ This can be any person who is willing to create that change. ‘You must be the change you wish to see in the world’ was made famous by Mahatma Gandhi. He used this term to express that one person can influence a generation, and can also influence an opinion for the greater good.

Becoming an influential entrepreneur is all about adding these elements together. Imagining an idea within yourself and then using that idea to create a solution to a common problem. The quotes above pretty much sum up why becoming someone with influence is all about creating something that has the power to create change within other people.

So with this in mind, let’s get started with the first entrepreneur on the list:

7 Tony Robbins

6 Richard Branson

5 Bill Gates

4 Mark Zuckerberg

3 Henry Ford

2 Steve Jobs

The brains behind Apple. The entrepreneur who sparked off a revolution in design and innovation. Steven Paul Jobs passed away in 2011, but left behind his own mark in the world of innovation. After dropping out of college, Jobs started work at Atari (the American video game company) and there he learnt most of the technical side of building videogames and computers. Soon after Jobs started the Apple Computer Company with Steve Wozniak (the brains behind the computer circuit boards.) Apple had their highs and their lows, with Jobs departing in 1985 to form NeXT Inc. After stints at Pixar/Disney, Jobs returned to Apple in 1997 after NeXT Inc. was bought out by Apple in a deal worth around $450 million. Jobs then became CEO of Apple and later went on to release the iPod, the iTunes Store, the iPhone and the iPad. He is hailed as one of the greatest innovators of all time and ranks number 2 on our list of the most influential entrepreneurs ever!

1 Tim Berners-Lee

Unknown to a few, Tim Berners-Lee is the man behind the World Wide Web. In 2004, he was knighted by the Queen for this life changing creation. Born in London, Berners-Lee was one of four children to Mary Lee Woods and Conway Berners-Lee. Both of his parents are well-known as being extremely talented mathematicians and computer scientists. They influenced Tim from a very young age and apparently worked on computers with them from a very young age. At the age of 34, Tim implemented the first successful communication between a Hypertext Transfer Protocol (also known as a HTTP client) and a server via the internet sometime later on in 1989. Tim went on to create the World Wide Web in 1994, but had an original name of the Information Management System. Tim now directs the World Wide Web Consortium which is there to oversee the webs continued development. He also works with a lot of different governments to make sure that more information is accessible to the world, as well as more people having access to it. He has a net worth of $50 million but says ‘this is for everyone’ meaning that his creation was to serve man for faster information. He is ranked number 1 on this list for the reason explained above. There are over 20,000 new websites created everyday which gives him our highest influential spot.

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