The 15 Most Evil-Looking Celebrities

Hannibal Lecter Silence of the Lambs

Some celebrities were born to play the villain, or scare their fans with one glance. It may be mysterious or horror like, either way that person looks evil. Hey, this can be (and should be) taken as a compliment. These aren't the ugliest celebrities; no, that list is quite different.

How do you make this list? Well, looks help, but so does your craft. If you are always type-cast as the bad guy or “creep” that counts, as well as off-camera incidents. There is also the random crazy factor that is hard to describe, you just know it when you see it. I refer to this as the Gary Busey factor.

A few honorable mentions before we get to the best. Malcolm McDowell and Nicholas Hope have the look and play the evil “bad guy” well, but they can easily flip their acting and play the other more serious side convincingly as well. You lose points for not always being the bad guy. Christian Bale is more “dark” than evil. Patrick Bateman was evil, but most of his roles have not been in this realm, and in real life he’s more strange than evil. A few years back Eddie Van Halen had a crazy and evil look going, but that may have been due more to substance abuse and fighting illness. Now he looks again like happy Eddie. The big upset is Kevin Spacey who just missed the list. The problem I have with Spacey is that the only thing evil about him is the characters he plays. He doesn’t necessarily look the part, just picks his scripts well.

This list covers movie stars, rock stars and celebrities from the small screen. Remember, an evil look is something to be proud of and embraced! Here are your 15 most evil-looking celebrities.

15 Marilyn Manson

When Manson first hit the mainstream with his album Antichrist Superstar, his persona and hit songs (“Sweet Dreams” and “Beautiful People”) appeared somewhat forced and contrived. However, after many, many years we know that this is actually who he is. Sure, on stage Manson may play up his evilness, but in real life he is a strange man that lives up to his rock star rep. There are so many rumors surrounding Manson it’s impossible to guess what’s true and what’s false. Also, why do so many involve urine? Regardless, Manson is who he is, an eccentric artist that gives the appearance of pure evil.

14 Danny Trejo

13 Jack Nicholson

In addition to being a Hollywood legend and holding court at Laker games, Nicholson has had a pretty nice career playing the roles of crazy, evil and psycho characters. The power of Nicholson is that he always steals the scene, it’s impossible to take your eyes off his characters. Nicholson also has the distinction of having the most Academy Award nominations for a male actor, winning three times. Some of his more memorable evil and deeply complicated characters include Frank Costello from the Boston crime drama The Departed, Jack Torrance in The Shining and he was in the 1989 Batman movie playing The Joker.

12 Sean Penn

The grizzled-looking two-time Academy Award winner hasn’t always the mysterious (many would say evil) persona he has today. Over the years Penn has aged from the stoner Spicoli character from Fast Times at Ridgemont High into a rough-looking dramatic character that often fights inner demons. Fun Fact: Sean Penn’s acting debut was on Little House on the Prairie. It’s been a long time since; I believe Penn’s turn from every-day actor to mysterious was Oliver Stone’s U-Turn where Penn plays a twisted character so well it gave me nightmares. Today Penn continues to play challenging roles, not all “evil”, but always with an evil-edge regardless of the role he plays.

11 Mickey Rourke

At some point, Rourke went from Hollywood lead actor to Butch from Pulp Fiction. Big, intimidating and with a penchant for dark stories, Rourke often plays tough guys with a twitch of evil. Anyone that has watched his work knows he plays that role well. Off camera Rourke is equally as interesting; at one point he quit acting to become a boxer. After retiring from the ring, Rourke came back with the crime-ridden dark comedy Spun as well as a few action movies. His second acting comeback had Rourke playing a washed-up wrestler in The Wrestler. Recently Rourke got back into the ring; however, the fight was allegedly fixed. Just like Butch would have played it out…

10 Gary Busey

Can someone who is just plain bananas or nuts also look evil? Busey is not only crazy 100 percent of the time; he also looks good in Hawaiian shirts. You would think that would make him likeable, and for the most part he appears to be a very affable fellow. Look into his eyes and there is no way not to jump. The problem with a person like Busey is that you have no idea what they are capable of because you get the feeling neither do they. Does Busey look evil when laughing like a maniac or explaining his lifestyle? Absolutely. Is he just as harmless as his FBI Agent character in Point Break who seems mostly concerned with ordering meatball subs? Probably, but I’m not getting in that line to find out.

9 Rob Zombie

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When you name yourself Rob Zombie you really want to appear to be evil, right? Well, mission accomplished. Since his initial album, Soul-Crusher, Zombie has relished the horror scene through both his music and later the big screen, as a film director. What has been enjoyable to watch is Zombie’s climb from solo artist to respected movie director of the horror genre. In addition to these avenues, Zombie also has comic books and acts on occasion. Anyone who has witnessed him live can see he is proud of the evil empire he has built. Regardless of what he is doing everyone has the same response when they see him, “Man, that is one evil-looking dude!”

8 Anthony Hopkins

Hopkins, (Sir Philip Anthony Hopkins), is an artist across the big screen and small screen as well as an accomplished composer of music and artist (painting). His appearance from afar doesn’t look intimidating or evil, but once you get closer many associate the face of Hopkins with that of Hannibal Lecter, the character played by Hopkins in The Silence of the Lambs movies. Once an actor commits to playing a cannibalistic serial killer (and plays it well) you can expect that experience to live longer with fans than the actual character. The good news is it appears Hopkins has embraced being known as Hannibal; after all he did do three movies in the series and won an Academy Award doing so.

7 Angelina Jolie

It’s all about the eyes and the intimidation they convey with our next most evil-looking celebrity who also just happens to be one of the most gorgeous people on the planet. Can you be both evil-looking and beautiful? I say yes. Evil can enhance, and in Jolie’s case that’s exactly what has happened. Angelina Jolie has starred in countless movies, won an Academy Award, has been part of video games and is the wife of Brad Pitt. This evil-looking vixen offsets her dark mysterious side with her humanitarian efforts and using her celebrity to influence powerful people within the industry to do good things. There is nothing negative here; even her evil eyes seem to compliment everything Jolie has to offer.

6 John C. Reilly

5 Pete Doherty

I was originally going to go with Macaulay Culkin for the super skinny and pale evil-looking entry, but then I would have really just wanted Culkin to play the role of Pete Doherty. Doherty is the lead signer for both The Libertines and Babyshambles bands. He is better known as the drug-addled lover of Kate Moss and for a number of years frequented the tabloid papers and pop culture media. Doherty brings a scary paleness and pole-like frame that makes him appear much older and potentially very evil. I’m guessing Doherty has problems finding jeans with a 26 waist measurement and adult length. Unlike Big & Tall stores, there just aren’t many Super Skinny and Pale stores to buy clothing.

4 Richard Kiel

3 Courtney Love

Let’s see how to put this…there was a time that if you left a 15-year-old boy alone with Love he would return having had a threesome, his fist overdose and a lesson on how to make murder look like suicide (allegedly). Love has a very specific look that mixes sex, trash and evilness. Love was the lead singer of the band Hole. She was also married to Kurt Cobain. She has been nominated for a Golden Globe as well as for multiple Grammy Awards. What you see is what you get with Love, ripped nylons, red lipstick and panties optional!

2 Steve Buscemi

1 Christopher Walken

I mean, who else did you really expect here? Walken is the ultimate evil-looking celebrity that on-screen can never fully be trusted. His face, eyes and even the way he walks; pure evil. Listen to that voice, I mean, everything about Walken is evil looking. What makes it so great is how he “wears” it as badge of honor. Walken has had so many great roles in movies that include The Deer Hunter (for which he won and Academy Award), True Romance, Pulp Fiction, Seven Psychopaths and many, many more… His movies have grossed over $2 billion worldwide and proved looking evil doesn’t mean you have to check your sense of humor at the door. There’s always room for “More Cowbell!”

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