15 Random Acts Of Kindness That'll Warm Your Cold Black Hearts

Turn on your TV or look at your smartphone at any given time, on any channel or social media vehicle of your choice and we guarantee, after a half an hour, you'll read enough depressing news stories that'll make even the most positive person consider releasing a plague on humanity so mankind can start all over again. We seem to be inundated with depressing s**t about the state of the world on a daily basis; children being bombed in Syria, Olympic athletes caught lying, the elections causing more division between people than ever and then there's Florida where some guy killed and ate off another guy's face ...AGAIN (seriously, wtf Florida?). It's enough to make you believe that mankind is doomed and that we're spiralling down into a world of chaos because we're all just terrible, terrible human beings who are incapable of caring for others around us.

But guess what? That's total B.S.

There is good news out there but the media won't report it because they can't sway you on an idea or their point of view with happy news. They can't scare you into voting for this or that with heart warming stories. They think you won't click on happy news as much as you'll click on sensationalistic bullshit about how the Kardashians are "fighting" with Taylor Swift on Instagram. But hey! Look at you! You're here!  You're reading this and putting their theory right into the garbage. So go ahead, fight the power! Read on and share these 15 random acts of kindness from normal everyday people who don't get enough press for being pretty damn awesome.

15 This Guy Who's Everyone's Helpful Grandma and Grandpa


If an alien came here from another planet and was forced to use public transportation; A: It would probably wonder what that smell is, B: It would immediately ask to be beamed back up because it sat next to a guy who's rubbing himself and C: Wonder why a bunch of humans all packed into one vehicle or train car, go out of their way not to look or speak to one another. Public transport is something a lot of us have to use and for the most part, we keep to ourselves because we're tired, we're busy, we're cranky and we want to avoid the weirdos. But thankfully, there are still some people who look up from their self-imposed isolations to notice others, like the elderly couple who happened to notice a young man struggling with his tie. The elderly lady asked the young man if  knew how to tie his tie and after he said he didn't, she tapped her husband and asked him to "teach this young man how to tie his tie." A stranger caught the sweet moment on camera of how the nice old man patiently showed him how to do it and then watched the young man tie it on his own. [insert every heart emoji possible here]

14 That Waiter That Was Also A Baby Whisperer


Sitting down and  having a quiet meal is a luxury for most parents. After having babies, the treat of going out for dinner becomes less of a treat and more into a game of, "How Fast Can You Shove All This Food In Your Mouth Before the Baby Starts Crying." A woman in Little Rock, Arkansas was having a moment like that and then some when she stopped to get something to eat at the Olive Garden with her baby in tow. She prepared a bottle for her 4-month old that fell on the floor, so she had to prepare another one. The frazzled mom struggled to get her baby fed and eat her meal. In the midst of all the chaos, a knight in shining waiter uniform came to her rescue with salads and breadsticks. He encouraged the mom to eat and enjoy her meal while he fed the baby. Little did the sweet-hearted waiter know just how much he was helping. The exhausted mom had just come back from the hospital after her four-month-old went through a series of tests for E-Coli. She was so grateful that she posted a picture of him on Facebook to praise him and to find out who he was. The post went viral and they eventually found out that her hero was a waiter by the name of Robert Davis.

13 That Cool Dude Who Saved Someone's Grandma


The BMW dealership in the UK got a strange call one weekend. The receptionist picked up the phone and immediately realized that the lady on the other line had dialed the wrong number. But this misdial was more than just an honest mistake, this was a phone call from an elderly lady who had slipped in her own bathroom. She meant to call her daughter but called the BMW dealership instead. Vuong the sales manager jumped into action almost immediately because apparently, he's part car salesman and part superhero. He had the receptionist keep the lady on the line as he raced to her house where he found the woman in her bathroom with a bloody face. Vuong cleaned her wound and waited with her at the house until a family member arrived. Asked why Vuong jumped to her rescue, he simply stated; "I've been brought up to help people, especially my elders. I didn't think anything of it as I would hope any other human being would have done the exact same thing."

12 The Sweet Woman That Every Parent Wants To Sit By On The Plane


No other person, aside from Justin Bieber, garners as much disdain and judgment as a parent boarding an airplane with a baby. People inwardly pray that you don't sit next to them as you walk down the aisle trying to find your seat. When you do find your seat, the person next to you can barely contain their disappointment. A crying baby on a plane is bad for everyone but it's especially bad for the parents whose taking the baby screaming right in their ear and everyone's dirty looks right in their face. So it came as a surprise to Rebekka Garvison when Nyfesha Miller offered to help soothe Rylee, her fussy baby on the plane. Rebekka had already moved seats to avoid the death glares a couple sitting next to her was giving and she probably expected the same from Nyfesha. But instead of shunning her, Nyfesha offered to hold Rylee. Rebekka said yes, and Rylee not only calmed down but fell asleep on Nyfesha for the entire flight. Rebekka was so grateful and touched by Nyfesha's act, that her post about this lady slash magical sleeping fairy's picture on the internet went viral and now every parent desperately searches for someone like Nyfesha when they board a plane. Moral of the story: Be the Nyfesha that they're looking for.

11 When The Cops Stepped Up To Fix An Emergency


Cops respond to a myriad of problems ranging from serious emergencies like car accidents and violence as well as non-serious emergencies because a lot of people misuse the 9-1-1 service to bitch about their cable. But when an elderly man called 9-1-1 to tell the operator that he was hungry, it wasn't brushed off as a non-serious emergency by the Tennessee Police Department. In fact, they took it very seriously when they realized that, although the man wasn't in any danger, he was indeed in an emergency. The elderly man told the police that he hadn't eaten in two days and that he was hungry because a caretaker had taken his debit card and he didn't have any money. The police immediately went into action, pooled their money together and stocked his pantry and kitchen with food for a month. But they didn't stop there. The police set up a canned food drive in the community so everyone could pitch in and contribute and this poor guy wouldn't go hungry again. Justice was served when they found the piece of s**t caretaker who took the old man's debit card and arrested her.

10 When Everyone Was Awesome And Helped This Determined Teen


Imagine the hot and humid Georgia sun beating down on you as you pedaled a bike to school. Now imagine having to lug around two duffel bags, two gallons of water and a small tent with you because school is sixty miles away. Most of us (ie: me), wouldn't have made it past one block before pedaling back to the house covered with sweat and tears. But homeless teen, Fred Barley, pulled it off, biking a total of six hours. He persevered and fought through the burning in his legs so he could beat the fall semester rush to secure a job and dorm room at Barnesville, Georgia's Gordon State College. Once he arrived, Fred set up a tent at a discreet spot where he slept for three nights until someone alerted the police to his location. After the police heard of Fred's amazing and incredibly long journey, they pitched in to get him a two-night stay at a local hotel. After one of the policeman's wives posted Fred's story on Facebook, a wave of support came in the form of a new job at a pizzeria and almost $185,000 raised on his GoFundMe page that someone had set up for him. Fred is now fielding invites to do motivational talks for teens at other school and is currently going to school, while working hard at the pizzeria and winning everyone's hearts.

9 This Cross Country Team Who Decided To Be Became A Shelter Dog's Best Friend

Facebook: santabarbaracountyanimalservices

One of the things on my "When I Get Filthy Rich To-Do" list is to rescue and adopt every shelter dog ever. Life for a dog in a shelter is lonely and scary. Some dogs can develop extreme anxiety being alone in a small space for so long. The cross country team of St. Joseph High School in California isn't stinking rich and couldn't possibly adopt all the dogs in the shelter, but they nearly did the next best thing by taking lonely shelter dogs out on a run for the day. Their coach got the idea because he wanted a fun way for students to earn their school required, volunteer service hours. The run was a huge success and all the dogs (and kids) were excited to be running around. The shelter is grateful for this act they said they are always in need for volunteers at the shelter since they are so overwhelmed with homeless dogs. Coach Escobar plans on having another dog run really soon.

8 The Girl That Ditched Her Prom


The prom is one of those big deal events in your life that, good of bad, you remember forever. Memories about what you wore, who you went with and what couple probably conceived their first born child in the backseat of a limo rental. It's a pretty exciting time for most teenagers and like every teenager, Ashley Yong was excited too and saved her money for the big day. But when prom rolled around, Ashley Yong used her money to buy socks, toothbrushes, food and boxes so she could give them to the homeless after changing her mind about prom. While searching for the perfect dress and other items to make her prom night memorable, it occurred to her how self-centered she was being. So instead of going to prom, Ashley hand delivered the care packages she had put together to homeless people in her area. Skipping prom was worth it, Ashley says, especially when she saw the look of excitement on the faces of a homeless mom and her children as they rummaged through the care packages she had brought them. The community now supports Ashley's philanthropic endeavors and has helped her in raising money so she can continue giving care packages to the homeless.

7 Stranger Buys Struggling Mom A Car


Good people are everywhere and one of those good people just happened to be at a car dealership and overheard a telephone call the dealership had with a single mother named, Connie Cole. She wasn't a normal customer just looking for a vehicle. Connie was forced to get a vehicle because her father, who she usually got rides from, just had knee surgery and could no longer drive. Connie didn't think she could afford a car and called Carolina Auto Sales to work something out. The stranger, who only goes by the first name David and wanted to remain anonymous, heard her plight and told the owner that if Connie came in, he would buy her a car. David says he was inspired by his church after hearing a sermon about helping their fellow man. Sure enough, David made good on his offer. Connie came into the dealership and after putting in a down payment for a 2004 Chevy Impala, she was informed, much to her surprise, that a super awesome stranger (David), had provided the rest of the money to buy the vehicle for her outright.

6 That Guy Who Made Sure These Kids Would Go To College


When we think of retiring, we daydream about days spent going on vacation and napping poolside at some exotic locale with a margarita in one hand and another margarita in the other. Retirement and lazy days in the sun were just around the corner for Marty Burbank. In fact, Marty had spend days shopping for a new boat when one day, he suddenly realized how selfish buying a new boat would be. Inspired by his pastor's sermon on charity and sacrifice, he and his wife decided instead to pay for a class of kindergarteners from Rio Vista Elementary to go to college and the only thing they have to do is draw a picture or write an essay each year about what going to college will mean to them and their family. Marty Burbank says it's a way for the kids to visualize their goals and hopefully achieve it without their families having to worry about how to afford their education. Marty Burbank actually delayed his retirement to be able to continue adding to these children's college funds because he takes the job of being a wonderful human being very seriously.

5 The Uber Passenger That Gave The Best Tip Of All Time


It's amazing what happens when you look up from your phone and talk to people. We know, we totally sound like your grandparents and we don't want you to look up from your phone right now, but maybe after reading this, go speak to a few human beings and you'll probably be pleasantly surprised how fascinating people's personal stories are. In the case of Ellis Hill, he had an incredible but sad story that Liz Willcock would have never known about had they not gotten into an hour long conversation on Liz's Uber ride with Ellis. Liz discovered that Ellis was a proud papa of Olympian, Darrell Hill, who had made it to Rio to represent the USA in shot put. Liz also found out that as proud as he was, Ellis lacked the funds to go to Rio to support son. The story touched Liz heart and she went into action, setting up a GoFundMe page so that Ellis could travel to Rio to see his son compete. The goal of 7,500 was reached in just a couple of days with donations coming in from mostly from strangers eager to send Ellis off to the Olympics so he could support his son.

4 That HBO Host Oprah Would Be Proud Of


HBO host John Oliver showed that he had a little Oprah in him when he started giving away a lot more than just cars. On his show Last Week Tonight, John Oliver was doing a piece on how shady companies purchase records from debtors and use  abusive tactics to collect on them. John Oliver not only gave his report, but decided to do something about it by setting up his own company, purchasing 15 million dollars worth of medical debt for just $60,000.  He also spotlighted a nonprofit company called RIP Medical Debt that does exactly what John Oliver did on his show by raising  money so that it can buy debt and forgive medical bills. So to sum up, not only did John Oliver exceed Oprah's $8 million car giveaway but he also did it at a bargain price! Your move Oprah.

3 The Pawnshop Owner That Gave This Mom The Best Deal Ever


When someone says "pawnshop owner," a vision of a greedy, bald, big-bellied man who has a bad goatee and smells of onions pop into our head. (Basically that guy from Pawn Stars.) Luckily, pawnshop owner, "Noah" shatters our pawnshop owner stereotypes, not just because he looks nothing like what we've pictured in our heads, but also by being  the complete opposite of greedy. A woman and her two kids entered "Noah's" pawnshop with the woman looking to pawn off a gold ring. Instead of giving her a bad offer on the ring, Noah, who is a Syrian refugee, did a little more digging and found out that this mother of two was selling a ring that her mother gave her because she was completely broke and wasn't due to get paid until the next month. Noah not only gave her cash she asked for it but he also gave back her ring, telling the grateful mom to come back whenever she was in financial trouble and he would buy the ring back. He says the type of generosity he showed towards this mother of two was the type of generosity shown to him by others when he was a refugee and needed help. Noah being an amazing human was caught on security cam and immediately went viral.

2 The Sweet Guy Whose Ticket To Heaven Is Guaranteed


If you think all old people are just grumpy cranks who wish for the good ol' days, that's probably because they've met their limit of know-it-all hipsters who keep rummaging through their closets. But there's a 91-year-old hospice patient by the name of  Morrie Boogaart is anything but cranky or grumpy. In fact, he's the exact opposite. For the past 15 years, Morrie Boogaart spends less time bitchin' and more time doing good each day with a smile on his face by knitting over 8,000 hats for homeless people. Even though he's bedridden now, Morrie shows no signs of stopping even though he does admit he's slowed down to just knitting two hats a day. But Morrie says he keeps doing it because it makes him feel good and that the only time he's not knitting is when he's sleeping. Morrie's handmade knit hats for the homeless people of Michigan will continue giving warmth and comfort long after Morrie goes on and gets his much-deserved VIP ticket to heaven.

1 The Ultimate Mom Move Ever


It's tough to find something positive in the midst of tragedy, especially when that tragedy involves your baby, but Demi did just that. Demi did the amazingly selfless act of helping other people in need while suffering through a personal tragic loss.  Demi and Jeff' Frandsen's son, Leo, was born two months early and had a rare birth defect called gastroschisis, where his organs developed outside of his body. In most cases, doctors are able to place the organs back in the belly with surgery but since Leo had a small frame and underdeveloped lungs made it much more complicated. Leo was unable to drink a lot of his mother's milk. Despite her son's condition, Demi maintained her milk preserves in hopes that Leo would be able to drink more milk as he got better. She followed a strict schedule, expressing every three hours during the first six months. Sadly, Leo lost his fight on October 22, 2015 but Demi continued to pump weeks after Leo passed and was able to make a record-breaking donation of 131 gallons of breast milk to Omaha Children's Hospital for other sick, small, hospitalized babies. Demi says that even though she lost her son, she wanted to help other moms with sick babies and felt honored to give a contribution to their fight.


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