15 Photos That Prove Farrah Abraham Is A Terrible Mother

You probably know of Farrah Abraham as the semi-popular reality star who has stumbled into the adult film industry, but you may not know that she had her start on MTV's Sixteen and Pregnant. She went on to star on MTV's Teen Mom where she became known for her tumultuous relationship with her parents and the tragic death of her daughter's father. Seen arguing on Farrah's episode of Sixteen and Pregnant, it was clear things were far from pleasant between her and ex-boyfriend Derek. He was killed in a car accident before he knew Farrah was expecting a child, and it seems she never recovered from the incident.

Farrah has a slew of bad relationships under her belt, and it became clear that she was far from finding happiness when she joined the cast of Couples Therapy alone. While it's unknown who was supposed to join her on the show, he never appeared and Farrah was forced to go at it alone in a house full of couples. It was here that suspicion over her sex tape being released as a way to promote her career was shot down, as Farrah insisted she dated her sex tape costar, James Deen. Deen is known in the industry, making her claims a bit hard to believe.

It was later revealed that not only had the tape been released intentionally, but Farrah earned nowhere close to the $1 million she claimed to have received. A source from Vivid, who released the tape, made a statement that she was given $10,000 and thirty percent of sales minus the cost of production. They then released a second tape, ensuring the public that it was not a leaked tape, but the true Farrah Abraham.

Farrah has continued to find ways to stay relevant, most recently using rape allegations to stay in the tabloids. While touring strip clubs and other seedy clubs of America, she claims she was drugged and raped on several occasions. While no known charges have been filed, Farrah causes the most stir over her parenting techniques. She continues to go down as the worst mother in history, and here are the photos that prove it.

14 Farrah Gets Plastic Surgery

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As a young, single mom, you'd think Farrah would be barely getting by financially. With the money she makes with her appearances on several reality television shows, including Teen Mom and Big Brother UK, you'd think she would use that money to invest in a house or put it aside for her daughter's education. Instead, however, she chose to invest her money in her looks by going under the knife. Not just once either, but on several occasions. Aside from the two breast augmentations she received, Farrah has also gotten a nose job and lip injections. It was the permanent lip implants that caused her the most trouble, as an allergic reaction caused her lips to swell more than three times their intended size. This hasn't scared her away from the thought of getting more surgeries though! She has been quoted saying she wants to get butt implants next! At least she's teaching her daughter the value of natural beauty.

13 Daughter Used In Niki Minaj Feud

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While watching Teen Mom OG, Niki Minaj tweeted her not-so-nice opinion of the young mother in regard to how she treats her family on television as well as throwing shade at her decision to release a sex tape. Minaj tweeted, "Farrah is a c**t to her mother. She was like b***h, go do p**n and leave grandma alone." While Minaj was likely just tweeting this as a way to connect with her young fans that are also fans of the MTV star, Farrah took the comments personally and a feud soon began. After going back and forth several times, with Farrah saying Niki isn't a mother and can't comment, and Niki informing the teen mom that her mother wasn't the one to spread her legs and get knocked up, Farrah then stooped pretty low in her final comeback. Likely under her mother’s instruction, Farrah filmed her daughter Sophia saying, "Hi everyone, Niki Minaj is a total loser," and "Niki Minaj don't say bad words, I don't." The video was posted on Twitter, stirring up more debate over her mothering skills and clearly poor choices.

12 Sophia's Unibrow

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If you've been a fan of Teen Mom, you might remember Farrah's daughter having a bit of a unibrow. As a toddler, vanity isn't usually an issue but apparently there was no way Farrah was going to walk around with her daughter looking like that. At just three-years old, Farrah decided it was time to start waxing her daughter's eyebrows to give the child a more appealing appearance. The Teen Mom star foolishly blogged about her decision, which caused uproar in the media and on social media. She blogged saying that, after thoroughly explaining to her daughter why she needed her brows done and describing the waxing process, understandably the toddler freaked out. Even if mommy gets her eyebrows done, I'm sure hair removal sounds extremely scary to a child. This didn't stop Farrah from separating her daughter's brows though, and when Sophia went to sleep, the tweezers came out. Yikes!

11 Farrah Gets Arrested

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Understandably, it's hard to give up your partying ways in your twenties, and having a baby at a young age doesn't magically bring maturity. But Farrah should have known better than to drive after drinking. Cops pulled the reality star over for swerving all over the road in 2013, and after a strange argument where police reported she was banging her head against the window while screaming, she was arrested. Her blood alcohol was twice the legal limit, resulting in her receiving a DUI. You would think that if she could afford all that plastic surgery she'd be able to afford an Uber, but it was clear the reality star wasn’t thinking straight that night. While she went to social media to claim the incident wasn’t true, her photo tells a different story. She pleaded guilty and was given a $500 fine as well as six months of court-mandated sobriety.

10 Farrah Takes A Break From Motherhood

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Even though touring around the country to promote her sex tape Backdoor Teen Mom keeps her away from daughter Sophia for long periods of time, apparently she feels the break is good for the two of them. Farrah was quoted saying, “It’s healthy that we have a break. She has her own life and is doing her own thing, and I’m doing mine." I've never met a toddler who needed space from their mother in order to do their own thing, but whatever makes this teen mom sleep at night. To add fuel to the fire, Farrah was photographed partying night after night while on tour, clearly enjoying her time away from her responsibilities, while her mother was stuck handling the brunt of the caretaking back at home. Farrah may not have the whole parenting thing down just yet, but she sure knows how to get the public's attention.

9 Farrah Makes It Known She Wanted An Abortion

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On Couples Therapy, Farrah's mother made an appearance, as she seemed to be the cause of a lot of Farrah's dating issues. Apparently when Farrah discovered that she was with child, she made the decision to have an abortion, but in whatever hick state she grew up in she needed her mother's signature before she could receive one, which clearly didn't work out as she had hoped. On the show she talks about revealing the news of her pregnancy to her mother saying, "I tell my mom that I'm pregnant, and I tell her, 'Here's the form that I need you to sign, you know Plan B, you know, takes it away. Everything's fine,’ and my mom starts crying and then she's like, 'You know, we believe in God, and you're not gonna kill a living thing.'" Likely Farrah meant the abortion pill, rather than Plan B, which is only used to prevent pregnancy. Even though the statement was probably made to show what kind of mother raised her, that information will be available to her daughter indefinitely. Must be nice to grow up and read all about how your mother tried to abort you.

8 Farrah Gets Physical With Her Mom

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If you've seen the show, then you know Farrah's mother Debra has a bit of a temper. The two are notorious for their irrational bursts of tears and unnecessary screaming matches, an attribute that makes them a favorite duo on reality television. In 2010, one of these screaming matches got a bit out of hand and quickly turned physical. During an argument over how to raise Sophia, Farrah's mother lunged at her, choking her and hitting her in the face several times.

The situation only got worse when Farrah called the police and Debra decided to cause more trouble by whipping out some kitchen knives to threaten the cops with. Of course, Sophia was there to witness the entire debacle, and has since been seen slapping her mother Farrah, likely taking her family’s actions as an example of what to do when you don't get your way. Debra was arrested for the incident but charges were later dropped.

7 Farrah’s Tape Advice For Sophia

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Even though Farrah continues to insist that her sex tape, Backdoor Teen Mom, was made with a loving boyfriend and shouldn’t be considered p**n, sources from Vivid Entertainment have revealed that this is completely false. As mentioned earlier, the reality star was clearly paid to make a film with adult actor James Deen, who was never her boyfriend. Likely trying to follow in the footsteps of other reality stars that have made their claim to fame by releasing sex tapes, Farrah’s film was clearly not made with some lousy camera like Kim K’s or Paris Hilton’s more believable films.

To make matters worse, when asked about how she would handle her daughter following in her footsteps, she described the future scenario as a bonding experience. She is quoted as saying, “I’m gonna just say make sure [she] knows what [she’s] doing with it. You know, I’ll be like, ‘This is what happened to me as your Mom.’ It’s like Mommy talk.”

6 Farrah’s Over-Sexualized Public Image

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Between the sexy photo shoots, sex tapes, and her new line of sex toys, Farrah’s image is nothing but sex. The most academic contribution she has made to the world is a series of erotica novels that she has gone on record saying she’d allow her daughter to read when she gets a bit older. Because everyone wants to read about their mother’s sex-capades, right?

Farrah’s sex toys are molded out of her precious lady parts, with a price tag to match! These toys cost up to $500, and include vibrators, something called Cyberskin that is surprisingly realistic, and even her own sex doll with three "entry holes." Without a doubt, her over-sexualized image and need for perfection had a negative influence on her daughter’s own self-image. It’s only a matter of time before Sophia’s friends at school start Googling her reality star mother and terrorize her with what they find.

5 Farrah’s Training To Strip

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Many stars turn to making guest appearances at strip clubs in order to make extra cash, and it seems Farrah will be doing the same. While she claims she’s only doing it for research for a project, the Teen Mom star has been stripping at Palazio Gentleman’s Club in Austin, Texas. An inside source from the club has been quoted saying, "She was hired a couple of weeks ago as a cocktail waitress but wanted to make more money dancing, so they moved her up to the stage. She was on all three stages, the main stage and two side stages."

According to the source, men swarmed to the stage when she performed, throwing her their hard earned cash. The source also said that she did really well and seemed comfortable on stage, even ripping her bra off for the audience at one point. Farrah couldn’t let us in on what project she was preparing for, but a year has passed since she first took the stage and we’ve yet to see this project she spoke of.

5. Farrah Posts Inappropriate Photos Of Daughter

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It seems the compensation Farrah receives for her own attention seeking behavior just isn’t enough, as she is now pimping out her daughter for work. Not unlike other parents all over the world who throw their children in the public eye rather than shield them from the damage this could do, Farrah has become another stage mom feeding her daughter to the wolves.

It seems Farrah thinks her daughter has what it takes to be a child model, and has created a portfolio for the now seven year old with photos not too far off from her own. Posing seductively in just a bikini, the child is in a full face of makeup leaning against a tree, lying in the water, and sitting by the pool. After posting the pictures on social media, the media and public’s response was predominately negative, as they agree that Sophia is far too young to be posing in such a way.

4 Farrah Pushes Boyfriend To Cozy Up With Daughter

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Even though it has been a while since the episode aired, this is probably one of the creepiest things the reality star has done. In an episode of Teen Mom OG, Farrah planned to drive new boyfriend Simon Saran to the airport before suddenly deciding the ride should be used as an opportunity for him to get closer to Sophia. Having one of the MTV producers drive instead, Farrah sat in the backseat of the car along with Sophia and Simon.

A clearly uncomfortable Simon hesitates to sit in the back, but gives in with little fuss. With Sophia snuggled between the couple in the back of the car, Farrah seems to pick up on the tension asking, "Babe, do you feel like I'm pushing you too much to be with Soph?" Even though he nods his head repeatedly, he clearly has no experience being around children. When Sophia falls asleep later in the car ride, Farrah pushes her daughter off her lap and onto her boyfriend’s. She then takes his arm and forces it around the child. Ummm…what the...??? Why would she want her daughter cuddling up with her boyfriend? It seems like Farrah’s idea of affection is all sorts of screwed up.

3 Farrah Will Do Anything For Money

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Farrah doesn’t just take her clothes off for money, it seems she’ll do just about anything for a paycheck. Not exactly the best role model for her impressionable daughter, but I suppose whatever pays the bills. Hilariously, she posted pictures of herself wearing a strange looking chin strap that is designed to replace plastic surgery and give the user a facelift. The "Chin Up Mask" claims to change your face's appearance in just thirty minutes, and once again, Farrah received backlash from the public over her constant promotion of body modifications. Clearly it was posted to her social media followers as a paid advertisement, and she was criticized for choosing to promote a product that is clearly nonsense.

Farrah also supported a product sold by a jewelry company that liquefied celebrity DNA before using a mold to create a pendant- a concept that is beyond insane. The company promoted the product as it allowed you to wear a piece of your favorite celebrity around your neck. Unfortunately, no one was interested in wearing Farrah’s DNA, and the company severed ties with her.

2 Teen Mom Poses Topless

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After her second breast augmentation, Farrah chose to show off the goods in a bikini photo-shoot that took place on the beach. According to reports, at some point while the sun kissed her cheeks she decided to take her top off and let it all hang out. Perhaps it was a cry for attention since her scantily clad photos hardly made an impact after the release of her sex tape gave the public all they really wanted to see.

It seems daughter Sophia is following closely in her mother’s footsteps, as her bikini photo shoot looks pretty similar to Farrah’s. Actually, it seems Sophia even has a better knack for the job as Farrah’s images pretty much just depict her laying around half naked, smiling like a fool. The lack of attention the teen mom received after these pictures were released might indicate why she has attempted to use her daughter’s photos to get the media’s to start talking about her again.

1 Farrah Does Girl-On-Girl

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Even though Farrah has continuously claimed to not be an adult film star, there seems to be another film in the works. Rumors started when she began posting pretty provocative photos on social media with new gal pal Toochi Kash, pictured above. Kash has done some lingerie and nude modeling, as well as appeared in a few erotic videos. Of course, Farrah is claiming the two are just friends, and that reports of her having made another film are false.

However, the photos were also posted on agency site FameFlynet with the caption, “Farrah is back in the p**n scene shooting a lesbian erotica video for lexotica.com with International published model/entrepreneur Toochi Kash, in Los Angeles, on June 15th 2016.” Perhaps these new photos are part of her scheme to lay the grounds for a new friendship so she can claim another sex tape was released without her permission. Only time will tell whether or not these rumors are true for this terrible mom!

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