10 Recent Events That Prove America Is Run By Idiots

America. The land of the free. The home of the brave. The government of the...inept? Baffling? Idiotic? That's the one, idiotic. The public understands that a government job comes with lots of pressure and little reward. Our public servants should get respect for their work and receive admiration. However, when so many of them are engaging in dirty tactics, getting in bed with lobbyists and doing wrong for their constituency, it feels a little easier to trash on them for their dumb decisions.

Sometimes they are harmless and laughable. Other times, the issue is much more dire. In today's political climate, women's rights face challenges they haven't faced in 50 years. Even homosexuals are still seen as mentally deficient by some politicians. Religion has become a tool for gain, more than the moral compass it is supposed to provide a person. They can't even get it right when it comes to political heroes of theirs like Ronald Reagan. Or, they may not be idiotic. Rather, they could be geniuses that have mastered diversion and misquoting Reagan about banks and separation of religion and state.

In short, America is in a rough spot. As the nation rebounds and the citizens are becoming more accepting of others, some politicians remain stuck in the mud. Whether it is their true beliefs or just the words that keep them in office, a lot of dumb things will come out of their mouths. Here are some recent examples that show the U.S. government may be in need of an overhaul during the next few elections.

10 Mississippi Bans Slavery...in 2013

Mississippi finally got around to doing away with slavery. It's understandable. Mississippi had better things to do like finding a name for them, that wouldn't be the bane of school children's existences during spelling tests. In truth, this is another example of bureaucratic mishandling.

The state that was 148 years late to the anti-slavery, actually meant to enact the ban a long time ago...in 1995. What supposedly happened was that the state senate and house approved the measure, but the bill was never sent to the Office of the Federal Register. The error wasn't noticed until an Associate Professor at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, Ranjan Batra, did some further research after seeing the movie Lincoln. It may have taken almost 150 years, but the score now stands Lincoln: 2 Mississippi slave laws: 0

9 New York State Debates Over Definition of Snack

In what was supposed to be a gimme vote, New York state spent almost an hour debating the definition of what a snack was. This heated debate began after Sen. Michael H. Ranzenhofer proposed a bill for yogurt to become the state's official snack of choice. The bill was initially proposed by school children in the state and was to serve as a fun interaction for them with government.

Instead, they got to experience the malarkey that is our current government. The issue was so bafflingly dumb that The Daily Show dedicated a segment to it. This once again, proved why government can never have nice things.

8 Chris Christie and Bridgegate

Being from New Jersey has its ups and downs. There's beautiful weather, various types of landscapes and several destinations to see with your family. Then there is the New Jersey that the rest of the country gets to see. Thanks to the pompous, petty blowhard that is Governor, Chris Christie the state is also known for its high levels of pettiness.

The whole thing began over a riff with Fort Lee, NJ's Democratic mayor. What resulted was massive delays and traffic for commuters coming out of their commutes from New York City. Once the mess was finally revealed, Christie disavowed any knowledge and other staffers were blamed. The issue may never get a final conclusion, but this did help begin Christie's sizable slide from being the GOP's 2016 presidential candidate.

7 Revisiting Women's Rights/Right to Choose

America doesn't have many problems to deal with these days. It's not as if there's countless ongoing international incidents, drug problems, unemployment, racial inequalities, poverty and countless other problems to deal with. So it only makes sense that states like Texas are revisiting women's rights and the right to choose.

Seriously though, it's 2014. Why is America revisiting if a woman can choose to do with her body as she pleases? Why is it that states are banning abortion through underfunding and grandstanding on religious beliefs to pass the measure? Whatever the case may be, that is why people like Wendy Davis have to go on marathon filibusters to even try and preserve a woman's right. Land of the Free, huh?

6 Selective Use of Religion

Let's face it. There will always be narrow-minded people in the world. They will tune out whatever they don't believe in. It's an unfortunate side effect of human existence. But when it is coming from politicians, it's simply ridiculous. Not only is America supposed to be a country separate of religious ideologies but it is supposed to be fair, right?

Then why is it that countless politicians (Too hard to even zero in on one) invoke the teachings of God for their own agendas? The battle against homosexuality constantly runs into battles of religious conservatives that seem to forget that their mixed fabrics, shellfish and certain actions with menstruating women, will land them in hell, just like the homosexuals they are crusading against. If they are going to flex their religious muscles in a forum where it isn't allowed, they should at least be citing the right rules. Which leads us to...

5 Rick Perry Compares Homosexuality to Alcoholism

Jeez, Rick Perry, how is he allowed to run things? Between this, his failed presidency bid and countless other blunders, it has become apparent that the man shouldn't even be allowed to run a treadmill, much less a state. Actually, let's give Governor Perry a break. Maybe he was just pandering to some narrow-minded voters he had to reach. Wait, no. He said it in San Francisco.

San Francisco, one of the nation's most progressive thinking, homosexual friendly places is where Gov. Perry thought he'd drop this nugget of wisdom on the world. Wow. Maybe it's like the debate where he forgot which departments of the government he wanted to cut. Maybe Gov. Perry forgot where he was. Either way, thanks to him we now have this quote that came from absolutely zero scientific evidence,

"I made the point of talking about alcoholism. I may have the genetic coding that I'm inclined to be an alcoholic, but I have the desire not to do that. And I look at the homosexual issue the same way."

4 Michele Bachmann Says Hillary Should Be DQed From 2016 Race

Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota has made a name for herself for foot in the mouth moments. When she isn't floundering in presidential elections, she is taking on the big issues. Like any GOP member, that issue is of course, Hillary Clinton. As she went on to state,

"Hillary Clinton reinforces daily to the American people that she is not commander in chief material. She fails to inspire confidence in practically anything that she's touched,"

Bachmann is part of the GOP and it seems that when their agenda isn't to skewer Barack Obama, it's to drag Clinton's name through the mud like no other. She may even be right about Mrs. Clinton. Then again, when you run a 'pray the gay away style' religious counseling center with your colorful husband, Marcus, you may not be the right person to discuss who should be disqualified from our non-religious government.

3 Debating the Bowe Bergdahl Rescue

Another issue that seemed to divide America was the recent prisoner of war swap between the U.S. and Al-Qaeda. For five years, Bowe Bergdahl was in captivity during the U.S. war on terror. Whether it is true or not that Bergdahl was a deserter should not be the focal point at this time. Instead, this entire issue became a way to once again, skewer the President and his handling of the operation.

Many have claimed that this is a sign that the U.S. is negotiating with terrorists and it should have never happened. It would be interesting to see their reactions if Obama had done the opposite and it was found out the Bergdahl wasn't coming home. Most likely, they'd have reacted with the same anger. Between politicians and television pundits, forgetting that an American life was at stake and their criticism of Bergdahl's father's facial hair, this issue has become a disgusting headline rather than a feel good return for a soldier and his family.

2 Sarah Palin: 'Waterboarding Is How We'd Baptize Terrorists' If I Were In Charge

Sarah Palin is the queen of imbeciles. The former Vice Presidential candidate was speaking at a National Rifle Association "Stand and Fight" rally in April, when she belted out her latest batch of verbal diarrhea. She said this to further her hypothetical Presidential policies of not coddling the enemy.

Palin is the embodiment of what is wrong with the American government. She's a pandering fool that doesn't seem to relent on anything, no matter how dumb it may be. First, she helped nosedive John McCain's bid for the White House. Then, she decided to abandon real politics for the public speaking circuit where she can belt out any ignorant, sometimes hate speech in anyway she chooses. Just imagine, America came real close to having her in a position of significant power.

1 Senate Republicans Block Minimum Wage Increase Bill

When fundamental Rick Santorum is taking the GOP to task you know something is seriously wrong. When the American public supports an increase to the minimum wage by 80%, the government needs to enact a measure doing so. Then again, this is American politics and politicians rarely hear what their constituency wants unless it's voting season. When many in the GOP took a hardline stance against a raise, it irked even their strongest supporters. It's a scary prospect, but Rick Santorum of all people, may be one of the most influential champions of wage reform in our country.

The stubbornness and hypocrisy of the GOP came in full display when Santorum elaborated last month that,

"Let's not make this argument that we're for the blue collar guy but we're against any minimum wage hike ever...It just makes no sense."

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