10 Reasons Donald Trump Will Win The 2016 Presidential Election

Unless you have been living under a rock, everyone on the planet is aware that Donald Trump is running for President of the United States as a Republican. Trump's candidacy has been one of the most polarizing campaigns in recent memory. It seems as though there is no middle ground when it comes to Trump, people either love him or hate him.

When Trump first announced that he was planning on seeking the highest office in the country, political columnists, commentators, and experts all felt that it was all a stunt to give Donald publicity. No one really thought that Trump really wanted to be President, and even if he did really want the job, no one thought he would be an actual threat to win. Especially against the plethora of career politicians that the Republicans would surely be putting out there on the campaign trail.

Now that we are in the actual year where the election takes place, Trump is far and away leading the pack of Republicans who are also running for office.  What was once a potential joke, has become a potential reality as the country needs to start realizing that President Trump is a very real possibility. When November comes around, will you be voting for Donald Trump? Love or hate him, here are 10 very real reasons as to why he might be the next POTUS.

9 He Is Donald Trump

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8 Donald Trump Can, And Will, Fund His Own Campaign

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Donald Trump is a multi-billionaire. There is no question that he can fund his presidential campaign and not even make a dent in the entirety of his net worth. Career politicians and others running for President are stuck fundraising millions of dollars in order to keep themselves on the campaign trail. The big factor that many of Trump's supporters speak about when the conversation shifts to him funding his own campaign is the fact that he will not owe any favors to any groups that are looking for political collateral. Trump will not feel the pressure of other politicians to try and pass legislation that helps the groups that donate to their campaigns.

7 Trump Has Support From Republican, Democrat, And Independent Voters

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Donald Trump has cross-party appeal. A new poll has recently surfaced that states that up to 20 percent of registered Democrats would consider voting for Donald Trump if he ends up being the official candidate from the Republicans. Trump also has the support of the voters who do not align themselves with either of the two major political parties in the country. Trump is going to be hard to beat when he has votes coming in from voters that span the spectrum of political ideology.

6 Speaks His Mind

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One thing that has become obvious is that Donald Trump is not even close to resembling a career politician when it comes to his speeches and rhetoric. Politicians have a way of talking and using lots of fancy words, yet not really saying anything meaningful at all. Typical politicians will never answer questions in a straightforward manner and this can be infuriating. In contrast Trump clearly speaks his mind and also speaks from the heart, and you can at least respect that. Many experts thought the way he spoke about major issues would be his downfall. In reality, it is one of his biggest strengths. People are finally seeing a candidate who is clear in his stances on the key issues. He does not hide his answer amid political double talk.

5 Weak Opposition From Both Parties

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Trump's opponents, on both sides of the ticket, are not as strong as some would make you believe. The Democrats essentially only have Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Sanders is a self-acknowledged socialist and Clinton could potentially find herself in federal prison. The Republicans have more candidates running for President than points on this list. Even though the Republican candidates consist of Senators and Governors, they still are not strong enough opponents to chip away at Trump's double-digit lead against the rest of the field. Even what was once considered a strong candidate in Jeb Bush is starting to fade from the pack. One would think that if voters from both sides had a candidate that they could fully get behind, then Trump would not be running away in the polls.

4 Experience Running Business Empires

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Trump is a business man and has created an empire over decades. At the end of the day, a government is essentially a business. Businesses need to be able to run on a budget and prioritize what is most important in order for the business to thrive. Even though he has had to file bankruptcy for some of his companies, Trump has been successful in running his business empire. A person does not become a multi-billionaire without showing the knowledge that it takes to follow budgets and make the tough choices when it matters. Trump's experience as a businessman may be what the voters think that this country needs to get back on track.

3 Gets Free Media Exposure

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No other candidate is getting as much media attention as Donald Trump is. You cannot buy a newspaper or turn on any type of  news show without a quote or soundbite from Trump being discussed. The fact that Trump is constantly being shown and talked about is making his message be seen by millions of voters without him having to spend millions of dollars in campaign advertisements to get his message out there. By the media giving Trump more attention than the other candidates, the other presidential hopefuls are having to spend their donated money in advertisements in order to make sure their message gets out. The more money that his opponents spend means that those same opponents need to allot some of their precious time to continue the fundraising process. While they are trying to acquire more money, Trump is being paraded in front of the country through the media for free.

2 He Actually Has Plans That Voters Can Get Behind

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It is now clear that this is not some type of publicity stunt by Trump. Trump actually has thought out ideas and a vision that he wants to implement in order to "make America great again." Since Trump is leading in virtually every poll available, his vision for America is one that voters want to see become a reality. The issues that are the most important to voters during this election are national security, the economy, and immigration. Trump has clear ideas on each of these issues that he is able to articulate in such a way that the voters will no doubt respond by giving him their support.

2. Some People Just Want To Watch The World Burn

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A vast majority of the people feel that the United States is heading down the wrong path and that our government is broken. Sometimes you need to completely destroy something before you can rebuild it into something stronger than it was before. There are some voters out there that believe that Trump being elected president will be so chaotic that the government will have to be rebuilt due to the implosion that would take place with a Trump presidency. If nothing else, this will now make career politicians have to work harder to get elected since Trump is proving that America is starting to become fed up with the politicians that are being elected.

1 Not A Career Politician

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It is so important to remember the appeal of Trump not being a career politician. It only takes listening to a few minutes of him speaking to make that clearly obvious. His inability to play the political correctness game that every politician plays is making him stand out in a packed field. Trump comes across to the voters as a person that they can relate to. The vast majority of Trump's support is due to the fact that he is saying what many of the voters are thinking. Whenever Trump says something that is considered to not be politically correct, his lead in the poll increases. This can't be by accident. The only thing that makes poll numbers increase is more people getting behind the message that Trump is sending out loud and clear. Maybe it is time for a non-politician to be in charge to show what they can do. Let's face it, it can't be any worse than what we have been seeing for decades.

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