10 Personal Facts You Didn’t Know About Donald Trump’s Children

Donald Trump has been in the news a lot lately. And I mean A LOT. People know everything about him, from his policies to his favorite bands. But what people know less about are his children. Sure, you have probably heard of his daughter Ivanka or his son Eric, both of whom have been to many of his rallies. However, he has three other children! Their names are Barron, Tiffany, and Donald Jr.

Mr. Trump, however, did not have all of his kids with one wife. He actually had two prior wives before his current wife, Melania. He married Ivana Trump in 1977 and had Ivanka, Eric and Donald Jr. with her. They got divorced in 1992. Then, only one year later, Donald got married to his second wife, Marla Maples. They only had Tiffany together and got divorced in 1999. Trump was single for six years after that marriage until he married his current wife, Melania. Melania also only has one child with Mr. Trump: Barron. All of the Trump children have been very successful, attending top universities and becoming well-rounded individuals. But there are some facts that aren’t widely known that we will be covering in this article. So, grab a bottle of Trump Wine, a strip of Trump Steak, and any other Trump paraphernalia you can get your hands on and enjoy learning about the private lives of Donald Trump’s children.

10 Trump's Two Oldest Sons Love Hunting Big Game

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Eric and Donald Jr. and known for being talented businessmen, but they also enjoy spending their free time hunting animals like tigers, caribou, and other wild animals that are considered “big game.” In fact, many groups to protect wild animals were not happy when they saw that the sons of one of the richest men in America were spending their time killing animals in Zimbabwe. After many were angry about the hunting, Donald Jr. assured people on Twitter that “it was not wasteful, the villagers were so happy for the meat which they don’t often get to eat.”

9 Eric Trump Didn't Go To University Of Pennsylvania Like His Other Siblings

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Donald Trump Jr., Tiffany, and Ivanka went to University of Pennsylvania, following their father’s footsteps. Many speculate that Donald Trump paid big money to University of Pennsylvania to make sure his children got in. However, the fact that Eric did not get in tells otherwise. Eric may not have had high enough grades to get into the Ivy League school, or simply wanted to stray from the path of his family. Eric went to Georgetown University instead. Georgetown is a smaller university in Washington, D.C., which has had and still has a higher acceptance rate than UPenn.

8 None Of Trump's Children Smoke Or Do Any Drugs

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Donald Trump does not seem to be the strictest father in the world, but one subject he is extremely strict about is drugs and alcohol. The reason for this is that Mr. Trump’s brother, Fred, was an alcoholic and Donald always had a tough time seeing his brother drunk and beside himself. When his brother became ill, Donald promised himself never to drink alcohol or do drugs. Donald puts the same anti-drug emphasis on his children. Sure, they are allowed to drink now, but if they did when they were teens, Donald assured them they would be in a lot of trouble.

7 Donald's Son Barron Has His Own Floor In Trump Tower

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As expected, Donald treats his children very well. In fact, Donald Jr. said in an interview that he “cannot understand how rich kids cannot be happy with their parents.” Trump’s youngest son, Barron, has an entire floor in the skyscraper that Mr Trump's company built in 1983. They call the floor “Barron’s Living Room.” It is fully outfitted with Legos, R.C. cars and other toys their son likes to play with. In an interview with Mr. Trump’s wife, Melania, she said that her son likes to play with anything that has moving parts and likes to build skyscrapers out of Legos. However, she also said that Barron likes to keep everything tidy and never have toys laying around on the floor.

6 Ivanka Trump Was Featured In A Documentary About Rich Kids When She Was 21

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In 2003, the Trump family was well known for being one of the wealthiest families on the East Coast. Because of this, the directors of a documentary, Born Rich, decided to have Ivanka talk about her life as the daughter of Donald Trump. She talked about the pros and cons of being wealthy, and also how her father always made sure all of his kids were doing well in school and were successful. She attributed his involvement in her schooling to graduating Summa Cum Laude from her high school.

5 Donald's Youngest Daughter Tiffany Travels At Her Father's Expense

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Tiffany Trump is Donald’s youngest daughter, and she acts like it too. She is the stereotypical “Rich Kid of Instagram,” posting pictures of all of her latest trips and excursions. She just graduated from University of Pennsylvania and doesn’t have a job yet, so she spends her time traveling the world with her father’s checkbook in the back of her mind. Donald has put a lot of money into all of his children’s pockets, and Tiffany is no exception. Trump donated over $2 million to UPenn before Tiffany applied, which could have led to her getting accepted, and Tiffany’s vacations in the Hamptons and other luxurious places surely aren’t cheap. And now, with Donald running for President, she usually needs at least two bodyguards by her side when she goes out in public to stay safe.

4 Eric Trump Is Married To A Supermodel And Has 2 Huge Houses

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Eric Trump seems to be following in his father’s footsteps. Like his father, he married a supermodel, Lara Yunaska, and he lives with her in two massive houses. They spend most of their time living at his father’s $20 million Westchester, NY estate, one hour away from NYC. Their other home is at the Trump Park East in Manhattan, which is worth a mere $2 million. The couple seems to enjoy staying in New York State, since Eric is Executive Vice President of Development at the Trump Organization. However, Lara is often seen flying to Los Angeles for photo shoots and fashion events, since she is still engrossed in her modeling career.

3 Ivanka Trump Converted To Judaism When She Married Jared Kushner In 2009

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When Ivanka dated and married Orthodox Jew Jared Kushner, she thought her family would have a tough time with her changing religions from Christianity to Judaism and modifying her lifestyle to comply with her new religious obligations. However, her family accepted it and knew Jared was the perfect man for her. They have three children together, Arabella, Joseph, and Theodore. Jared is a businessman, just like Ivanka’s father, and Ivanka is a businesswoman and writer. Because of Donald’s close tie with Judaism, it is fair to say (and has been confirmed) that Donald will be pro-Israel if he gets elected as President of the United States.

2 Donald Did Not Spend A Lot Of Time With His Daughter Tiffany When She Was Young

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Donald Trump got divorced with Tiffany’s mother Marla Maples when Tiffany was only five years old. This, in addition of Donald’s stressful business, meant that he spent way less time with Tiffany than his other children. Donald and Tiffany were not talking to each other for a while, until Trump announced his running for POTUS. She decided to make up with her father and travel with him on parts of his campaign trail. Now they get along fine and Tiffany’s past is no longer affecting their relationship.

1 Eric Trump Didn't Vote For His Father In The New York Primary!

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Eric Trump is a huge Trump supporter, probably the biggest supporter out of all of Donald’s children. He attends a large amount of his father's political rallies and has appeared on television for multiple interviews about his father. However, because of New York State’s strict primary registration process, he was not able to register in time, and hence was not able to submit a ballot for his father. Despite his son not voting, Trump still won the New York primary by 60%.

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