10 Celebrities Taylor Swift Has Brought Onstage On Her '1989' Tour

Taylor Swift’s 1989 world tour has been quite a star-studded affair to date, to say the very least. Fans who are lucky enough to have come across tickets to the show are being stunned, not only with Taylor’s excellent selection of her own music and beautiful, sparkly outfit changes, but by the reach Taylor has to some of the best-known celebrities.

While Taylor has been known to share the stage with surprise guests in her previous tours, this go-around has included a wide range of A-listers, many of whom are singing right along with her. So far Taylor has managed to wow crowds with some of the best, show-stopping performances – with everyone from fellow mega music stars, athletes, movie stars, television personalities and supermodels. The best news is we can safely bet there will be many more amazing guest performances in the coming months.

Here are 10 of the coolest people she’s surprised audiences with (so far!).

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8 Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres gave the audience quite a surprise when she appeared on stage in a shiny silver onesie and tutu at Taylor’s August 24 show at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. The 57-year old Ellen – who is well known for her daily dance moves on her afternoon talk show – broke it down as Taylor sang a version of her hit song “Style.” Taylor and Ellen danced together at the end of the stage’s catwalk, and Taylor even gave Ellen a twirl as the two rocked out to the song. Later that evening, Taylor tweeted, “When @TheEllenShow walks out in a more sparkly outfit than yours and a tutu” in reference to Ellen’s spectacular get-up. That evening, Taylor also performed duets with Dixie Chicks frontwoman Natalie Maines and Alanis Morissette (another on our list!).

7 Selena Gomez

At her August 26 show at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, Taylor was joined onstage by her "BFF" Selena Gomez to perform Selena’s summer hit “Good For You.” The Internet later exploded with photos of the two friends looking sultry in body-baring ensembles – Taylor flaunting her toned stomach in a white crop top, and Selena showing off her cleavage in a plunging neckline. Both wore thigh-high boots as they strutted all across the stage. Selena later took to Twitter to share photos of the duo performing together back in 2011, noting she had “all the feels” following their latest performance. She also wrote, “So grateful. Tonight was so special.”

6 Alanis Morissette

Any 90s girl gets chills when they remember how Alanis Morissette most perfectly described their angsty love life back in the day. So when Alanis appeared on the stage with Taylor for her August 24 show at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, it wasn’t a huge surprise that people completely freaked for the blast from the past. Together, the two performed Alanis’ hit “You Oughta Know.” As Alanis came to the stage, Taylor introduced her in the best kind of way: “She inspired a generation of confessional female singer-songwriters who all of a sudden felt like you could actually say these raw feelings that you had; you could actually sing about your real life, you could put detail to it, you could get really, really mad if you wanted to. And I think it’s fair to say that so many of the female singer-songwriters of my generation, including myself, would not write the way that we do without her and her music. And she has written some of the most brilliant music – in particular probably  the greatest breakup song of all-time.”

5 Avril Lavigne

Things felt anything but “Complicated” when Taylor surprised the crowd at her August 29 show at PETCO Park in San Diego with Avril Lavigne, bringing fans to their feet with excitement. Before bringing her onstage, Taylor noted to the crowd, “We've been texting all week and we finally got to meet today and she's so cool. She's so sweet, which I love, when I find out that one of my favorite artists is also super amazing as a person.” The two sang Avril’s 2002 hit song "Complicated," and Taylor later tweeted that it was “incredible sharing the stage” with Avril. And Avril went on to say, “such a pleasure to perform 'Complicated' tonight with @taylorswift on her #1989 world tour! She rocks.”

4 John Legend

There’s never a dry eye in the crowd when John Legend performs “All of Me,” and Taylor’s tour was no exception. The two sang the song together at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on August 25, which came as a last-minute surprise to even Taylor herself. She tweeted, “I heard @johnlegend and Chrissy were on the way to the show & called and asked if John felt like playing ‘All of Me’.” And, that’s just what he did. From the audience, John’s wife, model Chrissy Teigen, snapped a shot of the duo’s performance captioning it, “All of me loves all of T.”


Via ultramusic.com

Many would agree the song of the summer was “Cheerleader” by OMI. That said, the crowd at PETCO Park in San Diego went wild when OMI joined the stage with Taylor to perform the hit song on August 29. Taylor proudly announce, “he could be absolutely anywhere in the world tonight, [but] he chose to be in San Diego, California.” In turn, the approximately 60,000 fans cheered, many singing along to what’s become a radio staple this summer. Taylor then posted a photo of herself and the reggae singer with the caption, “just casually cheer leading with @omi tonight. What an awesome guy and incredible artist.”

2 Lisa Kudrow

Any true Friends fan remembers Phoebe Buffay’s “Smelly Cat” (and likely remembers all of the lyrics as well). Well, Taylor certainly does. She invited Lisa Kudrow (for those of you that don’t know – she is the actress that played the infamous Phoebe) to the Staples Center stage in Los Angeles on August 26 to belt out a rendition of the tune. Lisa, who now stars of the TV show The Comeback, turned to Twitter following the performance to share her love for her new-found musical friend. She wrote, “so @taylorswift13 is the best person I've ever met. That was fun. Thanks Taylor.”

1 Justin Timberlake

In arguably the best moment yet on the 1989 tour, Taylor brought out international heartthrob and musical God Justin Timberlake to Los Angeles’ Staples Center stage during her August 26 show. Their performance of Justin’s 2013 hit “Mirrors” left the crowd screaming for more. It was an exciting night all around for the singers, as, according to Taylor, this was Justin’s first performance since he became a dad earlier this year. Taylor told the crowd she felt “honored” that he chose to do his first performance back live on stage with her.

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