10 Careers The Kardashians Have Destroyed

You can’t escape the Kardashians. From newsstands to television screens and your social newsfeeds, Hollywood’s first family is everywhere you turn. They’ve enjoyed a meteoric rise to fame following middle sister Kim’s sex tape, which was reportedly planned and produced in hopes of propelling the clan to worldwide notoriety. Whether you love or hate them, you can’t deny that the Kardashians have done well for themselves. They’ve used their hit show (now in its 11th season) as one long commercial - promoting themselves and their associated brands. Thanks to the series’ success, they’ve managed to launch clothing lines, cosmetics labels, haircare brands, perfumes, retail stores, video games and apps: culminating in a veritable empire demonstrating their business savvy.

Their climb to the top hasn’t been without a few battles, however. While they’ve accumulated millions of fans, the Kardashians have just as many haters. The family is known for destroying anybody that comes in their path and ending careers almost overnight by leveraging the significant connections they’ve made along their rise to the top. From old lovers to friends, we’ve compiled a list of ten people whose careers the Kardashians have completely annihilated - whether on purpose or simply by association.

10 Milana Aslani 

The aspiring model and actress claims that her resemblance to Kim Kardashian has ruined her career. Once a contender to star on hit shows like The Shahs of Sunset and Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, Aslani believes that her similarity in appearance to Kim has put off casting agents. She also hasn’t been able to book modeling gigs, with agents telling her she just looks too much like the superstar.

9 Tyga 

8 Rob Kardashian 

So Rob Kardashian is, in fact, a Kardashian - but that doesn’t make him exempt from his family’s destructive powers. While he’s always lurked in his sisters' shadows, things have taken a turn for the worse for Rob in the past few years. He was once excited about his sock business, but has since fallen into a deep depression and retreated into isolation completely. Refusing to be filmed, he’s gained a ton of weight and went through a period where he wiped all of his social accounts clean. We can’t forget the one cryptic text he posted, comparing his sister Kim to the devil too.

7 Kris Humphries 

One named the second most powerful forward in the basketball game, Kris Humphries was at the top of his career when he met Kim Kardashian in 2011. After getting married just months after they met and having their wedding filmed and broadcasted by E! for the world to see, the duo split 72 days later. His NBA career hasn’t seemed to recover since and Humphries has been traded for team to team aimlessly for the past few years.

6 Lamar Odom 

5 Paris Hilton 

It can’t be a coincidence that after Paris Hilton said Kim Kardashian’s butt was “gross” and reminded her of a pile of cottage cheese in a trash bag, her career faded into obscurity. Granted, she was famous for all of five minutes while starring on her reality show, but you can’t deny that the timing of her falling off the map coincided perfectly with the Kardashians’ rise to fame. Pit yourself against the self-proclaimed royal family of Hollywood, and you’re bound to get burned.

4 Ray-J 

The irony with Ray-J is that he inadvertently propelled Kim Kardashian (and in turn, her family) to fame while simultaneously destroying his own career. Hoping to make a quick buck off his sex tape with Kim and boost his rap career, he had his five seconds of fame before his music star burned out completely. He is now known as “the guy Kim Kardashian slept with on camera” and hasn’t put out any new music in years, while the tape went on to indirectly make $65 million for the Kardashian family.

3 Scott Disick 

While Kourtney Kardashian’s baby daddy’s profession was kept under wraps for a long time, it was recently revealed that Disick imports luxury cars for a living. His total earnings aren’t public, but we can only assume that the hedonism he’s engaged in during and after he was with Kourtney can’t be great for business. He’s battled alcoholism and drug addiction, taking several trips to rehab to try to get past his issues. Disick’s attempts to get clean would be commendable... if he didn’t keep throwing tantrums while he was in rehab and quitting the programs early.

2 O.J. Simpson 

On the night that Nicole Simpson was possibly murdered by O.J. Simpson, she had reached out to Kris Kardashian asking to hang out. Kris, in turn, was busy and couldn’t make it. While this one might be a stretch, we could arguably theorize that if Nicole and Kris had gone to dinner, the murder may never have happened. Whether or not you believe he’s guilty, O.J. Simpson could have been spared from a lifetime of public gossip and scorn if Kris Kardashian had been free to spend time with his ex-wife on that fateful night.

1 Kanye West 

Ok, so Kanye’s career hasn’t been altogether destroyed. However, it’s definitely taken a nosedive since he married Kim. From bizarre, rambling rants in public to delusional tweets, there seems to something amiss with Kanye mentally lately. He put out his latest album, The Life of Pablo, on February 14th, 2016 and has been constantly updating and editing it since. Each of his albums released before 2011 sold millions of copies each while Yeezus (2013) sold 750,000 and The Life of Pablo sold a shocking 28,000. It’s rumoured that he lost a whopping $10 million USD on his latest project. While Mr. West’s music career may not completely be ruined, it kinda seems like it’s headed there.

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