World's 10 Most Expensive Luxury Submarines

Move over superyacht owners, there’s a new way to show the world that you're richer and more exclusive than everyone else: Owning a luxury submarine. It seems that staying above water is becoming a little dull for people who want to take to the sea and party on the big ocean blue - now, the mega-rich are taking the party 20,000 leagues under.

Of course, not all of the submarines on this list are for partying - many are for adventuring into the unknown to research in the name of science, or to find sunken treasure or unknown species of creatures. One thing's certain, though: Whatever your motivations, underwater adventuring is an expensive hobby. But if a billionaire can afford trains, planes, and $200 million yachts, why not add a luxury submarine to the list?

As technology rapidly advances, we'll definitely be seeing more of these super-subs in our waters - well, we won't be seeing them, of course - but for now these luxury machines are just dreams for most of us mere mortals. These subs represent the newest, hottest billionaire plaything. They're a ticket into the super-exclusive, super-snooty lifestyle of the filthy rich. These are the 10 most expensive luxury submarines in the world.

10 Nautilus VAS Luxury Submarine - $2.7 million

The $2.7 million Nautilus VAS can accommodate up to eight passengers. It has the ability to stay underwater for four days, and can descend an impressive 6,500 feet in luxurious comfort. It has an airlock, allowing divers to exit the vessel while it’s submerged to get a better look at their deep-sea surroundings. It also has a toilet, stairs, a minibar, and digital video and music players.

9 Triton 3300/3 - $3 million

The Triton 3300/3 is a 13-foot long and 10-foot wide submarine that can take a pilot and two passengers 3,300 feet into the water. Its bubble shape is transparent and acrylic, allowing all three passengers to enjoy a panoramic view of the surrounding sea. Since it’s so dark down there, the Triton uses powerful LED headlights to illuminate its surroundings. The machine is pricey, but the $3 million tag also includes four weeks of pilot training, teaching owners to launch, operate, and recover the sub. It was in this submersible that man first encountered the giant squid deep underwater.

8 Marion Hyper-Sub - $3.5 million

This super-sub game-changer is a cross between a submarine and a power boat. On the water, it can reach speeds of up to 40 knots from its 440 horsepower diesel engines, with an impressive range of 500 miles. Under the water, it can dive up to 250 feet by using its self-charging, electric/hydraulic dive system. The 31-foot Hyper-Sub can accommodate five people, and those lucky few get to enjoy leather seats and a wooden interior. Hyper-Sub inventor Reynolds Marion says that it’s still a prototype, and that it has a number of applications, from marine research and military uses to recreational boating.

7 Nomad 1000 - $6.5 million

The Nomad 1000 is an autonomous submarine that can stay on the surface (powered by diesel engines) one minute and then disappear underwater during the next. Using re-charging batteries and high-pressure air tanks, the Nomad 1000 can travel up to 1000 nautical miles and stay submerged for an incredible 10 days. There’s also a five foot acrylic viewport, giving passengers that sought-after panoramic view, and it boasts 16 1000-watt quartz-halogen undersea lights to make sure you don’t miss a thing. It comes equipped with a toilet and shower, a queen-sized bed, a galley, and it can take 30 passengers up to 1,000 feet underwater.

6 Proteus - $8 million

The Proteus was designed and developed by an ex-French Navy commando by the name of Herve Jaubert, who is now the CEO of Dubai-based luxury submersible makers Exomos. Jaubert described the Proteus as “an underwater bus,” but it is also a fully functional luxury yacht. This 65-foot-long submarine can take up to 14 passengers below the surface. Its OSSA Powerlite motor and generators provide a full motor capacity of 400 RPMs. The submarine seats eight people inside the enclosed dry cabin which allows for a stunning view.

5 Deepsea Challenger - $8 million

After conquering Hollywood by creating the two biggest money-making blockbuster movies of all time, James Cameron decided he wanted to conquer the ocean. Always a man with expensive tastes (Titanic and Avatar were two of the most expensive movies in Hollywood history), Cameron launched the $8 million 24-foot Deepsea Challenger in 2012 with the goal of reaching the bottom of the Mariana Trench, the deepest part of the world’s oceans. Cameron became the second person to achieve the feat, and he got there in just 2 hours and 37 minutes. He outfitted the submarine for scientific exploration and stayed down there for several hours, and then documented his experience in a high-resolution 3D movie - of course.

4 Yellow Submarine - $12 million

While the original yellow submarine might be associated with a certain Paul known for bowl-cuts and cult pop music, this $12 million marvel belongs to Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. This 40-foot submersible can stay underwater for up to a week. Allen reportedly has a love for exploring the ocean depths, and claims to have discovered multiple shipwrecks. He also owns a $200 million yacht called Octopus, which can house two helicopters, seven boats, a crew of 60, and costs $384,000 a week in upkeep.

3 Seattle 1000 - $25 million

The Seattle 1000 is a huge 118-foot-long, three-story-tall vessel that can stay submerged for up to 20 days. Its 3,000 nautical mile cruising range means that it is sufficient for trans-Atlantic crossings. It also boasts a twin-deck design with a 30-foot-long observation panel, five staterooms, five bathrooms, two gyms, a wine cellar, and a kitchen, making this one of the most luxurious submarines in the world.

2 Phoenix 1000 - $80 million

The Phoenix 1000 boasts 10 bedrooms, gymnasiums, wine cellars, jacuzzis, and more. It has an operating depth of 1,000 feet, and there is even a mini-sub that can detach and go an additional 1,000 feet deeper, or can be used to transport passengers to and from the surface without the larger ship having to leave the ocean floor. The Phoenix 1000 is 213 feet long with 5,000 square feet of interior space - making it the largest functional luxury submarine in the world.

1 Migaloo - $2.3 billion

You read that right. This is set to be one of the most expensive vehicles in the world, and the single most expensive submarine. The Migaloo is a submarine/yacht, although it’s more like a floating city. It’s also the biggest at a whopping 375 feet long. It’s all white and is named after an albino whale. The Migaloo has a 3-meter enclosed swimming pool and a helipad that both decline into the deck upon submersion. Other amenities include a cinema room, a library, a gym, a gaming room, laundry rooms, private lounges, elevator shafts that let you maneuver the levels, a two-level owner’s suite, eight VIP-suites, and a spacious over-bridge pass. This submarine is big enough to make Dr. Evil proud, although, unfortunately, it is currently in the “concept design” stage.

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