World Most Expesnive Fighter Jets

Military spending has always been top priority on most governments lists. There are no expenses spared for the new technologies to protect a nation. The people of the country front the bill with taxes, but it is a give and take relationship of living in a country. The government provides protection, the citizen provides some taxes. Here is a list of some of the most expensive fighter jets out there.

4 F-18 Hornet - 94 Million

The F-18 Hornet was first used in Desert Storm. It has been in use since the 1980s and is used in countries such as Australia, America, Switzerland, Spain, and Canada. In America, the F-18 is used at airshows in the famous Blue Angles synchronized air show.

3 V22 Osprey - 118 Million

This aircraft is an incredible machine that some might even want to claim as a transformer. This massive aircraft can change it's propellers mid air, turning into a helicopter in just a few quick movements. The V22 Osprey was first used in 2007 in Iraq, transporting soldiers and other military equipment.

2 F35 Lightning 2 - 122 Million

Lockheed Martin created this super jet that many claim to be the most advanced fighter jet in the world. Since 2007 this has been the main jet that is used between America and all of America's allies.

1 B2 Spirit Bomber - 2.4 Billion

The B2 Spirit bomber is so expensive that the United States government had to taper back its original order of 132 to just 21. This is one of the most stealthy planes ever made, and is able to beat most radar detection out there!



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