Top 5 Most Extravagant Celebrity Gifts

What’s the most expensive gift that you've ever bought for your loved one? Statistics reveal that middle-class people usually buy gifts worth several hundreds of dollars. This is normally during special occasions like Christmas, Valentine’s and birthdays. Celebrities, on the other hand, definitely know how to spoil their loved ones. They give the most extravagant gifts of all and it seems that there is virtually no limit of what to expect from them. Since money is not the problem, but rather how to spend it, chocolates, gift cards and flowers are out of the question here. Here are the top 5 lavish gifts the rich and famous have bought:

5 Peter Beard’s Limited Edition Art Book, $1,900

This must be one of the most expensive art books in history. The book was a compilation of photographs, photographers, and artists from Peter Beard’s tour of Africa in the 60s. The price was high because only 2,250 copies of the book, consisting of 500 pages each, were printed. Ashton Kutcher bought the book for Demi Moore as a gift, when they were still an item.

4 A Panthere De Cartier Cuff, $70,000


Jewelry is indeed a girl’s best friend and when its Cartier branded, well, you’ll definitely be on the way to her heart. Kanye West took things to another level by buying the ‘Panthere De Cartier Cuff’ for Kim Kardashian, as a gift on Valentine’s. The bracelet is from a rare collection made from onyx, emeralds, gold, and diamond.

3 A Trip to Space, $200,000

A trip to space is without doubt an ‘Out of this World’ gift. Katy Perry gave the gift to her ex, Russell Brand, when they were out for dinner. The Virgin Galactic trip allows the passengers to feel the effects of weightlessness while also viewing the earth before returning back. Before boarding the space shuttle, nonetheless, passengers must undergo an intensive 5-day training exercise. 

2 A Helicopter, $1.6 M

Apart from buying her husband, Brad Pitt, a piece of land that had a waterfall in it, Angelina Jolie went an extra mile and bought a helicopter as a Christmas present. In addition, she also paid for his flying lessons. In an interview, she admitted that she wanted to spoil him with the expensive toy. The couple has already installed a pad for the helicopter in their house in France.

1 Vineyard in Napa Valley, $ Several Million 

Almost everyone enjoys a bottle of exquisite wine. This is also applicable to Mr. and Mrs. Beckham. When playing for real Madrid, Beckham apparently developed a stronger attraction to the drink. This is to the point of purchasing a vineyard, in Napa Valley, for Victoria. He surprised his wife by presenting a bottle of wine, from the winery, with the name ‘Victoria Beckham’ on the label, as her birthday present. The gift was estimated to cost several million dollars, which is still peanuts to David.

Although critics may want to argue that the best gifts are the simplest and given from the heart, these celebrities have clearly taken things a notch higher. These three words I love you have never been expressed the way the rich do,  a fact we must all admit.

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