Top 5 Most Expensive Necklaces

For a long time now, necklaces have been acting as the best accessories, especially for women. They're madly in love with necklaces because they're simple to wear and available in different designs to suit all occasions. One can easily add a touch of class and glamor to any outfit by wearing the right necklace. Not just any type can do especially when it comes to a high profile look. There are elegant necklaces for the purpose but are worth a fortune. Still, many celebrities and wealthy individuals don’t seem to mind digging deeper into their pockets in order to own the luxurious jewelry. These are necklaces that are exorbitantly priced, leaving the average Joe in awe, and normally retail for several million US dollars. They're usually worn by the likes of Beyonce, Victoria Beckham, Madonna, Lady Gaga and Drew Barrymore. Here are 5 of the most expensive in the world:

5 Garrard’s Heart of the Kingdom Ruby, $14 Million

This is an exceptional necklace that has no equal. The House of Garrard brand is a trend setter when it comes to designing timeless pieces as the Heart of the Kingdom Ruby testifies. Its high cost can be attributed to its rarity. It’s made from a combination of ruby and diamond.

4 Diamond Pendant Necklace, $4.8 Million

Most expensive necklaces normally spot intricate patterns. What makes the Diamond Pendant stand out from the rest is its simplicity. Instead of featuring several small diamonds, as is the norm, the makers opted for one large diamond pendant, hence the name. The pendant has a weight of 74.89 carats.

3 Neil Lane Diamond Necklace, $4 Million

This piece comes from a renowned jeweler whose distinguished products have charmed countless red carpet occasions. The Neil Lane Diamond Necklace famously graced Gwyneth Paltrow’s neck during an Oscar night. It weighs 140 carats and is available in several elaborate designs. It’s made from platinum.

2 DeBeers Marie Antoinette Necklace, $3.7 Million

The DeBeers Marie Antoinette features several types of diamonds beautifully cut. It includes: 8.05 carats of white diamond, 1.84 carats of pink diamond and two yellow diamonds of 5.24 and 7.06 carats respectively. In total, its weight is 181.1 carats, which is quite remarkable.

1 H. Stern Venus Necklace, $3.17 Million

This necklace has a laid back appearance and is more popular with those who prefer simplicity. It has various diamonds worth 110 carats. The brilliant feature might be missed in a quick glance. A more detailed observation reveals squares, cushion cuts and pear shapes. It also includes an 18-carat noble gold.

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