Top 20 Most Expensive Celebrity Engagement Rings

Prepare to be amazed! You thought that you loved your significant other? Well, just take a look at how much these guys shelled out for their honey bunches. These are 20 of the most expensive celebrity engagement rings. Now, we all knew that celebs like to go all out on just about everything. These are the people who will spend thousands of dollars just so their dog can have a babysitter for two hours. So how much more do you think they are going to splash out in terms of an engagement?

As for these women, well they are some lucky ladies to be presented with these rings. We’re talking about diamonds that are the size of rocks, and price tags that are basically unfathomable for us common folk. The best we can do is just take a look at this list, admire the photos, and dream about having our own Prince Charming come along and give us some of this bling. Yet in true Hollywood fashion, some of the females on this list appear twice. Tinseltown is full of marriages, but it is also filled to the brim with divorces as well.

Oh well! Just ignore the negative and prepare to be amazed at these engagement rings!

20 Angelina Jolie, $500,000

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We might think that Angelina Jolie would rank higher up on this list, but maybe it’s due to the fact that she and Brad Pitt are such givers that she is only number 20. Anyway, we must say that Brad did a nice job on this hefty ring, which he designed himself. He spent a painstaking year to draft the ideal ring for Angelina for when he finally proposed. He went to Robert Procop and chose a square diamond with a thick band. There are also smaller diamonds on the sides that are crafted to fit Angelina’s exact finger shape and circumference. Okay, so now we can see why that took so long.

19 Hilary Duff, $750,000

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When Hilary Duff said “yes” to NHL hockey player Mike Comrie, she was also saying heck yes to an engagement ring valued at $750,000. It features a 14-carat diamond that would be impossible to miss. Seriously, the rock on her finger is freakin’ huge. How does she wear gloves, or cook, or walk without having her left hand weighed down? That’s what you get for dating a professional athlete. The couple had offspring together, but their marriage dissolved in 2014. Now Hillary is a single woman and she’s loving it. And if any guys out there want to snatch her up, remember that she had this extravagant ring.

18 Catherine Zeta-Jones, $1,000,000

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Breaking the $1 million barrier first is Catherine Zeta-Jones. The actress received this very nice engagement ring from her boo, which was from Fred Leighton’s antiques. That’s because it is totally retro. Dating back to the 1920s, it has a 10-carat diamond and is accompanied by smaller stones; 28 of them to be exact. It’s actually quite beautiful and looks great on the actress. And with a repertoire like Zeta-Jones, you need to present her with something regal and high-class. This ring should do the trick! Of course, Catherine is not the only actress to have an engagement ring costing a million dollars. However, her jewelry is both a statement piece and a symbol of love.

17 Jennifer Aniston, $1,000,000

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We were so thrilled when Jennifer Aniston said yes to the ring. And what an engagement ring it was! Valued at $1 million, it was given to her by Justin Theroux. This ring looks like it cost a fortune: it has an 8-carat diamond that looks like the size of a baseball. Jeez, we can’t even imagine carrying that around on our finger! Anyway, Jennifer seemed to be happy with it, even though she said it took her “a while to get used to it.” And now we hope that Jen has finally found the right guy for her. Let’s hope that her super-expensive engagement ring was worth it for Justin!

16 Jennifer Lopez, $1,200,000

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When Jennifer Lopez said “yes” to actor Ben Affleck, she was presented with an engagement ring valued at $1,200,000! It’s a shame that their marriage didn’t work out, because that was quite an investment for Ben! Anyway, this was a pretty picture in pink: a 6.1-carat pink diamond that Ben got from jeweler Harry Winston. Did J-Lo keep the ring after the two split up? Nope; she gave it back to Ben! Hopefully he wasn’t thinking of using this ring on another woman. Nobody likes a re-gifter, Ben. Anyway, Jennifer Lopez went through 4 different engagements, but this one was pretty tremendous.

15 Katie Holmes, $1,500,000

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We could have seen the impending doom coming when Tom Cruise went out and bought this $1.5 million engagement ring shortly after he started going out with Katie Holmes. Still, we must say that this ring was a nice choice on his part. It was from Fred Leighton and featured a 5-carat diamond in a classic oval shape. Surrounding the big diamond were smaller ones, and a shiny silvery band. Nice. Plus, there’s the fact that the smaller diamonds made up 6 carats all on their own! So we’re looking at 11 carats total here. Wowza! Too bad the marriage broke up. And now there are rumors that Katie is engaged to Jamie Foxx? What??

14 Ciara, $1,500,000

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When R&B singer Ciara got engaged in 2013, people were saying that her ring looked more as if it belonged in 2113. After taking a look at it, we might say that yes, it does look rather futuristic, but it is also very pretty. And huge! Since she was getting engaged to Future (yes, he goes by the name Future,) it kind of made sense that he chose that ring. The Avianne & Co. ring featured 15 carats of beauty. It was also working double-duty, so maybe that’s why it cost $1.5 million. It was both an engagement ring and a birthday present for Ciara’s 28th anniversary.

13 Kim Kardashian, $2,000,000

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12 Melania Knauss-Trump, $2,000,000

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You can bet that when Donald Trump proposes, he is going to pull out all the stops as far as his bank account is concerned. Yet, we are a little surprised that his engagement ring purchase did not rank higher up on this list. He is only at Number 12! Oh well, $3 million is still a huge sum of money to spend on jewelry, even if it is for love. Trump chose for Melania a 12-carat diamond ring on a thin gold band. The square-cut diamond was a hefty accessory for Melania’s slender fingers. In Donald’s words, it was “huuuuuuuge.”

11 Anna Kournikova, $2,500,000

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10 Blake Lively, $2,500,000

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What will $2.5 million and a whole lot of love for Blake Lively get you? If you are Ryan Reynolds, it gets you a 12-carat engagement ring to present your beloved with. Reynolds went to great lengths to get this ring with a hefty price tag. It is oval-cut and was part of their elopement in 2012. How romantic. The ring is actually totally fitting for Blake; it is classy and trend-setting like her. It fits gorgeously on her slim finger and shines super brightly as she struts down the red carpet. Here’s wishing Blake and Ryan all the best!

9 Mariah Carey, $2,500,000

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8 Jacqueline Kennedy, $2,600,000

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Jacqueline Kennedy was a celebrity in her own right, and we are not all too surprised that her engagement ring was valued at $2.6 million. What a beauty it was! An emerald and diamond combo in a swooping design. This was definitely one of the most unique engagement rings out there, and it suited Jackie just fine. It was regal yet sassy and although now it sits in a museum, it must have been the talk of the town for months when she first received it from John F. Kennedy. It’s quite a rock, but also really lovely and we could stare at it for a while.

7 Vanessa Bryant, $4,000,000

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Athletes do it big, especially if they are Kobe Bryant. He presented his love, Vanessa, with a $4 million engagement ring that wowed the socks off of everyone. Even though Kobe’s career was being overshadowed by his rape allegations, Vanessa managed to stay by his side. Perhaps because the two had a 6-month-old daughter together. Even so, the rape trial led a lot of people to say that the engagement ring was actually a gift of apology to Vanessa. Yet, Vanessa looked genuine ecstatic about it, and she said “yes!” Of course, this was back in 2003, and well, their marriage had some bumps in the road.

6 Grace Kelly, $4,000,600

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First of all, Grace Kelly was married to royalty. Prince Rainer II of Monaco presented Grace with an engagement ring valued at more than $4 million, completed with rubies and diamonds. Because diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but rubies are fun and flirty. The emerald-cut diamond was 10.5-carats and came from the famed jeweler, Cartier. Surrounding the diamond were 2 baguettes. In short, it was one hell of a rock, and it was perfect for the regally beautiful Grace Kelly. If there were ever an icon to admire, it would be her. She had beauty, delicacy, sass, intelligence, wit, talent, and of course, grace!

5 Jennifer Lopez, $4,100,000

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She’s just “Jenny from the block,” but when Jennifer Lopez got engaged to Marc Anthony, the ring was anything but humble. First of all, it was valued at more than $4 million and it sparkled more than an American on the Fourth of July. Yet, that ring (and the love that came with it) only lasted seven years before J-Lo and Marc Anthony called it quits. Considering that Jennifer has been proposed to 4 times, we are beginning to think that she just has an affinity for sparkly things. What girl doesn’t? In 2011, Jennifer brought the engagement ring to auction, and the 8.5-carat bling was expected to cash out big.

4 Paris Hilton, $4,700,000

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When Paris said “yes” to Paris (Latsis, that is,) she was probably blinded by this 24-carat engagement ring featuring a canary diamond. What an investment for Latsis, especially considering that the couple never even got married. Yep, he spent $4,700,000 on an engagement ring that was only worn for 4 months. Hm, we wonder whatever happened to that ring anyway. After all, it was totally “hot.” Maybe this ring is why no one is proposing to Paris Hilton. How is a guy supposed to compete with an engagement ring that cost near $5 million?! Oh, an engagement is about love, not money? Could’ve fooled Paris.

3 Beyonce, $5,000,000

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If you are going to propose to Queen B, then you need to pull out all the stops. And Jay-Z delivered. He spent $5 million on this engagement ring by Lorraine Schwartz. It features an 18-carat rectangular diamond. The band is unique and morphs into a dual-banded design in gold. This rock is mighty, and Bey proudly showed it off. Seriously though, this engagement ring looks like something made for royalty. Well, we guess that Bey and Jay-Z kind of count as royalty, right? At least, as far as the music world is concerned. Anyway, here’s some good news: this celeb marriage is still intact!

2 Kim Kardashian West, $8,000,000

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Given that Kim Kardashian had already been through the whole getting-engaged thing, you can bet that Kanye West had to make a big impression on her. So…he spent an estimated $8 million on her engagement ring. Excuse me? An ‘8’ with six zeroes behind it? There are various reports surrounding the cost of the ring, but they range from $2 million to $8 million. Knowing a bit about Kanye, we are going to be thinking it’s more in the higher range. The Lorraine Schwartz bling is 15 carats in an emerald cut and is just astonishing. What would you expect from the Kardashian-Wests?

1 Elizabeth Taylor, $8,800,000

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This engagement ring is so elaborate and high-class that it’s got its own moniker. It’s one of the Elizabeth Taylor jewels. You see, Taylor was married to a lot of dudes, most famously to Richard Burton. And he loved to lavish jewels upon her. Among her tiaras, earrings, charm bracelets, and the Cleopatra mirror, was one of her engagement rings: valued at nearly $9 million! Given to her by Burton, it had a whopping 33.19 carats and featured a square-cut diamond. Taylor definitely loved the finer things in life, and Burton sure loved to spoil her. Heck, he even gave her a three-band diamond ring for winning a game of ping-pong!

Sources:  whowhatwear.com, hellomagazine.com, newsmax.com

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