Top 15 Most Expensive And Extravagant Villas In Dubai

Human beings are like virtually every other species on Earth, in that they require three basic things in order to survive: air, water and food; but unlike many other species, we also require clothing and shelter in order to keep ourselves warm and to remove ourselves from the dangers of the outdoors. The first main form of shelter we became accustomed to came thousands of years ago when our ancestors lived inside of caves to get away from the elements and possible predators, and as time passed, so did our capacity to learn things, which is how we managed to create man-made shelters out of sticks, leaves and animal skin. Eventually, we learned to make shelters which were much larger and required the use of different and more durable materials, which is when shelters began to be known as houses.

Now in 2016, houses come in all shapes and sizes, from a trailer-home, all the way up to a castle or mansion. It should come as no surprise that individuals who possess a lot of wealth often times own very large and expensive properties and homes; and depending on the place, there are entire communities that are made up of solely luxurious living spaces, and the city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates is one of these places. Dubai is home to an incredible amount of high-end real-estates known as villas, and these massive properties are surrounded by some of the most breathtaking scenery in the entire world, which is why these villas are some of the most expensive houses around. Here is a list of the 15 most expensive villas in Dubai.

14 Frond C, Palm Jumeirah Villa - $12.2 Million

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There are numerous artificial/man made land masses in the world, and they are made for primarily two reasons: to expand a country’s military presence, or to provide a country with more luxurious resorts and housing. In the case of the United Arab Emirates, they constructed the Palm Jumeirah archipelago for housing, and this landmass which is an extension of Dubai’s shoreline, is home to many expensive villas. The Frond C, Palm Jumeirah Villa is one of these villas, and it covers roughly 13,000-square-feet of land which possesses six different bedrooms, as well as separate entrances that keep the property’s employees from getting in the way of the owners. This villa comes with its own pool, and it not only provides a great view of Dubai’s skyline, but it also gives its owners a near perfect line of sight with the Persian Gulf. At the fifteenth spot on this list, this may be the cheapest of the expensive villas, but it will still cost someone over 12.2 million dollars to own.

13 15,000-Square-Feet Emirates Hills Villa - $13.06 Million

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Emirates Hills is a gated community within Dubai which was named after Beverly Hills in Los Angeles, which is in fact quite fitting, considering that it is home to many of the villas you will be seeing on this list. This villa in particular covers an area of about 15,000-square-feet, and contains six bedrooms which all happen to overlook a tranquil lake. Included in this villa, is a foyer in the entrance, a large fully-equipped kitchen with its own breakfast bar, two separate lounges, and a dining room; and the entire interior is decorated in the same contemporary style. If that were not enough, it also comes with its own large private swimming pool, and it happens to overlook the Montgomerie Championship Golf Course. Apparently, living close to a renowned golf course can really increase the value of a person’s property, because this villa costs an estimated 13.06 million dollars. Luckily, Emirates Hills is home to very wealthy individuals, and many wealthy individuals do indeed like to golf, so for some the golf course truly is an added bonus.

12 Bromelia Villa - $13.07 Million

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Al Barari is a community within Dubai known for having some truly luxurious villas and apartments; but it is also known for being one of Dubai’s more Eco-friendly communities, where the residents enjoy living side by side with nature, as up to 80% of the community consists of green spaces. The Bromelia villa is one of the homes that actually exist in the Al Barari community, and not only does it cover over 19,000-square-feet, but it also comes with six bedrooms that each come with their own walk-in closet and suite-style bathroom; except for the master bedroom which has its own customized bathroom equipped with a jacuzzi. The villa also possesses its own waterfall and swimming pool that come with their own LED lighting, and it also has its own specialized poker room equipped with its own chips from the Monte Carlo Casino. If a house comes with its own poker room, it likely means that a high roller with a lot of cash owns it, especially since it costs close to 13.07 million dollars.

11 25,000-Square-Feet Emirates Hills Villa - $13.6 Million

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For this list entry we return to Emirates Hills, where we have an even more luxurious villa than the first one, a trend that will continue throughout this list. Unlike the previous villa, this one takes up an area of about 25,000-square-feet and costs just over 13.6 million dollars, and there are reasons to justify why this Emirates Hills villa is valued at over a million more than its predecessor. For starters, this villa comes with four large bedrooms, along with a huge lounge, kitchen, dining room, study, and separate living spaces for any housekeepers. Marble can be found throughout the villa, including the entirety of the flooring, and if that were not enough, it also contains multiple Renaissance style statues and several fountains located throughout the grounds outside. As it happens, this villa is also located near the Montgomerie Golf Course, which also explains the hefty price tag associated with it.

10 Dubai Marina Penthouse - $14.9 Million

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Dubai Marina is a city located along an artificially made canal in Dubai, which stretches along the shoreline of the Persian Gulf for up to two miles, and it is a waterfront community which primarily consists of villas and residential towers. Among these towers, there is one which possesses a penthouse that is so extravagant that it is just as good and expensive as an entire villa, which is why it appears on this list. This penthouse takes up an entire tower floor, and covers a total area of over 12,000-square-feet, which is why it comes equipped with its own private elevator. In total, the penthouse comes with six separate bathrooms, all of which have their own suite-style bathroom, as well as great views of the surrounding landscape and even the Indian Ocean. Aside from the scenery, this penthouse offers several leisure activities, as it not only has its own theater room for movies, but it also provides access to a gym, pool and spa, thanks to the building it is located in; and it is because of all that that it is worth well over 14.9 million dollars.

9 17,000-Square-Feet Emirates Hills Villa - $16.6 Million

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At the tenth spot of this list, we again revisit the luxurious gated community of Emirates Hills, where the villas just keep getting grander and more expensive. This villa is located in the community’s R sector, which means it has its own specific price tag, which happens to be in the neighborhood of around 16.6 million dollars. The villa itself takes up approximately 17,000-square-feet of the 19,000-square-feet that makes up the property’s total area, and it comes with completely finished marble and wooden flooring. There are a total of six bedrooms in this villa, each with their own bathroom, and if each bathroom happens to be occupied, there are two spare ones waiting to be used; it also comes with three lounges, two kitchens, a huge dining room, pool, a basement that also serves as a garden, and its own helipad area. If all that were not sweet enough, the villa also comes with smart home technology, which means that virtually everything electrical can be controlled from a single touchscreen.

8 Jumeirah Frond P Villa - $17.1 Million

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Everyone likes certain designs and concepts, which is why some homes are actually constructed or renovated in a specific style that caters to an owner’s preferences, and homes located in Dubai are no different in that regard, as some architects have designed entire villas in certain styles to be visually appealing to buyers. The Jumeirah Frond P Villa is located in the canal city of Dubai Marina, and it was constructed in an Italian style which makes it look like the home of a wealthy Roman citizen who lived during the Coliseum era. The outside facing part of this white villa’s front door is made from black glass, while the inside part is made from Armani wood, and the interior features an expensive collection of chandeliers and sculptures made of glass which hang from the ceiling. The outside portion of this villa features several pieces of upholstery furniture that are protected from the sun, and there are also multiple metal torches scattered around the grounds, as well as a modern fire pit. This villa also comes with its own private beach area, which adds to its 17.1 million dollar value.

7 Renaissance Emirates Hills Villa - $18.7 Million

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This list has taken us to Emirates Hills several times already, but those villas did not really have a unique name given to them, this one though does, as it is known as the community’s Grand villa. There is a reason behind its Grand title besides the 18.7 million dollar price tag, and that would be because this villa can actually function as two separate living quarters, which are both fully equipped to accommodate two different families; but the primary owners have the option to reconnect both sections whenever they want in order to make it a large singular villa. The main house, possesses four suite-style bedrooms, a master suite which has its own lounge area, and walk-in closets; and it also comes with a designer kitchen, laundry room, and a living area that takes up the entire ground floor. The second, smaller section of the Grand villa, comes with three suite-style bedrooms, and a master bathroom which has its own sauna and jacuzzi.

6 Ocean View Palm Jumeirah Villa - $20.4 Million


For this entry we return to the artificial archipelago of Palm Jumeirah, where we are introduced to the area’s second most expensive villa; but unlike all the other properties on this list, this one is actually considered to be relatively small. So far, every piece of property here has covered over 10,000-square-feet, but this villa takes up only 8,600-square-feet of space, which you would think would cause its value to be less than the 20.4 million dollars it is worth, but then again, I am not a real-estate agent. This villa has three main talking points which explains part of its price, with the first being a grand balcony and terrace which gives its occupants a great oceanic view. Its second attractive feature is an incredible 18-foot-long swimming pool, for people who are not content with being located right next to a natural body of water. The third feature is that the entire villa uses state-of-the-art smart home technology which means basically everything inside can be controlled using a cellphone.

5 27,000-Square-Feet Emirates Hills Villa - $23.1 Million

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From this point on, the values of these properties will be jumping up somewhat significantly, and we will begin by once again venturing to Emirates Hills. This villa can be found in the community’s P sector, and part of its 23.1 million dollar value comes from the fact that it is located near the aforementioned famous golf course and a tranquil lake. The villa itself is built with a contemporary German style, and contains a separate large wing specifically for housing guests. The basement is quite large, and provides several different features which include a parking area for up to five cars, a gym, a massage room, and a personal theater. There is a huge entertainment area located on the roof, and the villa itself also possesses its own pool, jacuzzi, and elevator to make moving around the interior much easier.

4 Burj Khalifa Penthouse - $27.7 Million

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At 2,722 feet tall, the Burj Khalifa tower in Dubai is the tallest man made structure in the world, and even though the property that it rests on does not contain any villas, the tower itself possesses many penthouses, including one that is larger, more extravagant, and more expensive than most of the previous villas already mentioned; which is why it appears on this list. This penthouse is located beyond the tower’s 100th floor, where it in fact takes up two complete floors, which covers an estimated area of about 21,000-square-feet. The interior contains a private elevator along with six suite-style bedrooms, each of which comes with its own similar styled bathroom, but what really makes this place so expensive is its actual location. Since it is located within the Burj Khalifa, the owners have access to the tower’s gym, games room, spa, tennis court, and sauna; and it is next to the Dubai mall, which offers many things like scuba diving with sharks.

3 Emirates Hills Designer Villa - $34.8 Million

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Every country has designer homes, and for those who are fortunate enough to have the money to afford such a place, they end up owning an extremely prime piece of real-estate. Within Emirates Hills, we have seen several villas, but the gated community is also home to several designer models, like this one which is valued at over 34.8 million dollars. This particular villa is considered to be a “top-class” model, as it covers an area of over 32,000-square-feet, while also possessing eight luxury bedrooms, and a fully furnished and finished interior that is completely designed in a contemporary style. It comes with its own private elevator, as well as an indoor and outdoor swimming pool; and if the occupants have anything valuable they want to keep hidden, the villa also possesses a large study that contains a 70-square-foot safe room.

2 32,000-Square-Feet Emirates Hills Villa - $48.7 Million

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In our final trip to Emirates Hills, we get the most expensive villa that the community has to offer, and it towers over the rest of its neighboring properties, as it is worth over 48.7 million dollars. This villa, like all its neighbors, has the advantage of being situated near the Montgomerie Golf Course, but aside from that, it is a truly luxurious piece of property which spans an area of approximately 32,000-square-feet. This factory-sized home, greets its owners with a Buddha statue located right in the middle of the main hall, with a large light sculpture hanging directly over it. Aside from the hotel-like entrance, the villa houses ten separate and large bedrooms, and it contains two fully equipped kitchens that are both connected to the same spacious lounge. This would be the perfect villa for a fitness buff to own, because it comes with a state-of-the-art swimming pool that has its own underwater stereo system, and a fully equipped gym that offers its own set of cardiovascular equipment.

1 Palm Jumeirah’s ONE - $49.2 Million

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Rounding up the list of Dubai’s most expensive villas is a villa located on the man made archipelago of Palm Jumeirah, and even though it is not expected to be fully built until next year, it is currently up for sale for over 49.2 million dollars. In total, this property covers approximately 140,000-square-feet of space, and it will contain two separate floors which will apparently be filled to the brim with luxury. Each floor will come with seven bedrooms, as well as several indoor and outdoor areas which are designated for rest and relaxation; areas such as two private studies, a huge library, two spa areas, and even two home theaters. As if the nearby water provided by the Persian Gulf was not enough, the villa also possesses an 8,611-square-foot pool which is located in the middle of an outdoor space which by itself, measures over 16,000-square-feet.

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