Top 10 Unique and Luxurious Hotels You Need to Know About

Staying in a hotel is something that everybody does in their lifetime. Most people tend to stay in modest hotels or motels, as big, luxurious rooms can get very expensive, very fast. For those who listen to big name artists like Kanye West or Drake, the number of times the Westin Hotel or the Palms Hotel are mentioned make listeners assume that these are the kind of luxury hotels everybody should aspire to stay at. While the Westin and the Palms may be four and five star hotels, they can't hold a candle to these luxury resorts and hotels.

These unique and luxurious hotels are probably no stranger to the rich and famous, but to mainstream society, they're nothing short of complete self-indulgence and relaxation. While some of these hotels may be halfway across the world from where you are now, it's going to be hard not to want to visit them all. Everybody has their own preferred setting - whether it be modern, rustic, or whimsical - at least one of these hotels will be calling your name.

For those who love the outdoors, sleeping under the Northern Lights is an option. Tired of the hustle and bustle of the city and just want to get away? Pay to sleep in a treehouse in the forest, completely isolated from society and light pollution. The opportunities are endless. Ever find yourself day dreaming about getting away? Let these luxurious hotels build onto those thoughts. Which hotel would you be willing to fork out the money for? Here are ten of the most unbelievably luxurious hotels in the world.

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10 The Golden Nugget, Las Vegas

Quite possibly not considered luxurious by a few because of its location, The Golden Nugget, in the city where secrets never leave, is note-worthy for quite a few things. Sitting in the Fremont area, Downtown Las Vegas, this hotel is close to the hustle and bustle of the heart of the city - but do guests really leave once they see the amenities? The Golden Nugget sports "The Tank," a water-slide 30 feet in the air. But, that's not all. While going down the slide, you also go right through the middle of a shark tank. If swimming with the sea creatures makes your skin crawl, those 21 and over can opt for "The Hideout," a private infinity pool meant for ultimate relaxation and fun. Those drawn to the Golden Nugget can stay for a modest starting price of $50 a night.

9 Boscolo Exedra Roma, Rome

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Opening its doors in 2003, the Boscolo Exedra Roma is a destination for those with a major travel bug. Located in the heart of Rome, visitors are able to enjoy this 5 star luxury hotel that is actually a refurbished late 18th century building. Not only does this hotel provide panoramic views of Rome, but it's between the Baths of Diocletian and the Basilica of Saint Mary of the Angels designed by Michelangelo. Travelers who wish to be immersed in rich history and culture can find it at Boscolo Exedra Roma, for $250 a night (plus airfare, unfortunately).

8 Treehouse Point, Washington State

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Treehouse Point in Washington State provides a serene, adult escape (no kids or pets are allowed) with a playful twist. These aren't your dad's hand-built treehouses, though. Specially built and customized by Nelson Treehouse and Supply, these treehouses are unique and different in their own way. Treehouse Point is kind of like an upgraded camping experience - there are communal restrooms and there are no televisions supplied in the treehouses. For entertainment, visitors can participate in yoga, receive massages, hike nearby trails, or visit farmer's markets. In order to stay at this unique hotel, though, it takes planning - Treehouse Point is often booked out many months in advance.

7 Hotel De Glace, Quebec

10 minutes away from downtown Quebec, Canada, world travelers and locals alike flock to this hotel made completely out of ice every year. Hotel De Glace has been open since 2001, and is the only ice hotel anywhere close to the United States - sadly for those who want to visit, the hotel is only open from early January to late March. Hotel De Glace features The Ice Cafe, two Ice Bars, an Ice Chapel, and many more dazzling rooms and sculptures. This unique hotel boasts "packages" instead of basic room rates. The packages available for purchase are Discovery, Adventure, Romantic Getaway and Ultimate Getaway. Price ranges go from $350 a person to $550 a person.

6 Poseidon Undersea Resort, Fiji

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Ever dreamed of a tropical getaway that includes getting up close and personal with the creatures of the sea? Find that dream at Poseidon Undersea Resort in Fiji, when it opens. Poseidon is currently still being built and it will be a magical getaway for the 150,000 people who have registered to be informed when reservations are able to be made. Too bad the hotel will only be able to take 7,200 reservations per year, so they're working on building a second resort. Amenities are going to include personal submarines, a library, lounge and a theater. On top of that, this unreal place will feature fitness amenities such as nine-hole executive golf courts, tennis courts, and splash pools. If all of that wasn't enough, get this - guests will be able to feed the ocean's fish right from their rooms with the press of a button in order to draw more activity to the room's ocean front window.

5 Grotta Palazzese Hotel, Italy

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The Grotta Palazzese Hotel in Italy is literally carved into limestone rock, and has a view of the Adriatic Sea. Ocean lovers and beach goers, this is the hotel for you. One of the most prominent features of the Grotta Palazzese is the Summer Cave - a cave carved into the limestone rock base, dimly lit with lamps and the reflection from the sea, is a romantic getaway that's only open from May to October. Note that this part of the hotel adheres to a strict dress code. Visitors who'd prefer an indoor experience can have their expectations met as well in the Sea Lounge. Panoramic windows that show views of the Adriatic provide for intimate dinners right in the comfort of the hotel. The Grotta Palazzese only has 25 rooms - all outfitted with satellite television, a minibar, and air conditioning, and of course, a view of the sea.

4 Kakslauttanen Igloo Village, Finland

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Seeing the Northern Lights is on the bucket list of many people. Only open during the Northern Lights season (end of August to end of April), the Igloo Village lets people conquer that bucket list challenge. The igloos are made of glass, providing full views of the sky, and all around the outside of the igloos. There are two person igloos which include a personal toilet, and four person igloos that include a personal toilet and shower. Saunas and showers are available in a separate building. Visitors are also able to book a snow igloo or cabin, instead. Activities include husky safaris, reindeer safaris, snowmobile safaris, and more during the winter. During the summer, guests can partake in horse and husky safaris, as well as hiking, mountain biking and cruises.

3 Whitepod Hotel, Switzerland

Advertising itself as an "Eco-Luxury hotel and Alpine experience," this hotel is for those who feel recharged from the mountains and snow. At the Whitepod Hotel, guests stay in pods - spheres that are only made up of triangles. The pods are self-supported, all the while using very minimal material in order to stick to the eco-friendly theme. There are three types of pods - the cozy pod, the family pod, and the deluxe pod - all outfitted to serve the needs of different kinds of guests. For meals, there is breakfast available at "The Pod House," and for lunch and dinner, Restaurant Les Cerniers and Pod Service are the options. Looking to have fun? Take part in snow-sledding, paragliding, mountain biking, and several other activities the mountains have to offer. To stay in the pods, you'll have to fork out upwards of $700 a night.

2 Cocoa Island By Como, Maldives

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The Cocoa Island Hotel is the kind of hotel people see all over the internet, but don't really expect to exist. Well, it does. 33 overwater suites and villas make up this island, allowing guests to wake up literally with their rooms in the water. The rooms are actually small boats - the boats don't float, as they are fixed to the bottom of the lagoon. Each room includes a private sundeck, shower and bathtub, plasma screen televisions, and air conditioning, along with smaller amenities. Cocoa Island has a timely calendar of events, happening every day. These events include sunrise champagne, snorkeling trips, cooking demonstrations, yoga, cruises, fishing, and a plethora of other activities to indulge in. Interested? A stay at Cocoa Island is going to cost you at least $1,100 a night.

1 Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, Dubai

Ranking in at the most unique and luxurious hotel in the world is Burj Al Arab Jumeirah. After all, it does boast itself as the most luxurious, so it makes sense. This skyscraper-like monument in the middle of the sea is a place for the rich. A night at Burj Al Arab Jumeirah totals up to be over $2,500, and that doesn't include all the extra activities and food. The rooms aren't average hotel rooms, either; they're duplexes, and Burj Al Arab Jumeirah has 202 of them. This hotel also has four swimming pools, a fitness center, nine world-class restaurants and bars, a water park, a kids club, and a spa. In addition to those amenities, guests can set up a number of activities, such as turtle rehabilitation, shopping, sightseeing, water sports, helicopter rides, and a ton more. You name it, they probably have it. In case you're itching to have a personal butler, the hotel can provide that, too.

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